Tacky Tire Talk, New Tools, Waxing Chains & Kashima Cookware?... Ep. 129 [Podcast]

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Today on the Podcast, Trevor joins us as we dive into tons of tantalizing tire talk as well as some amazing listener questions ranging from putting Red Bull in your tires to converting your bike to a mullet DH bike and everything in between. Tune in!

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If you are one strange human that would like to read a transcript of the podcast above, continue reading below!

ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode 129 of the MTB podcast presented and hosted by worldwide cyclery I am Jared I'm Liam and I'm Trevor that is right ladies and gentlemen Trevor is back again Jeff is in Austria snowboarding or something like that Australia I thought it some put another shrimp on the Bobby he

mate the real ones know where that from a right now yeah that's pretty cool yeah snowboarding I didn't know that yeah jet setting guy you know that he's he's a he is Mr worldwide absolutely well he does like two good skiing trips a year he did one in where was he Park City and uh zermat last year I think but this year oh where' he go somewhere in Austria you were all stoked on something where he went the other week uh forgot oh he went to Jackson hle Jackson going to Jackson yeah he went to Jackson hille and now he's in Austria back to back bangers what ay of ski trips well so we got Trevor in and this is going to be an even better podcast because we don't have Jeff here that's right I said it so we're talking about bikes today let's talk about it um we'll start off well you know in this episode we're going to talk about bikes and rides we've been enjoying lately uh gaining confidence in new tires a lot of Tire tum I know you love tires um this might be a tire heavy podcast Tire uh Tire widths preferences converting a full 275 bike to Kashima coated pans and cookware and much much more so much more getting tired just thinking about that I know just delivering what people have come to expect from this amazing podcast speaking of amazing Zach's words of wisdom just be 1% better it's a pretty good rule to live by I mean do one do something 1% better every day and that's a that's some gains right there that's right one more push-up ride one more mile eat one more chees well if you only do 10 push-ups one more push-ups 10 % better so that's right wow those are huge gains quick maths quick maths uh speaking of maths this fun fact the longest bicycle is 472 M 155.0 no 155t 8 inches long and was ridden in Australia in November 2020 Austria or Australia that's Australia 100 okay let's think 155t long 155t bicycle 4 7 and2 m that's half a football field that's crazy how's that work what SI tires I'm curious what tires he was running on that yeah was it like like a penny farthing that would be nuts well it's a goodest Book of World Records record so I'm sure we could look it up and like see the video the guy riding it and yeah you know it's impressive I want to see how far he could ride that and if he can balance on that talk about long low and slack B right cuz I'm sure there like has to be some sort of like defined distance you have to ride or like you know has to probably be two wheels and like like a Bic school right there got to be some cemetry there yeah that's crazy maybe it's mullet maybe it's 29er who knows good for him man yeah it's Penny farling Penny farling Penny farling that's huge front wheel massive mullet OG mullet OG mullet you know what you know about that have you guys ever rode one of those no no have you no I saw there's like a mountain bike penny farthing or something like that like Seth SPX get one of those Jeff had said he rode like a rode one I don't know dangerous you can see why uh you know they don't make him anymore a lot of otvs back in the day I would I'd be scared about just tipping over you're so high off the ground the best was a jackass crew like trying to jump a snowbank but they just hit a snow bank and just flips just Indo so hard yeah that's amazing that's pretty good well speaking of bikes bikes and rides we've been enjoying lately Liam I know you're kind of gearing up for something what have you been riding um I've actually been riding well I guess my XC bike probably the most re reel Ranger reel Ranger uh yeah just riding that a lot good XC rides road bike gravel bike same thing yeah you did like a banger day huh um yeah I did like two backtack 4 hour days on the weekend but nice dude you've been getting after it trying to be honest trying to get some some gains yeah gains just put in the miles yeah yeah just 1% more just 1% more every day you know just like Weaver yeah exactly yeah well you're consistent and it should pay off in dividends hopefully when it com race I'm hoping not just to get embarrassed at some of the races I've signed up for this year if I'm being honest it's like my motivation is like I don't care how I do it's just as long as I'm not embarrassed I think it's like it'll give you a good confidence going into the race right you know you've done the work you're prepared then you're not going to be stressing about ex or can I do these many miles like you know you can already it's like it's a matter of can you perform on the day yeah and being consistent helps you perform consistently um so yeah I mean I'm not I don't care how I do any of the races like as a overall perspective I have a job I don't need to do the races I'm just like want to give her another good go and you know before you hang it up yeah I'm getting old man you're all right I'm just kidding good but yeah nice yeah it is good to know like your Fitness level and where you where you stand and like going into a race right you know yeah I mean last year I didn't fully know and I went like 10 minutes faster for my downeyville XC time than I thought that I could so that kind of like sparked a bit of fire in me I was like oh I went 10 minutes faster nice I wonder if I got Faster by it can train a little better and could I go another five minutes faster than that 10 minutes faster than that I don't know there you go little more strategy too you know little more Tire puzzling and you said you on a different tire set yeah we'll we'll talk about tires in a minute let's talk about Chev spikes and right um yeah I've been a pretty good weekend warrior lately just the days are short right now so get off work and it's dark so been working out during the week and then honestly been riding ebikes uh in the uh on the weekends I've been riding the Crestline RS 7550 it's been pretty fun um some trails close to my house are pretty rough and gnarly and it's kind of the perfect bike for that and big steep climbs technical clim or just a big long steep climb so um it's nice to drill on E Bike and push on the downhill and yeah I've been having a ton of fun doing that lately nice M that's what I'm talking about yeah it's good good zone two workout it's like the classic ebike tagline yeah yeah replaces my Basse miles I mean and when I'm going up the hill I'm really not even trying yeah like I could be staring at my phone the whole time just going up a fire rad um but on the downhill I'm pushing really hard and I'm getting a pretty solid workout on that so yeah nice does replace actual writing but I'm having fun doing it so it's a good time I mean it just depends what you want you're getting in tons of downhill laps and like you know getting comfy on that so if that's what your goal is like ebikes are sick for that Y super sick yep yeah d a feel I've been kind of spreading the love around a little bit you know a little bit of gravel a little bit of hard tail you know riding the Druid I just put those Victoria Maza Duro race tires on there and they're super good on big fat sticky rubber yeah big fat sticky rubber super good on the gnarly stuff like see side and riding them up in the mountains last weekend and uh yeah yeah you shuttle some some backside mhm solo yeah super good is there other people up there yeah a couple other Crews up there yeah um just got shuttling and you know maybe like two other shuttles going like that but uh Trail yeah the conditions were absolutely insane I will say it's it's been raining a bit at home so down in Southern California so the dirt has been primo and it's been fun to take advantage of some pretty good conditions that we rarely don't get so totally so the hero dirt is insane yeah I've been like having a road ride planned and then I wake up I'm like I can't ride Road B today no way man I have to go ride the XE bike for sure like I can't it's just it's too fun I can't do it it's rare to get those conditions so you got to get after it as a mountain biker I just can't hop on a road bike when there's hero dirt right next to me yeah my road bike is collecting D yeah yeah I feel you um it's nice cuz we're getting a little bit like sprinkle here and it dries out and then like it rains again you know been too much rain like past couple years we've been got we've gotten hit super hard with crazy storms and it's destroyed all the trails and got to rebuild them and um it's just kind of a process but lately it's been rain little bit of rain dry a little bit of rain dry so hopefully it stays that way throughout the winter and we'll get uh trails to last all winter and um see how it goes feel that speaking of rebuilding Trails you guys did a bunch of Trail work recently yeah we uh had a big crew go out at Rocky Peak and we rebuilt one of the uh OG trails that we built maybe seven years ago go or so um so that was fun just to get all those done there a couple crews out there that have been rebuilding all the stuff and other local stuff here so been a lot of lot of Trail work in the general area lately and trails are running pretty good so um yeah get after it if you can rebuild your local trails and um have fun Amen brother it's a good time to be out there too if the weather's good and just rained and I really enjoy that slap some dirt Crush some bruise yeah with the boys the boys pretty fun or by yourself or by yourself yeah I did a full solo Trail work day in the pissing rain the other week nice did you go down rat trap like you said you're going to mhm nice yeah top to bottom nice I wrote it and I was like this is like really nice Liam must have been back here good for the soul yeah t b is fully wet and I was raining and I was listening to podcast and I was just like yeah like 34 hours straight work and then I just hiked out I was like what do you do you don't hang out by myself I just get to it yeah yeah I was like all right well I'm just going to keep working and then you know walked out of there once my hands were tired and you know to me to me there's nothing more satisfying than rebuilding a whole section of Trail and then going riding it a couple days later it's just like amazing and you know it like you did the work to make that happen it's just like it's the most gratifying feeling in the world yep it's a good one yeah looking forward to uh when everything you know is all super overgrown again we're going to have to trim it back I'm looking forward to it I'm just kidding yeah that's life though but you like forget about that right like this whole season if the trails running good with like and then you're like oh yeah in like a few months it's going to be a nightmare that's why when the trails are running good you got to just take advantage of it if you want to just stay home oh I'm going to rest today no just go ride you you'll enjoy it yeah you will not regret it yeah very rarely do you go for a ride even if you crash you get a flat tire you're like yeah I shouldn't have done that like no that doesn't happen it's like every time it's like yeah I'm glad I went for that ride yce for sure yeah well speaking of riding bikes you said we got some new Tools in here to work on bikes yeah pretty sweet um I got a couple new tools uh for for the shop we got one today actually it was the SRAM Universal piston press um which is pretty cool tool it basically normally take like a brake lever or soft item to push back the Pistons in the brake caliper to um Lube them up or just to u to to spread them out to replace the brake pad and or tire lever tire lever yeah um and uh so the new sham Universal priston piston press it's a hard word to say um spreads them out evenly and safely and um I don't know it's awesome tool got to use it today and probably put a little video about it on it shortly on Instagram and um yeah pretty excited to use that in the future and have people's breakes working Primo as they should that's nice yeah I was so stoked when that came out and then it took like six months for us to get yeah we ordered it like about half a year ago I forgot it even came out came today so yeah that was exciting what's that other thing that I saw where you put it in the caliper and allows you to like cycle individual Pistons you know what I'm talking about it has like a little cut out for one or two that's a 3D printed part I don't know if that's yeah I mean you can make it I've made one before like take a Shimano or Shram bleed block or whatever bleed B Block just get a Dremel and or a file and just file down a quarter of it and then you can place it in the actual caliper Advance a piston so it goes the maximum distance out um clean it up just get all the dirt out of it with like a Q-tip and then push it back in clean it up and you you can do that for each individual piston um so yeah would advise doing that pretty sick M just don't go too far and your Pistons will fall out and you'll have to fully rebleed your break so maybe maybe don't go out all the way or is the max distance because you are running a fine line of getting brake fluid everywhere so you have to rebleed it man when did I do that here the like not that long ago I did that too yeah we've all done it's pretty easy to do so just be careful I just had like a lag like I extended them a bit and then I like looked away and looked back and one was like slowly pressing back out I like oh no no no and then came out and I was like oh right certain calipers you can get like a a four mil in and it'll be pretty much the max distance but again when you're pushing the Pistons back in just do it slowly one at a time um or not even one at a time but just a little bit of each at one time and um get them back in and um just to be safe about it yeah mhm that's some good good advice right there yeah man good break advice Liam what are you going to do do you need me to give you some advice for your Mudfest coming up if you can could you straighten out my head a little bit uh um there's a local gravel race called Rock cobbler that I'm doing this year and last year there's a muddy section there's rain a lot of rain last year leading up to it and this year it looks like we're going to have supposedly what is called a atmospheric River like the five days before it so sick see how the rain pans out in the next like 10 days cuz I think it's only 10 days out or so um but there's a pretty muddy sections that cake up really bad m I'm just Tire puzzling hard and like do I go slick for the mud or is the mud only like 10% so I just like deal with it and go with the tire I want to run which still has some mud clearance I don't know man or as soon as you get mud on the tires none of it matters cuz it's all a mud tire anyway really none of it matters once mud's on it it's just like for the other part of the course is it like better to have a you know a semi knobby I'm not not going to go bigger than 45 so I do have some clearance on this Spike but yeah it's like I got a 43 slick 45 Tire I have a 40 semi slick I've got too many tires I was telling Trevor I'm like' be a lot nicer if I was like forced to run a certain brand of tire and I was like locked into a little bit more than having like 70 options at my fingertips I can order and have here tomorrow even if it was worse you're like I'd rather be like pigeon hold into this tire just so I it it options yeah you just you just ride what you got right BR what you bring you should do for the race that I just thought of is you should bring one of those thick uh bristled cassette brushes and just carry it on your pocket so that when you're riding along and there's just mud Caked Up on your tires you can just brush it along the wheel instead of using your hands and getting them all mudy just get a actual brush and just to get it get the mud off there so you can just keep rolling real fast a lot of people stick paint stirs in their pockets or tape them under their top sck and so if you're even if you're hiking and it's all jammed you can still just be walking with your bike and like get the mud out from your fork and then also like scrape the bottom of your feet yeah that's what usually most people do is a paint stick and then um it's flat right so you can just like throw back in your pocket and then dump it at aid station hopefully there's no mud after that but W um that'sa yeah I mean between that and then I'm doing a bunch of Maxis XC Tire testing everything from a Aspen all the way up to forecaster and like any tread pattern in between so I'm just got tires up the yingying right now I'm going a little crazy yeah just a lot of Tire testing and tire thinking and gravel is just like hard cuz I don't know why Tire talks so big in gravel but like I guess it is like one of the only variables you can really change right like you don't have suspension you don't have like gnarly that much terrain to like deal with stuff it's just like okay how can I roll the fastest it's one variable and it can give you a pretty good Advantage if it's like good conditions maybe so over someone else with on the same bike right so yep yeah or a disadvantage right if you choose the wrong one yeah yeah yeah I mean I think for the M the biggest thing is clearance like just getting clearance through your bike is going to be the best because um like Trevor said once mud sticks it's stuck it doesn't matter how mud good mud shedding your tire really is like and let's be honest gravel knobs are so small I'm still under the impression I don't even know if they work like if you're riding a gravel knob Tire on dirt like does it actually grip or is a slick Tire the same yeah like these knobs are 3 mil tall they don't bite anything and for all the listeners out there if you're uh if you're not racing just uh just ride your bike yeah I mean it's gonna work yeah I'm not I'm not really racing either but yeah but you want to do as well as you can yeah yeah I'm just a a bike setup nerd so which is cool that's why I'm here yeah I mean I personally have found like a little knob on a gravel Tire makes a difference but only like you said if it's like slick right like if I'm coming out of like one of those creeks in Sycamore and I want to like put a little power down right yeah but like if you're just cruising it doesn't matter like you'll still get out yeah I mean so many of the you know gravel Pros slicks at all these events so yeah it's crazy yeah but hey I'm no grapple Pro right what do I neither am I gosh well hey this this is a perfect Segway into this first question you know you want to read that one Liam yes sir how do you go about gaining trust in tires I have some specialized tires on my newest bike that I'm not confident in but not sure if I don't like them or maybe I'm not riding well enough to get them working I'm a beginner and an immediate Rider I want new tires but money and will'll ride these out if I can get comfy on them um a good question I mean curious what specialized tires you do have um and if like they're appropriate for your terrain right like exactly are you on a stump jumper that came with like what do they those come with like Eliminator Ground Control something yeah or like even it could be the wrong casing too yeah wrong casing and you're trying to ride down Enduro Trails like yeah you probably need to bump up to you know a specialized Tire line a butcher or something or you know something like a Maxis Minion or something other um yeah I mean gaining trust's tires is just literally cornering them until you can figure out where the where you going to slide out and then see where that is yeah um test tire pressure too it's free to test tire pressure yeah that's what I was going to say is like I would test your tire pressure go as low as you can so that before it starts to roll um so you could just maximize the grip out of your tire and just make that consistent out of every ride make sure you're checking tire pressure with a gauge and um just eliminate all the variables so that it's uh just consistent and yeah you can go before it starts to squirm once it starts to squirm add a couple PSI and get used to them yep yeah check check to make sure the casing is appropriate for your style of riding and style terrain that you're going to be riding on and um that's the biggest thing always I mean go up a casing if you feel like it's not giving you enough confidence and um it'll it give you a little bit more yeah I would also say when you're saying like eliminating variables like go ride a trail that you ride all the time you know that you're confident on for first of all and then kind of like set up your bike how you would before I guess and then like yeah you can kind of eliminate variables like oh I don't really like how it corners and on this corner like you know or you can kind of like in your head you know how certain tires are going to react on certain areas of the trail right so you can kind of think oh well this tire reacts in this way so then you can kind of compensate for those things MH yep yeah I mean if not what tires were you running before and did you have more confidence in those like yeah you know then maybe just it's worth you know whatever the you know I guess tires are quite expensive you know 180 bucks but to swap them like confidence in tires to me is huge when especially riding you know downhill pretty gnarly Trails like you have the possibility of sliding off going off a cliff like just invest in the tire that you feel conf confident in yeah it's worth the peace of mind just to invest in a tire that you're confident in for sure we got another tire question in regards to tires what characteristics change when changing the width example current running a 2 29x 2.6 on a 30 mm rim on a 150 135 trail bike what would you expect if changing to a 2.3 same Tire type and same Rim um well the first thing I would say if you change to a 2.3 is you're going to feel a lot more of the trail it's going to be become a lot less vague um and you have to be a little bit more accurate with where you place the tire um but some at the same time the 23 could be a better feeling for you if you're looking for that um if you kind of just want to roll over everything the 2.6 will be good but I personally do like the 2.3 in some cases um for that that kind of accurate feeling you know yeah yeah I mean in that case I really like a 24 I think it's a sweet spot um another one is you'll feel probably the tire roll a little bit less in burms or hard pack stuff um which I don't want a tire to roll personally I don't like the way it feels you mean like uh squirm yeah squirm squirm roll um yeah and then you'll feel snappier even if it's not technically faster wider tires aren't always slower um you'll feel like you're going faster because you feel more the trail so yeah I mean the the actual like Tire profile is going to change pretty significantly like um volum less volume for sure so it's going to feel like think of a balloon the 2.6 is going to feel like an overinflated balloon compared to the two three you're going to have a lot more rubber on the ground at one at one time so just think about that as in a balloon shape and kind of go often those big balloon tires kind of deflect oddly on like rocks like they'll they'll kind of ping you side to side if they get that weird kind of like almost like wind up right is it'll kind of wind up and then like pop off so a smaller Tire won't do that so yeah yeah also like it's not the worst idea to run like if you do have a 2.6 and a 2.3 just put the 2.3 out back and 2.6 in the front and you'll have a ton of grip in the front with that big big round tire and maybe a little bit more accurate in the rear and um that might be a good setup as well yep yeah yeah I mean coming from me like I just ran 2.6s on my hard tail and I put 2.4s and uh and uh yeah I mean it definitely is rolling a lot faster but the grip is still there cuz I got the forecaster up front and that thing grip's like insanely good for that tire it's like unbelievable actually sweet uh is everything all good over here cool just want to make sure screen looks a little different um sweet uh let's see okay what would happen if I put Red Bull in my tires this guy's asking probably not very effective it might give you wings yeah in the wrong not in the wrong in the wrong way I would say if you ever opened a tire and and there's no more sealing it's all dried up and you've been maybe running through some water washing your bike a bunch you'll see a bunch of water in the tire and uh you can tell it doesn't uh keep the tire inflated very well you'll have maybe a seal from the existent sealant but uh yeah Red Bull will not work in your tires it won't seal anything that's for sure that's for sure yeah but like worst case scenario I guess you could like stop and pop the bead and like drink it if you're needing some energy yeah maybe I would I would not recommend I would not do that no yeah I don't do that go to the gas station and get a Red Bull instead it'll be uh it'll be much more effective fine Trevor gosh your freaking logic dude all right Trevor you read one you read this one this is a good one all right I just put new brake pads on my kids's bike it's super small with 24in wheels and cable actuated disc brakes how would I go about betting in those pads for him just in general how do you do that for bikes that are too big and are too small thanks to advaned so I mean I've have worked on a bunch of small kids bikes um I don't know if I have any experience like betting in new breaks on those necessarily but I would on Scott bik yeah I guess yeah maybe on that um I would say that go find a I mean you can ride it just you probably won't be able to Pedal it very well I would say go get a big hill go on big hill walk up the hill get drive up the hill and then just uh Coast down the hill bed the brakes in so what you want to do um the person's asking how to do it um yes go go stop or hold the brakes and for till you come to a slow like walking pace and then let off do that like seven to 10 times and breaks will feel great yeah it's also um if you just put new pads in then it's probably a much quicker process than if you put rotors as well right like he just wants to do it for a few minutes yeah yeah if your rotor already bettered in it speeds up the process quite a bit definitely a good a good uh practice to do though to make sure your break is feeling as good as possible especially if it's your kids's bike you want to make sure his brakes are working to keep him safe definitely y yeah that's a good dad right there bik is too big however I mean I don't really get that problem too much because I'm tall but um I would say maybe take the C poost out and try and ride it that way yeah get a buddy who's tall yeah exactly um yeah figure out a way but get those Brakes bted in and breaks will feel good nice speaking of feeling good how about NAD and now a word from our sponsors introducing Kashima coded cookware where culinary Excellence meets innovation elevate your cooking experience say goodbye to Sticky pans and burnt meals with Kashima Cota cookware enjoy effortless cooking and clean up easy Every Time unrival Performance our Advanced coating technology ensures even heat distribution preventing hot spots and ensuring your dishes are cooked to Perfection from amateur chefs to seasoned professionals experience the difference with Kashima coated cookware where quality performance and style converge upgrade your kitchen today and discover The Joy of Cooking with Kashima coated cookware bone appe Petit and now back to the show we're back let's do it Yeti s SP 165 conversion to 29 27 mullet with dual Crown sounds pretty sick looking to do this conversion but before throwing down for the Dual Crown I wanted to get the wwc Bros advice SL recommendations regarding this build specifically can I put dual Crown up front and if so what are my limitations for travel and offset rake what is the recommended offset travel or what would you do dogs rule cats rule but I have both dogss drule cat's drool you heard it here first folks I love dogs I love dogs they're they're probably the only pure thing in this entire world I love dogs too I got to see my family dog today was great yeah she's great you see cats like go wake up a dog for no reason just start beating it dogs don't do that just saying Liam back on his cat cat bashing mullets it's 165 yeah uh I believe the 165 is technically dual rated so you can do that yep I had mine up 203 travel the stock7 it was 275 stock 203 and it Road pretty good front wheels 27 front wheels 27 full 275 with 203 mil Travel Fox 40 so with that said yeah going with travel that bike's 180 front yes but going dual Crown you'll lose 10 mil so I'd probably stick to about 180 on a dual Crown going mullet um it'll slacken it out a touch raise your bb a touch but it won't like Chopper that thing out um so I try to go 180 on a dual crown and then offset that runs a 37 mil 275 offset they don't I don't think they make that in a dual Crown but I try to go as close to that number as possible because that's going to retain your trail of your bike your bike's designed around so kind of how kind of like how you steer and turn the bike yeah I think they might make a 29 dual Crown like a 45 offset well I guess you're going 29 so that would be 42 but I think they're making like a 45 or 47 so I try to go the lowest 29 Offset you can with 180 M travel if I were to do that yeah because you're kind of going on the extreme ends of both spectrums on opposite sides of the bike right like going high high raised up dual Crown in low rear end so it's just going to be kind of a little bit strange yeah but that's that's a sick bike though yeah yeah I think 180 think he could even get away with 190 29 190 I think it'll it up too much think so yeah personally or lower lower the stack of the of the stem yeah lower stack but you're still going to be raising BB by choppering it out that's my main that's like my biggest concern is raising your bb too much cuz like you obviously basically a downhill bike you want your bb to be pretty low you're not pedaling it you know you're not trying to climb it over Rock Gardens like you want that BB pretty low to the ground Soh yeah I would imagine that's a park bike anyway exactly Park bike or straight shuttle bike so low BB is so good with that bike yeah it's cool if you do that send us pictures we'd love to see that yeah for real that thing sounds pretty sweet I love my sp1 165 um speaking of forks would you use a Kashima coated pan or cooking wear well I don't know if there's that's actually a thing um do they have if it was I prefer performance Elite so just need something non-stick your performance Elite pans cook eggs pretty much every single morning on the same pan and uh lately it's been very nonstick no matter how much olive oil I use to cooked the eggs in and you mean you mean it's been very sticky it's been yes it's exactly it's been very sticky you use olive oil to cook your eggs mhm yeah you could do that I've learned living with a fellow roommate who is Italian you could just cook anything with olive oil you can I just don't prefer olive oil and eggs oh yeah butter it with eggs is really good it provides that nice just fluffiness almost eggs kind of my pans are also getting worn out from the nonstick I also heard you can add a like do a combination of baking soda and water and wipe the inside of the pan and it should bring back some of that non-stick coating honestly the Pan's so used I'm probably getting some not good things in my body so prob just get a new pan yeah you see people who like they cut they make something in the pan and they like cut it in the pan and then it's like you just got all those like metal files in there my hard part like Trevor you have roommates and they don't respect your pan way you want to respect your pan you know we just use him a lot too yeah true we got like four or five guys in that house or something uh there three of us right now I mean seems like cooking eggs every morning it's that P's abused yeah cooking for five probably exactly yeah sounds like you could use some kid had a kushima CED pan I would for sure get it though that sounds awesome yeah it would look cool too if it could guarantee me three to five years of non-stick of heavy abuse that's pretty good I got one of those like it's called AR pan or something like that and it's nonstick like cast iron and it just recently lost its nonstick but we've had it for a few years yeah but it's disappointing non stick cast iron non-stick cast well they also have en namal cast iron so it's basically a base cast iron with a coating on it so it has like the heat retention properties of cast iron but without that I think I have one that might be the move that might be the move I love cast iron but the cleanup kind of sucks so having an enamel one would be pretty nice I bet it keeps that Heat going too yeah or if you have like a super good season on your cast IR it's not as horrible to clean but you know who knows who knows we ride bikes I feel like you would be the kind of guy to buy a brand new cast iron spend the weekend seasoning it hey Liam you know maybe I have done that before I actually need to I have like three or four cast iron pans that all need to be reasoned and it's going to take me a whole day to do it there's like a little bit of rust on there and it's a pan you gotta like bake them in the oil yeah what it's a pan it's a pain it's a pan it's a pain but it is a pain well okay so actually I found the tip is to use Crisco um on your cast iron and season it in the oven like that it it comes out almost like uh super hydrophobic and like really good seasoning on there where you probably could do eggs or whatever krisco is like a fat right yeah krisco yeah it's like animal fat something like that cool but yeah that's what I would do and for your cooking tips come and tune into to the MTB podcast we don't know much about cooking Jared probably knows the most and it's about me all right Liam you want to read this next one yep do carbon handlebars wear out get weaker over time or do they or can they theoretically last as long as alloy bars so isn't this the other way around like don't alloy bars get weaker over time I think there are some UV properties to some carbon that like I mean like 10 15 years yeah if your bike is like out in the sun it might be a good idea to replace them yeah you know um I know like I don't know maybe I should look into this more since I do drill one but I know like some older style Road road bikes that are carbon like from being so much sun and just kind of age they get a bit like weaker and flexer over time M I don't know how that transfers to carbon bars I don't know if having a pained clear coat over the top changes that effect but I'm going to go ahead and say they last quite a long time same with Ally bars like longer than you know yeah they're going to last the only thing that's going to break them is like you breaking them right yeah like you know if you have them after five years I think you got quite a bit of use out of them you know five six years like you know and if you only have one bike and you know Trail on Carbon Bar is 125 bucks like you know 5 years six years like 20 bucks a year yeah 20 bucks a year here maybe just grab a new pair just to ease your mind but I'm not totally positive on that answer so yeah yeah I I guess none of us really hold onto a bike longer than a couple years anyway so it's uh we're spoiled in that regard but it's or handlebars or handlebars yeah exactly my seats are old that's true you got old seats I got old seats carbon rails yeah yeah I had my road bike seat for a decade damn W 10 years 10 years seasoned not in a good way I bet that s pretty comfortable stick though got that gloss on it it was yeah but it ain't non stink I mean I don't think my saddle stinks but hey nobody's taint stinks right um mine doesn't

so so uh T yeah we'll get back to you on that one but as as far as right now no carbon handle bar don't get weaker over time I mean just riding them I don't see how that would I don't know yeah no all right ladies and gentlemen I'm back in mountain biking after about 10 years off from the sport used to have hard tales and got my first full suspension bike this year a status 140 mullet trail bike raced it in the local XC races this last year how much better SL faster would a XC full suspension bike be than the mullet trail bike I have been riding well depends on couple things lot of fact it's going to be it's going to be depends on what trail you're going to be riding and style you're going to be riding but if you're doing like like single track it's going to be so much faster yeah if you're doing downhill it's going to be much slower so it just depends on what you're doing but um if you're riding normal Trails yeah all the way yeah yeah it's it's probably quite a bit faster um even just like what I've been riding my Revel Ranger on and just having that super fast efficient platform like to riding with some my friends that on trail bikes like I just pull away from them on certain sections of Trail it's not fair without trying yeah yeah like fast Rolling Tires you have more efficient suspension your bike you know is a slight gradient uphill like you're just pushing less weight like totally yeah yeah it all adds up he does say he's racing local XC Trail Races so yeah invest the money get an XC trail bike they've come a long way they're so impressive now um they're so much fun to ride and they can handle a lot more than what they're advertised for and um yeah I'm just I I love riding XC trail bikes it's the best agreed yeah and you don't realize but like my my druid is like 10 pounds heavier than my hard tail and like that makes a huge difference huge difference and like I didn't even realize this until I was putting the Druid on top of Paige's car and I was like oh my God this thing is like way heavier I shouldn't do this again I was like this is horrible I was like last time I did this I had my hard tail or my gravel bike it's like you know 20 25 pounds like it's not a huge deal um but yeah I mean when it comes to riding with your friends like I mean or or yeah a race I mean a full like a full 29er like 120 mil bike I mean yeah that's probably going to be almost 10 lbs lighter than a status and it's going to roll faster it's like it's literally comes down to a numbers Advantage at that point like you can it'll you can do things to your status to make it feel faster but it's not going to be as fast yep would recommend go ahead and do it would recommend if you've even thinking about it Li you want to read that one next one yep hey guys love the show can you talk about the pros and cons of how of hot waxing your chain for mountain bikes I've been hot waxing for about a year now and I've doubled the chain life of my 12sp speed chains well it sounds like you already know the pros um I mean the cons really to any hot wax is the time it takes yep um it's so much time that I have not started doing it yet I'm the same way I uh I think it would be cool to do it maybe on a road bike or XC bike um if you really kind of care about that um but yeah I just I put some uh squirt Lube on my bike and it is a good wax based lube and it works pretty pretty good and it doesn't take any time at all so time is money sometimes and um sometimes you don't have time to wax your chain yeah chain waxing is like the the bicyclist uh vegan diet anyone who does chain waxing loves to tell you about it they'll let you know about it they'll let you know how much better it is and how much time they saved and how much wats they're saving um and whatever else and you know cons is nothing because it it's so much better and uh you know they're saving watts and it really doesn't take that much time but it's pretty Troublesome yeah so I have a question and this has been like the main quum I've had with waxing chains is like you know I got a sick oil slick chain on my hard tail like if I wax that it's not oil slick anymore right I mean it's going to be like white or you can't even tell be it's clear CLE yeah it'll be clear the white the white super wax chains you see is like onetime use ceramic speed UFO chain okay and that has like literally I want to say it's like anywhere from 100 to 200 mile kind of distance on it before it's worn out what yeah those are race only chains whoa and there's there's other companies that make like color waxes and stuff yeah um but yeah it's just a process to do that you got to make sure your Chain's clean like so clean perfectly clean well yeah usually and other thing about it is you have to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner do so you want to ultrasonic clean your chain get it literally bare metal then you put it in a crock pot and you soak your whole chain you have to have the right temperature it's got to be that perfect little in between CU you want it liquid to coat everything but you don't want to pull it out at full liquid cuz it's all going to come off so it has to like kind of cool down to this right temp that alone to me is just like I'm pretty patient with a lot of stuff and that one's just a step too far for me if you got like a super clean bike and you just are really into details and you uh maybe you're bored on a Saturday sure it' be kind of a fun thing to try out yeah but to do it uh repetitively and consistently would I think get pretty frustrating after a while how long does it last I don't know if I missed that like would like will it last like a season of riding or like just like several weeks or yeah if that and you still have to top it off with a wax based Loop oh so you know it'll last maybe five to 10 rides depending on duration and conditions and then you have to start topping off of the uh you know usually say you use a ceramic speed wax or a Sila based wax um you then use their equivalent liquid wax based lube to top off your wax chain okay so you know you're still topping off Lube you might not be doing it as often but you're still doing it like every other time you would normally be lubing your chain so okay you know it it saves some watts and it does like he said I think the biggest Pro is probably how long it can uh save the life of your chain and uh chain rings and cassette you're keeping you're keeping dirt out of it and you're not attracting any additional Grime and grease like a super wet Lube is going to attract like a lot of a lot of dirt and it's going to turn into this like metallicy grind paste that's just going to wear your whole drivetrain down so it's kind of eliminating that okay so yeah so if you ride a lot in like inclement weather or like you have a lot of like muddy Trails or puddles you're going through like it might be better for that but then it might come off come off in the might still come off fast you might need a wet Lube at that point so it's tough I think they make some wet wax Lubes but I've heard mixed reports on those interesting if you're if you're down for the process and you're into the process do it it should be it'll be fun thing to do but if you're not then just Del CH I think there's a website called zero friction facts I believe that's still operating um and that is a rabbit hole if you want to look at chain lubs and testing and what lasts the longest and stuff I don't really think they test how fast it is but they test what like how much money saves over your chain zero friction cycling zero friction cycling yeah very interesting y um so another random question about this so if I'm like I go for a ride whatever what if I go ride in the mud and like you I would just clean my chain like I normally would and there's still going to have residual wax on there since I waxed it like if I dease my driver train or is it going to rip all that no if you degrease it'll pull your wax off so then you don't really degrease chains unless you're unless you're going to rewax it so if you just like get your bike thrashed and it got a wax chain you just throw it in the stand and just don't touch your chain well I'm not a full blown waxer so I'm not 100% sure yeah um but I think if it's thrashed you probably ultrasonic clean it and rewax it mhm interesting mhm yeah very interesting I mean it's tough when your bike gets really dirty you are going to want to clean it off pretty good anyway so um it's kind of just the the con of riding in the mud you have to clean it pretty good afterwards other you're just going to yeah wear out your stuff faster yep wow that's a rabbit hole man let me tell you definitely Rabbit Hole I've gone down the rabbit hole and I came slightly out of that one unfazed um to where I just landed on using squirt I was like you know recovered yeah this this one I mean sometimes I get so deep in them you know I end up doing crazy stuff like cut off C off cut off the little doing that that was insane Liam was cutting off the little little tiny things your TIR I show up to work today and I saw Liam cutting the the little hairs off of Continental Tires today and I was like a little judged um or judged him a little bit but it's okay I mean I admitted right away to being a head case he did he doesn't deny it that's right um full on head Cas but yeah I mean for me personally and riding a lot of mountain bikes um I do think waxing Chang is definitely leaning towards the Roadie gravel side uh squirt Lube works really well if it's quite affordable for the long run um if you use it right you let it put on the day before you let it dry my drivetrain is spotless almost all the time I barely get gunk on it yeah it's easy to clean I probably put Lube on every I don't know maybe yeah every other maybe sometimes every three rides and like really yeah like um you know i' i' probably say I put Lube on every six to eight hours of writing that's pretty good yeah I mean I've been using it and it's definitely impressive and like you like you said it does keep a lot of Gunk off your drivetrain that like accumulates like you know I do like the mck off stuff but it does get your drivetrain all gunked up and like I noticed my Poley wheels just have a ton of crap on them but I'm not I'm not a fan of the the gunky stuff it just guessing's pretty dirty and the wax the wax based lube kind of comes off dry and I do a little tap test where I'll tap the chain with my with my finger and if I can hear the bearings inside moving then it's time to time to rebe it and yeah that's a good advice tap test yeah you you can yeah and it's easy like you know you do get done with the ride like I don't de grease my chain almost ever you just literally wipe it down with a rag wipe your pulley and maybe your chain ring and then throw another coat on it let it dry and you're good to go like simple you know you I'm not I only degrease my chain if I'm doing a really deep deep clean on my bike and that's like three four times a year maybe other than that and don't degrease my chain at all dude I think you could Moonlight as a squirt salesman I just just had that idea like you could sell the crap out of Squirt I mean that's what I used personally too to get it me in the room use it too and put on all the bikes to the shop and yeah I also just like the bigger bottle that com in comes in a work bottle does I lasted like six months and you work on bikes every day M for my house it lasts me and my roommate use it I think she uses it and uh it lasts about a year at my house so wow mine's getting low I'm going to have to call them out a little bit the roommates yeah they have them have them throw in they're over lubing a little bit throw throwing a couple bucks throwing some bills seriously come on guys Lube supper contribute to the Lube fund man all right all right next question next question hey guys I have a tire question another one more tires whoa I have a 2022 commona meta HT that I adore I'm currently running 2.8 Recons front and rear and love these tires in the snow and mud but it is winter what's winter what's winter never heard of it never heard of it yeah I was wondering if you guys have any Tire suggestions for light trail riding in the summer for a hardil um to have efficiency but also some traction to give thanks for the help and bean needs a sister or a brother wow D you ready to be a two parent D yeah dude I am ready you know we talked about it I do want another animal being kind of lonely at home H you know I don't know if she's lonely but you don't know if Bean gets along with other cats huh she never well it takes her a while she's been on other cats yeah takes her about yeah honestly she warmed up to like my family dog quicker than other cats I think with other cats it's like a territorial thing you know but other dogs are just like you're cool like you're not you're not in my game you know I don't worry about you um but hey do you know that Bobcats are actually called uh Robert feline yeah I did know that Robert feline Bobcat short bob cat is short for for robertt that's

insane well I think I can help this guy out he's running Recons on his hard tail kind of sounds like a guy Know Myself um would you just go 2.6 Recon well here's the thing I would honestly do what I'm doing right now and that's 2.4 forecaster in the front and a I would either do a 24 Recon or 235 icon depending on how fast you want and how much traction because I have been like I'm so about that combo right now it is so good because so about it so about that combo dude yeah it's super fast and uh just rolls quickly and also the traction is insane I mean if you're riding a hard tail you're not doing anything like death defying right like you don't need I mean I don't know maybe you are maybe this guy he's he's on in common met Squamish and he's riding you know think that thing's got like a 150 Fork on it dude really think so yeah he probably is doing some gnarly gnarly stuff side Side Story I I was uh racing a uh ews Practice Day in Whistler and uh we were riding everyone was scared out of their mind riding some double black trails in uh the opposite side of Whistler all the guys from can or from California were just like how do we ride this and some kid comes up on a chromag hard tail and schools everybody just cleans it yeah don't judge don't judge hard Tails there some people can rip those things true story dude I have a similar story at bra epic at the top of Wheeler wheeler pass I think the gnarly stage like is that the hi bike the hi bike we hiked for 2 hours yeah and then we went down a proper DH Trail on XT bikes and I was flying like I just hiked for so long I'm just all no I'm just going for it like didn't care about my tires I was pretty upset to be honest so I was just getting after it and taking it out on the trail I caught one dude but he was going good and he was on a hard tail and then I passed him and then he would just rode me all the way down wow yeah and like at the bottom you know we're all stoked and you know high five cuz we got to an aid station we were racing but we were like yeah that's so sick I probably passed 30 people and but but I was he was behind you the whole time I P I caught him past him and then he stayed right on my wheel all the way down he was on a hard tail XC hard tail and I was on an XC full suspension nice yeah he's probably getting rowdy dud oh he was he probably was so fun that's fun I mean you you can you guys know I think I think I put like minutes on my partner that's nuts yeah yeah you I mean riding hard Tales Rowdy is fun man it just like gives you that like Rowdy feeling like you're ring a bucking bronco you're just you're in control but you're not Ed I think if I were in this guy's case um and riding hard tail I would put just a really fast rolling rear tire and a grippy front tire a little bit more knobby um for the summertime um just so you're not going to be sliding out everywhere and you still have some good rolling speed on the rear tire um that's what I would do yeah I think a good rear two uh could be like a Recon EXO plus oh with like a forecaster front wow yeah or even a dhr2 front taste sweet one yeah dhr2 is a good front tire for that Recon EXO plus is kind of a little sleeper in there yeah I forgot they made that a little bit of protection on that fast rolling tread jeez sleeper dang that is a sleeper dude how do how do you feel running Recons front and rear under your hard tail do you feel like you lose traction on Dusty blown out conditions at all no I mean I did the two sixes so not quite as big as this guy but uh you can run low pressure on that yeah I mean I was running like 20 psi 21 PSI in those and the traction is really good just you kind of you get a little bit less rolling speed which like when I went to the two4 like you really like you're like whoa those two sixes were a lot slower like but the grip is still there does it go back to what we were saying of like do you feel faster because you have more Trail feedback no I think I actually am moving faster like average speed and I'm pretty sure I am gotta but I mean yeah it's hard it is hard thing to test it is a hard thing to test yeah whatever you feel better on is the most important thing I mean I feel like being numbers are more important being like you could be more precise like you were saying with that 2324 you can be more precise with your lines and like you are just rolling faster so you kind of feel more like a scalpel than a sledgehammer you know what I'm saying yeah if you feel feel better then you probably are better feel better ride better look better y all the above right L do better one 1% better do better if you can't be fast look fast yeah that's right that's true that's right um how are we looking here well I think we can jump into the notes from episodes past this one's pretty funny in your last episode when you threw out the bike named Sparky I laughed so hard that I spit coffee all over my steering wheel I have a Scott spark that I refer to as Sparky much to the chrin of my lovely wife it's called sparky on stvar but does not have its own social media page that would be a bridge too far love the podcast reviewed five stars honestly that's amazing I love that got a gift card I most definitely gave him a gift card and I thought that was hilarious that spark his name Sparky didn't we say that too was like if I had ebike called it Sparky I also think that's funny because I went to ASU and the mascot's name is Sparky oh really yeah what kind of mascot do they have sundevil sundevil he's a super creepy looking guy he is yeah Sun Devils yeah I want to say they like tried to redo it in like the mid 2000s and it was even scarier and I speaking of which I don't know if you guys have seen like the Oregon Ducks the mascot they tried to redo it in the mid 2000s as well like early 2000s and it horrifying turn into a Mighty Duck yeah it's like it was like a Nike yeah it was really scary almost like dystopian like interesting yeah like that thing would come murder you in the middle of the night um well yeah on that note on that note thanks you sleep well I hope you sleep well don't be thinking about like computer generated ducks or anything like that that look super scary and murderous watch murder mysteries for bed I'm definely waking up in the middle of the night and just going to be a duck in my eyes just so cold sweats ducks for the most part are really cute and cool but so they're trying to kill you the mighty ones are scary geese are oh God those are gnarly consider duese they their own kind of section I don't know what you call what is it 100 uh duck siiz horses or one horse siiz duck what would you rather get 100 horse sized Ducks wait no one horse sized duck one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses attacking you oh the duck sized horses would be so cute I would one I don't think you could a a horse sized duck would be gnarly I would be absolutely horrified that it would eat you yeah I think I'm going with the horse no the duck sized horses I could probably fend them off yeah you can kick them as much as I would hate to kick them I'm just thinking I could outrun them probably you think so dude horses are so fast but this tall dude I bet you that horses also don't stop running they can just run till they die that's true so can I so can I oh ladies and gentlemen if you listened thus far we appreciate you so much and if you leave a review on your favorite podcast platform and screenshot it and send it to podcast worldwide cy.com we will give you a gift card do it to the website I don't know how much $15 $15 to the Hala and uh we will see you guys in the next one Cheerio thanks for listening peace peace love you

February 05, 2024

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