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Today on the MTB Podcast, Jeff, Jared, and Liam are in the building talking all things mountain bikes. Most notably, our Black Friday and NICA promo. From the time this episode launches to Monday the 30th, $5 from every product sold will be going to NICA. Gift cards are also 10% off & include a $5 donation to NICA. The guys also review a few cold-weather MTB riding tips, discuss new products from PNW, OneUp, Title, and ENVE, as well as go over our upcoming YouTube videos. Last but not least, Jeff's brand new Revel Ranger custom build and specifically, how Liam actually cut up his fancy gold SRAM XX1 Eagle cassette. Yes, you read that right. All of this and more in episode 78 of the MTB Podcast. Enjoy!

MTB Podcast Episode 78 - Supporting Kids On Bikes, New MTB Products, & Crazy Weight Wennie Mods!

2:39 Black Friday/NICA Fundraiser
7:04 MTB Tech Stuff
8:20 Steerer Tube Sizes
10:29 Fork Travel
12:54 Correct Wheel Size
14:34 Fork Offset
17:29 Compatible Axle Types
20:42 Fork Brake Mounts
22:12 How Much Should You Spend?
24:13 Air vs Coil Forks
24:57 Upcoming Videos
28:17 Wet Weather/Cold Riding Tips
33:17 New Products
40:58 Jeff’s New Bike
47:09 Audience Questions
1:00:03 Liam’s New “Secret” Bike

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    If you are one strange human that would like to read a transcript of the podcast above, continue reading below!

    ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode 78 of the mtb podcast
    presented and hosted by worldwide cyclery my name is jeff and i am joined by my co-host jared and liam
    and today we are going to tell you things about mountain bikes and stuff and what else
    jared yeah mountain bikes and stuff exactly
    that's uh that's the point of the mtb podcast so this episode we're gonna pack it with
    a few things quick little update on the unique and philanthropic thing that we as in worldwide cyclery are doing for
    black friday and cyber monday and nobody else is doing which is i think interesting and i'm i'm
    really proud of my mom sent me an email saying she was proud of me so so that was cool uh we're also going to talk about a
    number of things recent videos we made upcoming videos we have for our youtube channel some wet weather riding tips
    some new products we've seen come out that are pretty rad in the mountain bike world some different brands and whatnot
    my new bike that i did a ridiculous modification to well i didn't necessarily do it you did it
    liam i did it liam did it and i got some hate on the instagram yeah yeah we posted a
    reel which is basically just a 15 second video on instagram of what we did and uh yeah people freaked out i had to
    put a pinned comment on there so people could read that reasonably so i mean it was yeah
    people were wild people were people were losing it it was pretty interesting i think it's got like over 300 000 views now did you look
    i'm not i'm not up to date yeah but yeah instagram really liked it and showed it to a lot of mountain bikers and
    people seem to enjoy it and get all amped up about it so that's cool so we're going to talk about that i'm really excited about that new
    bike i've been riding a lot we're going to answer a few audience questions if we have time
    those are going to be around the topics of one suspension heavier spring rate with compression as
    opposed to lower spring with more compression another one is going to be about tire inserts such as cush core
    and then another one is going to be about have you ever loved a bike that is quote unquote bad for you which kind of goes into
    being comfortable on an old bike and uh yeah then we're going to touch on what bikes we're riding personally and
    where and whatnot and that's what's going to be on this episode number 78. i remembered at this time
    it's in all caps because last time i said the wrong episode so they put it in all caps for me so
    let's do it
    so what are we doing for black friday and cyber monday well typically it's you know one of the few times a
    year that we do a sale on the worldwide website and that is always awesome it's always
    uh fun to do that and partake in the crazy retail madness that somehow the united states has invented
    is black black friday's got to be a united states things right i think it's primarily uh yeah u.s type
    deal yeah we is uh end of the year black friday getting out
    of the red creating profit getting your margins up that's the black friday name sounds like a wall
    street usa thing could be yeah hallmark style made up holidays to spend money um sounds very sounds very greedy
    capitalist but you know buying stuff for christmas yeah anyways it's fun uh this year we decided to kind of flip
    it on its head and do something that we've never done before and rather than doing a sale we're actually going to do a fundraiser of sorts the fundraiser is
    going to be for nika the national interscholastic cycling association that is the non-profit organization
    that's been around since 2009 that is making mountain biking an accredited sport in middle schools
    and high schools all over the u.s over 30 states over 25 000 riders a
    pretty incredible organization that i really admire because myself if i didn't get into riding mountain bikes as a kid
    then my life would probably be very different what about you jared 100 whenever you ride mountain bikes for the first time when did mount mike's the
    first time probably uh middle school or so yeah yeah probably like maybe 10 years
    old or something like that fell in love and the rest is history absolutely yeah i mean i wish i had something like niko when i was in
    high school and instead of running cross country yeah i feel like everybody i mean so nike has been around since 2009
    it's still not you know in every state by any means or every high school but it's it's getting there it's growing really fast
    as as the years go by and uh yeah i mean everyone that hears about it is like man i wish i had that in high school like did you
    wish you had that in high school liam yeah yeah yeah feeling dirt jumps being more
    of a delinquent and i could have been in an organized getting credit for high school sport
    yeah that led me to where i am today just sooner but yeah exactly so yeah i i
    admire nika um it's it's very well known in the bike industry but we actually ran a poll one on youtube community one on
    instagram uh ended up getting about 9 000 votes between the two of them and actually about 63 percent of the
    people that voted said they'd never heard of nika which i thought was surprising because yeah when you live in the bike industry
    you just know what nika is but so part of the you know fundraiser that we're doing is not just to
    raise money which by the way the goal is to raise over ten thousand dollars and i'm confident we'll hit that um hopefully more than plenty more than
    ten thousand dollars but uh it's also about just bringing awareness to what nika is if you're in a state and you know you um you know
    you are in high school or you have kids in high school and you don't have nika contact them figure it out get it in
    your school learn about it help them out support them it's a great organization
    so what we're doing is basically every single product that sells on our website friday to monday five
    dollars will be donated to nikah our gift cards are ten percent off and each gift card sold five
    dollars goes to nica the reason behind us discounting gift cards in particular
    is because our inventory levels uh like everyone else in the entire bicycle
    industry right now because of the pandemic it's been a tough year the supply chain has been pretty trash so everyone's really
    operating off of pretty subpar inventory levels at best a lot of stuff is out of stock and it's hit or miss
    and because of that it makes a lot of sense to discount gift cards and that way you can hold on to that gift card
    support niko once you purchase it and then you can use that gift card when what you're waiting for comes back in stock
    or until next season when you know everyone needs to re-up on their bike stuff
    so that's what we're doing for black friday cyber monday uh ho we're intending this podcast to
    hitting your ears on black friday so you're hearing it hop on that computer um buy something support nike or just
    don't just go to nika's website and read about what they're doing you can also do that too because the idea is that
    we just get some awareness about what nika is and what that organization is doing which is really cool so aside from that
    let's go and do some mountain bike tech stuff first off we did a recent video about
    how to upgrade the fork on your mountain bike the entire fork and we broke that out into chapters and
    we're going to touch on each chapter real briefly to kind of give you a high level 101 view
    of that video chapters jared the chapters are steer tube size travel
    wheel size offset axle type break mounts and how much travel
    air versus coil how much traffic how much how much
    should you spend how much do you spend uh how much did you spend a spoil
    how much did you spend like low end coil versus high end and vice versa yeah yeah
    totally yeah so to quickly you know the video is what almost 15 minutes long it goes over
    every one of those things so if you are in need of upgrading your fork and won't upgrade it we tried to put together a
    really good resource with that video and then the blog article that accompanies it has
    you know images and much more text and even more nitty gritty details did you write that liam you did right right yeah
    i think i wrote the first one then i rewrote this one as well so yeah cool so yeah let's let's run
    through quickly steer tube size what's the 101 um pretty much as a most common we have
    a straight steer which is inch and an eighth or a tapered steer which is an inch and an eighth up top
    and it tapers larger to an inch and a half down at the bottom of the fork so you pretty
    much need to know what steer tube type you have and match it yep yeah and those are the two most
    common types and on modern day i think it's what like 2010 is when tapered steerers started
    becoming totally like table stakes on nicer mountain bikes that's what i remember
    yeah i remember 2009 race season i started seeing them pop up on like brand new bikes
    and then even when i was at a specialized shop five and a half years ago or so they're
    starting to pop up on like 15 our 1500 rock hoppers yeah yeah cause
    it showed up on higher end stuff and then like you know trickled down like kind of everything does so
    tapered steers are you know pretty much on any relevantly new mountain bike that's not
    old it's got that you know and that's not under a thousand bucks maybe right like bikes under that price point
    the only times you might see a straight steer uh on something rare that's still new would
    be like a titanium hardtail you know or steel hardtail but even that even then if they're jump bikes steel
    dirt jump bike but if they're meant for a suspension fork they're normally coming with a tapered steer so yeah double check what you have look it
    up give us coffee don't know yep yeah that's that's that's a huge one you got to get the right one there
    that does kind of correlate to your frame too right so like if you're on rare occasion if you have a straight
    steer on your bike now and you want to upgrade your fork to a tapered
    you can do that sometimes but not very often what is it a 44 mil id head tube like
    some of those come with inset cups that are that are straight steer and then you can put an external
    cup make it tapered yeah that's headsets that's that's we're getting into headsets and that's like another that's a nine
    hour podcast on its own [Music] so stair tube size those are the two most common ones make sure you get the
    right one for your bike travel jared do you remember what we said about travel on that video i believe
    you mentioned something about you want to stay around 20 millimeters within the travel your bike was designed
    for yep yeah totally because i mean if you go and if your bike was engineered for something like 140 and
    you throw 160 on it like what are the two things that happened head angle bottom bracket height so youtube angle gets slacker head to
    bandwidth slacker bottom bracket height gets farther away from the ground yeah lifts up
    so yeah this time you'll enjoy the slack head tube and might or might not notice the seat
    tube angle or the bottom bracket yep but you know modern bikes
    they're all pretty dialed in and the engineers that design them definitely knew what they were doing and
    they decided to put a something like a certain travel fork on it for a reason so we usually don't
    tell people to change away from that unless you have some specific reasons like you you know
    you have a 140 bike and it's got 140 in the back and you're like man i just really wish it was a little higher and a little
    slacker and then throwing something like a 150 or 160. it's okay but don't push it more than 20
    millimeters which usually ends up in the comments being like this hilarious joke you know it's like oh you finally told every
    13 year old kid that he can't put a fox 40 on his dirt jump bike um actually when we were talking about
    that we showed an image of logan malala a good friend of ours and former employee he had an intense is it
    an m9 what is that yeah like their newest downhill bike um i actually asked him to take his fox
    40 and slide the stanchions down to the bottom crown and completely remove the top crown and
    then clamp it all together i mean obviously this was a total joke it was it's very confusing a lot of people
    commented and saw that we're like what what what what um it looks hilarious it's like it looks
    like it looks like a chopper yeah it's pretty funny we posted on instagram a while ago and explained it a little bit more and um
    yeah i mean we really wanted it just for this video and it ended up looking pretty funny travel stay within 20
    yep maybe even modern bikes stay within 10. mm-hmm yeah yeah i agree yeah and then you know a
    lot like a tendency for people is like they're upgrading the fork and they're like oh i'm upgrading my fork i should get more travel
    right but like it's not necessarily true exactly yeah upgrades about weight performance
    adjustments yeah much more so than just travel exactly yeah yeah that's a good point that's a
    good point uh next up is wheel size that's a pretty easy one on jared it is
    yeah you exactly tell them about it you typically want to get the wheel size that your bike already has
    yeah yeah absolutely yeah that is that one's pretty simple um the only confusing thing there is a lot
    of forks now and the title of them will say like 27.5 plus slash 29 right
    so if you have a 27.5 plus you need that fork right if you have a regular 27.5 you just need the fork that only says
    27.5 right does not contain the plus sign although these new forks like
    the redesigned arch on the 38 and 36 liam correct me if i'm wrong but they can accommodate the plus size tires now
    or pretty close to it 27 so like a 27 accommodates a 27
    plus size tire i think it's pretty close now i think so i guess it depends on how big
    a plus we're talking 2.6 is probably fine but 2.8 might be pushing it yeah yeah 2.8 schwalbe would rub in a 2.8 maxis
    would have an inch of clearance yeah that would that was a joke about the inconsistency of the
    measurements across different tire brands if you didn't catch it um because that again could be a different podcast
    um yeah wheel size that's pretty that was pretty simple that's things like steer tube travel
    wheel size typically even offset and axle type those are all going to be
    generally in the title of the fork when you're buying the thing so if you're looking and researching
    online like it will say it all of those specs right in the title because they're so vital to get right that you know that
    those are important so you can't really mix that one up the next thing is offset which
    sometimes pops up in the title we made a video about offset it is still
    confusing but it's getting less confusing because people are starting to just settle on the newer offsets liam you are well
    versed in offset so give us a rundown uh offset is how far out your front wheel mounts
    from the parallel line of your steer tube of your frame to where the same parallel line of
    where your axle mounts typically it's about 50-ish millimeters
    gary fisher moved that 251 mil kind of when 29ers got popular and
    that's kind of where it sat for what 10 years of 29ers 10 or 15 years of
    29ers were like that yeah and then what really pushed it was transitions
    spg geometry that really pushed kind of the whole package of longer reach
    slacker head to bangle reduced fork offset and steeper seat tube angles that kind of accommodated for a whole
    new riding style that's like now adapted as a modern long low slack but uh yeah offset it's
    how far out your fork mounts from the plane of your steer tube typically you just match what you have
    as with the other things if you do have a relatively newer
    i'd say maybe 2016 2017 and newer
    you might go from 51 mil offset to reduced offset also forks like the new rockshox zeb and
    rockshox sid ultimate the 120 mil are only offered in the 44 offset
    so you don't really have a choice if you want that fork yep um but if you do pretty much just stick
    to what your bike came with yeah yeah that's usually what i say if you can figure out what your bike came
    with you typically on the geometry chart right if you look up your bike yeah yeah yeah offset or
    a couple other terms for it yeah i've been out of that game for a while but jared you probably are more frequently dealing with people
    who are trying to purchase various components and upgrades and parts for their bikes trying to figure out what size their existing bike
    has and they don't know so they're referring to their bike brands website and is there any information there because i
    remember when i did a lot more customer support and talked to people all day upgrading their bikes it was a disaster like no matter what bike you
    had you probably had a 9 out of 10 chance they're like you couldn't figure out any of the information on it
    maybe you could figure out the geo but you couldn't figure out like very much you couldn't figure out like the rear axle size oh well that's just like a crapshoot but
    i mean yeah i would say offset and it was like definitely more prevalent in geometry charts nowadays
    because i think a lot more people are looking for that for sure offset or fork rake you might find out in a fork break
    on your ngos yeah that's true and then that leads into actual size jared there you go pencil
    type actual type what are we talking about we're talking about boost non-boost wow quick release just getting the right
    one so that your hub works you can put your front wheel on your new fork and it actually works
    exactly yeah exactly kind of just again getting what your bike was designed for unless you are willing and able to get a
    new front wheel for your bike yeah um but yeah there's the rare chance where you have a 15 mil
    by 100 front axle and the fork you want is only available in 15 by 110 or
    boost spacing and you can get a boost adapter so you can get that nice shiny updated new fork and still
    use your front wheel totally yeah but what you meant by the boost adapter is like the actual
    end caps for the hub no problem solvers just make some five mil spacers you put
    on either side and a five little five mil disc like a spacer for your spacecraft
    with longer rotor bolts so so you don't actually have to get hub adapters no it doesn't matter on your hub for the
    problem solvers one so i would suggest getting hub adapters if you have like a stance hub or dt swiss
    hub because that's like kind of more traditional right like that's the more proper way to do it is like actually
    convert your hub to the correct size and with their branded hub adapters yeah um or i
    think mrp makes a couple for the better boost end cap or something like that yeah yeah problem solvers does
    make one that's kind of universal so nice um little band-aid while you purchase a new wheel set or save up for
    one so yeah yeah it seems like you know in in my experience people that are upgrading their fork you know they're
    most of the time figure all this stuff out takes a little bit you know make communicate with us a bit
    or you know our staff and figuring out what they need what size is all that on the rare occasion you find people who
    are in a situation where it's like well i have this 26 inch bike and the fork is terrible and i really need a new fork
    but i'm going to be getting a 27.5 bike next year and so i'm just going to buy a 27.5 fork for my 26 bike
    and leave the 26 wheel on there or maybe not maybe i'll just buy a 27.5 front wheel and make it a mullet bike
    for a year until i get the 27.5 bike next year and then i'm gonna move this fork and wheel over to that bike you know what i'm talking about oh yeah
    get it all the time people are like well i just want to upgrade this bike and like yeah i've seen 27.5 bikes seems like a
    cool idea i want to make my bike like that yeah yeah so that's that's where it's getting
    a little confusing and challenging but yeah we did mention the video too and this actually got brought up i think
    during steer tubes right i mean in steer tubes i was talking about threaded steer tubes
    which man those haven't been around since like 2002. so those those are the kind of
    things or just one inch right one inch threaded and then one that was before i was born maybe threaded yeah they're old but
    but people still have bikes with that that they ride and and you know it's like well if your bike has that it is so old it's not
    worth upgrading the fork like just ride it as is be happy with it and you know get your eye on some new
    bikes um because yeah there's just no point putting like fresh new modern components on on a
    really old bike with a bunch of outdated quote-unquote standards as they call them in the bike industry
    um brake mounts this one's fairly simple right i mean if you're talking
    modern day bikes they're all disc brake um for the most part they're now all post mounts
    i haven't seen an is fork adapter in like five years maybe fork is pretty rare yeah yeah it used to
    be common though yeah disc brakes first came out that's all there was yeah yeah i think my commuter bike still has is disc mounts
    on it yeah yeah we showed that in the video for for reference um but yeah most modern
    bikes are going to use a post mount which which makes more sense and then the caliper just mounts directly to the fork
    depending on the rotor size and depending on if it's a post mount 160 180 or 200
    which if it's a post mount 180 that means a 180 rotor works on there with no adapter like the
    caliper just mounts right on there there you go if you're trying to use a post mount 180 with a 200 rotor then you need
    the adapter like what just a 20 mil adapter try not to mix rotors adapters and
    calipers different brands so if you've got shimano brakes use shimano adapters and shimano rotors
    and if you've got sram brakes use sram rotors and scram adapters and there you go i don't know why people
    always want to mix those up but it's just you run into the weirdest problems when you do that so try to
    always just keep the brands the same um for those three things and that helps so yeah
    break mounts all that's covered in the video with more pictures and stuff too um let's see how much question mark
    which is like how much money and then air versus coil so that's a total matter of opinion when it
    comes to how much money you want to spend on your new fork what you have on there now uh sometimes you're limited on how much
    you can spend too right depending on what your above categories matches your bikes
    right you have a straight steer fork at 120 mil travel on a 26 or 27.5 wheel
    yeah with a quick release axle you're going to kind of be topped out at like a 350 dollar price point for a fork
    yep yeah you can't really spend more um now if you're upgrading a bike that's you know maybe totally modern
    tapered steer yeah maybe six years old seven years old but it has a tapered steer through axle
    29 front wheel you could spend a thousand but is it worth spending a thousand it's up to you really yeah sky's the
    limit i think i think when it comes to forks you probably hit diminishing returns at
    like would be the fox performance elite level which is in the same exact internals and everything as the as the
    factory stuff the only difference is kashima which jared do you love kashima or what he's got a huge smile on his face when i said
    kashima yeah who doesn't love because um yeah so yeah i mean how much can you
    spend man that's there's a million videos talking about the various features but yeah once you kind of get above that
    like 750 level you're not really gaining too much more performance maybe just some
    adjustments that may or may not be relevant to your riding style you agree with that yeah yeah and if you
    and there are a couple forks that maybe fit that model but aren't super high-end but give
    you great performance like first thing that comes to mind is a marzoki uh marzoki you can get pretty high in
    performance at a you know slightly cheaper price point and relatively upgradeable too right like
    you could get a 700 fork and upgrade it to be just like a thousand dollar fork totally yeah you know
    yep true all right well cool there you go i mean i guess the last quick thing air versus coil
    oh boy just go to youtube and watch a bunch of videos that's that's hard it's i don't even
    know how to talk about it anymore because it's you know air springs have come such a long way that they've gotten so supple
    so progressive so tunable it's really hard to recommend a coil but then again some people still swear by how
    supple coils are and they sometimes like how they feel and there's like coil hybrids and then
    things like the push acs3 right which is like still gives you the ability to change the progressivity of the fork but still
    retain the coil feel oh man you're getting really into the nerdy side of things so
    refer to youtube and at all else it's how to upgrade your fork
    let's now discuss uh upcoming videos sram eagle access install
    uh that was just like a pov video for you rightly yep yeah i just uh went through with the
    gopro and kind of went through the steps on installing a full access drivetrain with a
    crank derailleur cassette shifter chain how to set a set it up how to pair
    the electronics set the limits on your derailleur and your b tension um
    so and how did the angles come out and the views i had two gopros
    on my chest and on my head as well as a still and went back with another still camera
    to get up close angles awesome because we should be covered okay because we did this video before and
    people loved it and i think a lot of people upgraded access and really enjoyed it and it was helpful and informative and a lot of people just
    wanted to watch it because it's sram access and it's a beautiful piece of electronic drivetrain but a lot
    of people commented to the tune of like several dozen people like what was it like the gopro was a little too low so
    sometimes your hands were out of this out of the frame or something yeah i also think that was a gopro
    six or seven yeah so now we're on an eight or nine and we have this thing called super view yeah we're
    getting fancier and it makes it's a learning curve but makes that video much better so yeah so so there you go we redid the
    video because of the comments because we know it's a useful video and we had to make it better so
    it's a never-ending task of constantly making all the media we produce better um yeah and quickly another video we
    have coming out in the next couple weeks is how to make your bike better which i think it was like how to upgrade your bike i don't remember what
    the title of that was right how to upgrade your bike yeah the idea there was you know upgrading your bike's really fun you
    know you could change all sorts of various different things and it is so situational depending on obviously your
    budget and then what bike you have and what's currently on it and you know upgrading a a two thousand
    dollar mountain bike versus a bike that you know came off the showroom floor at 7 500 is just totally different so we
    tried to lay break that down we tried to break out the most impactful and the most popular upgrades
    and then how that kind of breaks into the different categories and price points of bikes so we did our best to break it down into
    segments that hopefully will be helpful and valuable and and probably much more you know if you're a little bit more
    novice just getting into the sport just experimenting with various different upgrades and kind of in that decision process of like what do i
    upgrade next because it's so fun and i want to change it like you talk to people that do that right all the time yeah they're just like i'm
    yeah i got money burning to hold my pocket i want to make this bike better exactly it depends on what's on there right now yeah because it's addicting
    like you you do something like change to some really nice tires and your your mind is blown like a change of
    ride experience puts a huge smile on your face um you do something like upgrading your rear shock and or your fork or both at
    the same time and it's like a whole new bike so it gets addicting so we you know we tried to break down what to upgrade
    when to upgrade it um various different things so hopefully hopefully it helps i think the more novice riders will
    benefit from it if you're really far down the path of a bike nerd then you probably already know and understand the
    various different upgrades and which ones work better and whatnot and now real quickly i don't think we
    should spend too much time on this because the next topic was wet weather and colder temperature tips
    from three kids who grew up and still live in southern california
    i mean we have ridden wet weather i lived in pennsylvania for a year and raced a whole season out
    there and just muck mud and then also even rode bikes on a patch of ice and like tried turning
    and fell on my face and you know there's a tip if you're actually riding on a patch of eyes do not
    turn or just don't even ride on it just avoid it at all costs it hurts really bad it's hard to ride on yeah and then it
    does occasionally you know drop below the perfect 75 degrees in socal yeah especially in the mountains
    so yeah it's true that was like we made one video with like cold weather riding gear a couple years ago and you know we'd put
    like some pretty lightweight gear and people yeah people are just
    just like yo that might work in your 55 degree quote-unquote cold weather you cali boy and i was like
    okay well that's fair that's yeah okay very fair i don't know i mean we don't i
    don't have a huge amount of tips on my end jared does spend time in lake arrowhead that's true
    yeah what do you do differently out there other than just wear more functional cold weather clothes well i actually
    i would say layering is one of my biggest tips at least we're down here and up there
    because you know it typically will start with a jacket like a long sleeve or something like that and maybe you want to shed one of the layers and then you want
    to have something underneath that still works um so that's nice also like warmer gloves is huge up there like right
    when it's like 30 something degrees like you definitely want warmer gloves because if you can't feel your brake levers and your shifter like yeah that's no fun
    another tip on gloves that actually i learned from riding moto in the desert when it was like over new year's when
    it's snowing yep is wearing uh like a rubber uh glove underneath your riding glove and
    it pretty much works as a windbreaker and blocks out all of your wind and then you have your riding glove
    on top of that that still has texture didn't end up too sweaty doing that i mean it's kind of dependable it does
    but yeah i mean if you're if you're in 30 or under attempts you're not it is what it is because that's kind of
    like a cheat right instead of wearing like a thicker warmer more like ski style glove then you can just do that like
    regular pair of gloves with the like surgical glows underneath yeah like 100 brisker
    it's not a extremely cold glove probably goes down to like 45 degrees i'd say if you're like 40 under 50 so
    like freezing it's a good glove yeah um and then you throw a rubber glove under that and you might get a couple more degrees out of it
    yeah yeah i know hand up actually uh is making some pretty nice cold weather stuff and they actually sent a couple pairs
    over this way for us to test out which i haven't tested out yet because it's not cold here
    but they look really nice i i put them on and they had kind of a similar idea to the 100 brisker in a sense that like
    the palm and like the fingers what you're touching things with right is is still fairly thin and then the more cushioning and you
    know wind blocking stuff is on the top so it doesn't it doesn't feel like you're wearing a snowboard glove and you can't feel your
    shifter your dropper post lever your brake lever whatever so i know that's cool i mean it those usually not even exist right like 100
    briskers and the hand up ones and probably a few other brands make some good ones that didn't it didn't exist it was either just like a normal glove or
    you wore a ski glove and it was way too thick so yeah good gloves that makes a huge
    difference good gloves um i don't know i put some of those shoe covers on one time when i was riding in
    pennsylvania and it was really cold those seemed to work made my feet sweaty but i could also feel my toes which was nice
    so those those are good cycling caps warm caps are uh yeah under the helmet true
    neck uh neck gators skaters mm-hmm
    one of them is a greek dessert and one of them is a thing to wear over your face to keep warm
    45 north actually is is a pretty impressive brand when it comes to really technical high-end high-quality
    cold weather riding gear they make all sorts of fancy boots gloves balaclavas baklavas they make
    tons of stuff for your hands they go over the bars bar hoagies aren't those called pogies
    or barmets or something like that i do not live in minnesota that's like really hardcore so 45 north is you know
    born and bred from minnesota so they know how to ride bikes in the snow and cold weather so if you're looking
    for some really high-end gear um definitely google that brand and look at their selection they make some
    very very impressive stuff when it comes to like serious cold weather like below freezing and still trying to ride
    your bike which is good so for you yeah and if you're doing that props i would i would probably just hang up
    the bike and you know go snowboarding which i think a lot of a lot of people do but now they're on
    zwift yeah or zwift right peloton yep true those are good wintertime things uh a
    couple new products or a few new products and brands that we've seen come out uh pnw loam dropper liam
    what is it it is a newest dropper offering from pnw um
    kind of taking over the spot of their previous bachelor post so the loan dropper is now their
    highest level post retails for 199. the really cool visual thing about this
    dropper post that sets it apart from any other dropper post is you can actually change out the seal
    collar head silicone color so it comes with a black one but they have like eight
    different colors i believe um yeah blue desert dune which is like tan gray
    green orange purple red teal um to choose from so you can match
    rubber collar sits really flush in there yeah yeah so it's simple yeah the bottom of
    the post sticks out just above your frame and it just so happens to match their loan lever and their loan grips
    so you have a full long line and now you can match all your pnw products um
    it is does have an adjustable air cartridge um they were able to shorten the
    insertion length and the overall length on the post uh something you see pretty common it's a
    30.9 316 and 34 9 diameters in a 125 150 170 and 200 ml
    travel and each post is shimmable down by five millimeters meaning and that's
    twelve millimeter increments in five millimeter increments so you could have a 200 ml dropper post
    but you can only really fit 190 or 185 mil and you can make that happen just by
    pulling up a steel head collar adjusting a little shim in there sliding it back down and now you can
    have the most drop possible on your bike so pretty cool they have that also on the rainier v3 post so yeah
    feature rich um yeah that's cool i like pnw i'm a fan of the brand and
    the uh people that own it aaron and emily are just really nice good humans and people that i like and i like
    people in the bike industry that are cool they actually have a product too they're um handlebars
    right there's a range bar correct is that the name of it yeah that's the one that and it's five percent of each bar sold
    goes to nika five percent or five dollars let's double check something like that um yeah but that's another brand that's
    you know supporting nika the same one that we're doing the fundraiser with over the next uh few days here um yeah anyways just a
    plug there because i like i like really the people behind pnw i don't know in my eyes these days the
    longer i'm in the bike industry the more i care about the people behind the brands and the ethics and the way they treat
    you know customers and and all that sort of stuff um yeah so bmw gets my vote there
    five percent five percent yeah it is the range bar right yep range bar five percent goes to nica nice
    all right sweet uh next up 1up edc light one up components yeah
    so the edc tool's been super popular for a couple years now storing uh multi-tool
    and some accessories in your steer tube but you used to have to thread your steer tube first then one up
    made a stem that made it so you did not have to thread your steer tube you just use their stem
    and their headset tightening unit and now the edc light doesn't do any of
    that you still use your forks star nut you don't need any extra tools it comes with
    a longer basically threaded nut now you pound down your star nut
    so you have room to fit your edc light above your star nut um i actually saw jesse melamed install
    it while riding his gravel bike on a fire road i took his headset cap off pounded down
    the star nut put the edc light on and tightened it um that is ridiculous i would not suggest
    installing yours like that he is a paid professional yeah good disclaimer legal team disclaimer
    disclaimer but yeah it's a cool tool it holds the edc one up tool which has like
    a two 2.5 three four five six and eight millimeter allens a t25
    torx and a flathead screwdriver and i believe you can still remove a uh
    master link or a quick link with the multi-tool if you kind of position it right i think there's a video on how to do
    that so pretty cool tool um yeah storage on your bike sweet yeah
    one up makes a lot of really cool high-end fancy products that are one-upping other things it's funny
    that's their name because they're like beholden to that but so far they're fine they're literally
    doing it like everything they make is legitimately better than the other stuff that's out there it's gonna have to
    yeah but that's some pressure that's some pressure with that name the next step i believe in them the next product i
    gave it away does that need to get cut out of the podcast
    i don't know tell me okay the next brand we're going to talk
    about here title mtb i just wanted to bring up title mtb because it's a newer brand for
    us to be carrying and selling and it is a component brand they are making wheels
    seat posts mostly bars and stems i think are like the main things that we're carrying it's run by brett reader and crew so if
    you don't know who brett reader is i have his stats right here he's a red bull rampage champion seven times crank works
    champion four times slope style world champion and an x games gold medalist so he is quite the decorated mountain
    biker um just go watch videos of him he's unbelievably good at riding a bike like
    one of the best people in the world hands down but they're making their designs look incredible like the branding the logos
    um yeah everything's just super nice and it's also uh well it was in stock it already sold
    out but we're getting more of it it's one of the few like nice high-end stamin bar brands that have good
    stock right now which is hard to come by these days so title mtb well that's a newer brand
    worth checking out for sure um what else we got nv alloy
    m6 m7 well m6 and the m7 stem it's like a first alloy stem from envy
    right yeah uh m6 is the 31.8 lighter trail as following in their
    product line m6 is like trail yeah m7 is like enduro so it's 35 0 clamp
    got it which aligns with their bars sweet yeah fully machined stem looks really
    nice um definitely actually it is forged then machined
    forged then machined okay oh yeah you're right now that i think about i remember they had that really fancy photo on
    their website at all that whole manufacturing process um yeah it's still a little expensive on the more expensive side for alloy
    stem but it's about 100 cheaper than the carbon stem so yeah what is the price i think it's one 120 125
    so i think their their carbon stems are like two pretty respectable though for the weight and the looks and the quality
    of that thing yeah it looks really good there's some cool features um i'd say it's on par with price
    yeah you know yeah nice cool uh yeah real quick let's go over my new
    ranger so i built up a revel ranger i don't actually build any of my bikes liam does because he's an incredible
    mechanic and it's better he does that than me and one of the things him and i were brainstorming on was the
    drive train because a ranger is a down country bike so it's 115 mil travel in the back 120 in the front
    29 inch wheels um pretty lightweight i think mine's like 26 nine right 26 pounds nine ounces
    what i waited at uh with pedals and water bottle cage so that's all kitted out and with 2.4 tires front and rear so
    uh i did i didn't really feel it necessary to have the full
    uh 10 to 52 tooth range on the eagle cassette but ever since that gold eagle cassette
    came out i really wanted one but i didn't want the 52 tooth cog so liam chopped it off with a dremel
    yep and we put it on the interwebs and people people freaked out because i
    think a lot the problem was we didn't we didn't really put in the caption what the hell was going on so a lot
    for good reason yeah yeah that probably added to the it being just very confusing so that's why i had to go and
    go on there and like comment um and put a pinned comment of you know what what actually happened and
    what was going on we did not ruin the cassette um we just chopped off that large cog um
    to save weight because i'm a weight weenie and i wanted to make the bike light and then not only does it save weight
    then it allowed us to attach an 11 speed uh derailleur cage to the derailleur
    which is shorter which is also lighter and has more clearance so now i got an 11 speed drive
    train with a gold cassette and i wanted the gold one because a lot of people were like why don't you just run a 11 speed drive train
    well because one i wanted it to be sram eagle and i wanted to be gold but i wanted to be 11 speed and this was
    the only possible way to make this happen so we didn't ruin the cassette i'm still using it i'm going to use it for its whole life
    uh what did we do with the cog did we throw it into the wall like a ninja star i think i kept i held on to it for like
    a day and then i was cleaning up and it made its way to trash can so i should have maybe seen a few people asked to have that
    we should have sold that um yeah it was to save weight you didn't
    need the range and for everyone who commented why didn't we just unpin the whole cassette
    backing yes because it's a machine steel 11 cogs which are all the gold ones and
    then the largest cog is actually append on alloy cog well you need the bottom part of the
    alley cog alloy cog to make contact with your xd freehub body so it actually stays on
    the bike so we had to keep that whole cog on in order to
    use the cassette and make it usable yeah so i think in total we saved about 100 grams between the derailleur cage which
    is almost a quarter pound like that's a decent amount of weight or a royale with cheese [Laughter]
    what did you just say a rolling out with cheese it's from pulp fiction and quarter pounder in french oh okay in
    france yeah i didn't see that one that one went over my head but it was still funny because mostly
    people get it yeah yeah some people get it a lot of people have seen pulp fiction i'm probably in the minority there people who haven't seen that
    but yeah i mean it looks amazing now i like it i like that it's lighter and i don't know i mean custom yeah it's
    fun i like just doing unique things and that one was a little weird and off the wall but in the scheme of things it
    wasn't horribly hard like you just cut the cog off and then threw a different cage on and now it looks sweet shaved some weight got an 11 speed eagle
    drivetrain we just drove in the low screw on the derailleur so that the shifter just
    doesn't have all the same clicks it just is missing one click basically so that's how that works if you're
    getting really nerdy and thinking about that but yeah works good i've been having so much fun on that bike i'm utterly
    impressed with the rockshox sid suspension the new stuff and how supple it is um it just feels amazing
    like for a bike like that i've never had a bike with that short of travel that's that light and efficient fast that still just feels
    capable and doesn't beat you up so down country bikes are coming a long way across all the brands and the
    suspension's a big part of that so can i ask you one question on that bike yep
    what is your favorite part on it and if you could change anything about it what would you change
    that's two questions uh i mean those questions are ridiculous
    what's your favorite part what's my favorite part my favorite part is the gold cassette that's 11 speed
    because i'm the only person that has that okay if you could change anything
    what would it be because in your situation it might not be
    necessarily something that's in production but maybe something you want that you don't have
    i would i would maybe change the i we did both hubs gold i would maybe
    change the hub and spoke anodized combination that i did so just colors no actual physical part
    changes i don't think so i wish industry 9 made a 28.5 millimeter
    wide alloy rim that was the same weight as the one with the 27 mil internal width
    that doesn't exist and i want that you want an additional 1.5 millimeter yeah yeah yeah i do but it's got to be
    the same weight the same strength is there a carbon uh variety that you can uh explore
    i don't know uh carbon rims don't they make a 280 isn't that their carbon one it's like one millimeter
    wider or something why didn't i get that liam they don't make it in 24 hole huh so it ends up being heavier
    there's some reason you didn't express this desire that's why yeah you didn't think about it until now until he asked you you actually ordered
    the rims and i built the bike around them brims or around the wheels yeah that's how this one worked okay
    well who knows we're in the weeds we're in the weeds get out of the weeds um let's let's answer quickly a few
    audience questions uh and then and then we'll close it out so um let's see the uh first one we have here
    suspension what are your thoughts on running a slightly heavier spring rate
    with the compression open as opposed to a lower spring right with more compression damping
    cheers phil's mccracken phil mccracken i wonder if that's really phil's last name mccracken that's cool last name
    anyways liam answer that in 30 seconds um so this is referring to a coil suspension by spring rate if it
    was air it would be air pressure but to answer the question i suggest
    going with a heavier spring rate or a little more air pressure with compression wide open
    i agree being that dialing in your compression is kind of like
    choking off your power to your car um you're forcing oil to go through smaller
    circuits or more tightly squeezed shim stacks uh and therefore increasing the wear on your fork and
    could make it need a rebuild sooner um also i think it feels just a little bit better
    being a little bit more wide open and just controlling your spring rate um to what kind of fits your weight yeah
    i'm just getting like the feel of the damper that was intended rather than like the compression and then if if you're you
    know that's kind of how you have it set up for most trails so you go to a bike park you have the room to dial in some
    compression clicks yep um which is usually what i do i go ride some more jumps i had some
    compression clicks um i don't really change my pressure really yep agreed
    jared i would have to agree i pretty much run my compression wide open as well or whatever liam tells
    me to do yeah that's usually the best way to go yeah we get to cheat because we just
    have so many people that are so knowledgeable about bike stuff that we can just yeah paying ideas around and get advice
    really quickly um all right so this gentleman
    asks josh um yeah so he says uh hi i heard jeff and liam talking
    about tires on the rebel rangers y'all are building up and i was curious if
    either of you run tube inserts such as cush core uh my answer to that which you can
    probably guess now of how much a weight weaning i am about cutting the whole cog off the cassette
    no way absolutely not i i just would i don't know i run alloy
    rims i occasionally ding them um but on a more like down country style bike like
    that i'm running a decent bit of psi to stay sort of efficient and i don't know i'm
    just not riding it on like brutally rocky bumpy trails but i guess my my thought would be like if i'm riding
    that bike on trails and i'm dinging the rims all the time then i should probably just ride a longer travel bike
    or then maybe i would put cushcore in it but i'm just not doing that so i just don't ding the rims often so therefore
    not going to run cush core and deal with the weight penalty or the installation hassle but liam you definitely do run cushcore
    but probably not on your ranger right um not like consistently
    um coach score is more of a thing i try to not run the insert for most riding and just choose tire casing
    for my riding so on the down on the down country ranger i run just exo tires
    but say i am taking that bike somewhere maybe like a big back country ride or on a trip i might
    throw a coach core xc in the rear just to kind of up the uh
    dirt ability dirt ability and uh you know kind of not get a flat tire
    miles away from my car um i'm a big tire nerd and weight nerd
    and sometimes i'll run like a lighter casing rear tire like an ardent or a
    icon so a cushcore xc in it um just to kind of get faster rolling speed
    and but the weight kind of comes out to be the same as say like an aggressor or a dhr yeah but uh not all the time it's kind
    of more of a situational thing when i run tire inserts do you run them i have never actually
    experienced the tire inserts um i typically would just go up to a thicker casing yeah
    yeah yeah because like installation wise too cushcore is not the easiest to install
    you know that's what i've heard yeah the funniest is when you do get a big slash and you have to put a tube in
    how do you get that kush cord down the mountain oh wrap it around your waist
    they're on your shoulders and now you have a cush core backpack covered in sealant yeah covered in ceiling over your nice
    hundred dollar jersey oh my gosh oh yeah hopefully that doesn't happen so not all the time there you go yeah
    cushcore is it's certainly popular but i think it's it's more popular on like the enduro style scene of things um and not as much on
    the down country as far as racing enduro or downhill i'd absolutely be running one okay yeah
    that's that's important to note yeah yeah just for reliability uh because i mean say flat in the middle
    of the stage you can kind of run it out on one of those um and not have to like stop so
    yeah yeah if i was racing maybe whenever i've i've thought about doing it when i go to race uh downeyville running a lighter weight
    tire like an icon or arden race or a recon now with a xc cushcore kind of for that race
    day situation yeah um cool yeah it's good good advice right there uh last question have you ever
    loved a bike that is bad for you so this question comes from michael fridell
    um he kind of goes on to explain that he's got a 1996 hardtail that he absolutely loves
    even though he kind of knows his riding position is cramped and it's you know the reach is too short bb's too high etc but you know
    kind of at the end of the day he just says he loves it feels comfortable on it and so my my thought on that is you know i
    think you get used to anything right as humans you just adapt and get used to things and bikes are no different when you
    ride a certain bike you totally get used to it and feel really comfortable on it and if you only ride that bike and you
    ride it the longer you ride that only one bike like the more you're going to adapt to it and the more weird a different bike is going to feel
    so yes you can fall in love with an old bike because you're so comfortable on it
    because at the end of the day what you feel comfortable on and you're used to you can kind of predict how it's going to react right like that's a big part of
    how bikes work is like you can predict oh i'm going to hit this and go over the bars or oh i'm not or i know when the
    traction is going to break free or i know um you know if my crank's going to hit this rock as i'm pedaling up through
    this technical section like once you really learn the thing and it kind of becomes one with your body you get comfortable on it
    and then you feel good on it when you feel good you ride good and everything goes great
    but if you were to swap off the 1996 hardtail it's gonna feel awkward at first and
    just like any new bike is um you're gonna go through that sort of i call it like the squid phase like when i change bikes i just feel sort of
    awkward and uncomfortable on it for i don't know maybe a couple hours worth of seat time until it starts feeling
    comfortable and then you know five ten hours in i feel really good and i'm like back to it and got used to it
    so i don't know you have to go through that awkward phase to adapt to new bikes um yeah it's just part of the process
    and that awkward phase is longer and harder to deal with and put up with the longer you've been riding your old bike
    and how different it is versus the new bike so i don't know what is that similar take that you have yeah did i nail that
    answer or what yeah i nailed it um yeah i mean i think you need to have fun on your
    bike and whatever bike that is that's the whole point riding mountain bikes um can you have more fun on newer bike
    maybe but some some people really love riding rigid single speeds yeah and that's yeah at the end of the
    day like you're just having fun right so you're comfortable just keep riding it if you
    are wanting to upgrade but you're like finding yourself every time you demo bike or ride a newer bike you just feel
    uncomfortable you just gotta give it time yeah i mean the energy has evolved for a reason you gotta get used to it go through that
    awkward phase yeah yeah um you can you could go mid modern too if you're you know in that situation
    want to step and you know dropper posts and wide bars and good tires make a huge difference and
    you can still be on a hardtail so yep jared yeah i would say
    yes i have had a bike that i loved that was bad for me well maybe not bad for me but it was probably my y cycles r plus
    gravel bike like i loved riding it but every time i finished riding it i felt like i finished like an mma fight like my neck was killing me yeah
    my whole body yeah that would be any gravel bike at all because that was the only drop bar bike you've
    had ever well no i've had like road bikes but you know um probably yeah the bike i
    rode the most that was like that kind of style drop our bike but yeah just like oh man i just could never get up
    get over like having my neck just like in that crazy contorted position and this is this is
    the same thing every mountain biker says about any dropboard like my neck is in this contorted position
    and like no way i love that bike you know yeah liam you have one right yeah i love it
    it's an awesome bike like probably the coolest travel bike you know but it's hard but i bet you if you kept riding the drop bar bike it
    would eventually like adapt to you and you'd feel good on it right so exactly you didn't give it a long enough time
    probably not which to me i i would never either i just refuse to ride drop our bikes i can't do it because i feel how
    you feel and i'm just like nope not doing it like just put flat bars on when you get home from the ride and you're just like oh just hand me everything just
    sandwiches just way of riding gravel is not um what the term
    gravel usually yeah that's entails you are more of an adventurer on a flat bar
    skinny tire bike yeah yeah um we're going to make a youtube video about my
    quote unquote gravel bike which is pretty much just a rigid mountain bike at that point skinny tire full rigid
    yeah i mean there's no there's no definition of like what a gravel bike has to be or what it has to be ridden on and
    you know i kind of you know prefer to ride mine a little bit more like a mountain bike even though it's still rigid and has 700 by 42c
    tires and i ride mine more like a road bike where i'd not near cars yeah so yeah that makes
    sense yeah i'd choose long fire roads and you know link up more conventions yeah it's definitely worth it
    that's right yeah yeah i do go red jeff you just have to make sure you bring lots of water food snacks long sleeves
    pants uh toilet paper because you're out there all day first day is not a bad idea i've never bought that jared but i should
    yeah i like to plan adventurous gravel rides on trails that i don't know um and i i find it fun to like map this
    whole loop out and not even look at the elevation graph at all so like i and most of like sometimes they're hiking trails and
    i don't know just more excitement you know you're gonna be like like when we we i don't remember the name of that trail we rode up or didn't ride up we pushed
    we hiked our bikes on our backup because it was so steep from pch yeah yeah yeah it but it looked rad and
    i was like oh yeah we'll just cut up this way and then we'll cut through into this canyon and then we'd get there and i was like you know you're not climbing this you're
    like basically have your fingertips on the ground as you're walking up it with your bike on your back so to encompass jeff's gravel rides
    it's a hike i brought my bike on yeah only sometimes exciting and that you
    might die from exhaustion i don't know to me that's to me that's fun i've always made it back
    yeah yeah liam's fine so far zach was the only one who like he was pissed at at one point when i
    took him on one of those rides i thought i was like this he's our friendship might be over never talking to you again
    i was like i was like literally like i'm gonna have to apologize yeah like profusely after this one i felt bad
    he really because he well he also just bonked out like had no food and when you get to that stage like no matter where you are what bike you're
    on you're like just unhappy and hangry i don't know how we got on this whole topic but there's your answer michael fradell
    hopefully that was that was useful for you real quick to close it out what are we riding you guys already know what i'm
    writing i just talked about it jared go uh well i just got back from a sedona trip maybe about a week ago
    rode my sp 150 out there my yeti espn50 excuse
    son of a dentist i happen to work at a great bike shop called the worldwide cycle really and i always say that
    because he actually is the same dentist but yeah had a great trip rode that bike out there um did highline really cool loop yeah
    sedona is amazing he's incorporated in the place yeah yeah he loved i just love riding out there yeah i was writing
    that out there it was a great time wait liam what do you got i went over mine last week
    same thing both bikes yep still on a yeti sp-130 but that's getting replaced soon i'll
    leave that it's not built yet and then my revel ranger which i'm having a little come on just tell them
    what you're going to do so few people make it to the very end of the podcast
    as a mullet build which is a 165 mil travel 27.5 bike and by mullet he means
    he's going to put a 29 inch wheel on the front yeah so i'm going to adjust the suspension a little bit um adjust stack
    uh it'll be cool running rebel rw30 wheels they built me up some 2 9 front 27.5
    rear for this so the revel fusion fiber yes fuse and fiber wheels
    yeah so kind of like carbon fiber but made without epoxy we have a whole youtube video on
    it it's actually pretty cool it's a recyclable carbon rim so when you break it you can actually use it again well
    shred it down and make tire levers and other various things out of it you don't have to throw it in a landfill like what happens to all other carbon rims so
    that's pretty interesting rebel's all about making their whole supply chain and bikes more green and eco-friendly over
    the years so yeah so maybe we'll get more info on that once i actually build it make it a real thing and figure
    out a little details that i need to mess with so it's going to be an interesting bike another weird one that
    i think people will get interested and intrigued about on the interwebs when we put it out there and if you've made it
    this far on the podcast thank you and now you got the little you're the you're the first people to know about
    liam's secret he's not even you don't even tell like half the people that work here you're just like hiding it from everyone i'm excited
    signing my bike i'm like yeah it is gonna be cool i think it's gonna be really sick i think it's gonna look rad yeah
    oh i'm excited to give it a rip too cause i haven't ridden a mullet bike so i never have either so i figured why not
    oh i thought you'd run one and that's why i'm not really just going for it i'm really going for it yeah sick
    i love rebel bikes and i love how they feel so i'm going to try it on their bikes because yeah the rail does arrive the rail feels
    so good but i'm i'm i mean i'll just be honest i like having the two nine front wheel gives you a lot of confidence and
    yep riding a lot of steep stuff i don't want to ride a 27.5 bike down it so yeah this is the best of uh where i can
    get the two nine front and revel long try while back incredible well
    thank you for listening genuinely appreciate it we will see you guys there see you guys here you guys talk to
    you guys in the next podcast episode which will be number 79 coming out i have no idea when
    i would like to thank jared and liam and especially dj green machine formerly dj pineapple
    we're calling him dj green machine today because he's wearing a green hoodie and green pants that are like a very similar
    shade of green uh it's mr scott jackson scott make sure to send this ending part of this clip to
    all your friends so they can hear you you about your they can hear about your outfit today
    dj green machine formerly dj pineapple and thank you mr adam englander who helps on the production side of things
    here and has been patiently waiting as we rambled on this podcast way longer than planned see you guys later bye bye

    November 27, 2020

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