SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit [Rider Review]

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When looking for pure performance out of your drivetrain, it's hard to beat the SRAM AXS components. Wireless electronic shifting defiantly perks some ears, and the performance is just as good as it sounds. Our friend, Larry has been running the XX1 AXS, see what they think!

SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit


I purchased the upgrade as I already had the eagle setup on my Yeti SB130, I had been eyeing the AXS set for sometime but didn't think that 2K to replace many of the parts I already had was a smart choice or needed so when the upgrade kit came out it was still a hurdle to get over at 1K but I bit the bullet and did it along with the AXS Reverb.

SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

Install Overview: Install was easy and straightforward you don't need to be a bike tech to install this upgrade, just watch the videos on WWC and go for it. Pairing was easy and worked the first attempt. One thing I'd have to add is that if you already have SRAM shifters with Shimano brakes don't reuse the clamp from you old shifter use the one in the kit, they look the same but they are not and the one that comes with the kit makes it easier to place the controller (shifter) closer to where you want it. I'd say one of the biggest bonus you get with this upgrade is the ease of adjustability. As for the AXS Reverb all I can say is put it on and pair it to the rear derailleur it's that easy, Pay close attention to the torque on the seat clamp to the rails if it is not to spec it will move when impacted. once tuning is complete play with the app it's very basic but after you have it for a bit you'll probably get a beta request from SRAM to use the AXS feed, it's still in Beta so has some issues but I think it is useful and pulls in you data from Garmin if you use it. You'll even get info like how many shifts and what gears you spent the most time in. Along with paring with your Garmin you can see the battery life and what gear your in displayed on the Garmin.

SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

Operation: First ride was spot on didn't need to make any more adjustments except for the controller placement on the bars, once fine tuned it was spot on. Shifting was fast and precise but it did take some getting use to the touch of a paddle rather than a lever but that was over quickly. I think the ergonomics of the controller could be better but that is probably more of a me sort of thing.

SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

First outing, took it out on a test ride very short just to get the feel of it and got to say I was impressed it worked flawlessly even shifting under a slight load was pretty good. One issue I had was I had mounted the controller where I felt it was most ergonomic but after a few rides I noticed a slap or clunk in the rear derailleur when ever I'd go off a slight drop or jump and when I'd start pedaling again it would shift once, took some time to figure it out even took it to a bike shop, what the issue was is that I had the controller close enough to the grip that when I moved my hands a bit to do a drop or jump I was hitting the controller with my hand causing it to attempt to shift without pedaling this caused the noise I was hearing since the derailleur and chain were not in alignment and then shift when I started pedaling.

SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

Final thoughts

Ok let's face it do you need this? hmmm! that's for you to decide, is it it better than say a X01 or XX1 standard derailleur, yes but there is nothing wrong with the standard mechanical derailleur either. So it comes down to do you have the want or desire to build your rig to the best it can be? for me yes i'm kinda OCD that way, so if you have a spare 1K laying around and have run out of things to upgrade this is a good option. I'm glad I did.

Very precise
Cleans up cockpit
Works better than any derailleur I've had
Ease of setup
Fills that Techy need that hides in the back of your head

 SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

May 04, 2022

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