Enve M7 Mtn Handlebar [Rider Review]

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When it comes down to carbon components, Enve is the first name that comes to mind. Enve focuses on orientating the bar's shape to allow for more compliance in chatter. Our friend, Alvin has been running the M7, check out what they have to say!

Enve M7 Mtn Handlebar


After some time riding my bike, some spills, and fun moments, winter arrived and, like most of us do, decided to do some upgrades to my bike. Given my previous experience with carbon handlebars on a hardtail cross country bike, it seemed like a no brainer to upgrade to carbon bars… for an enduro bike this time.

After looking at various brands and what they offered, the ENVE M7 handlebars seemed to offer the best of what I was looking for. These handlebars are not your average “built for lightness” component though. These handlebars are built to really dampen vibrations going into your arms in order to give the rider a comfortable ride, while at the same time being able to withstand punishment. At 240 grams, they are not meant for anyone looking to get a light component for sure compared to other handlebars in the market.

Enve M7 Mtn Handlebar

One good thing that these have is that they have three choices in terms of rise: 10mm, 25mm or 40mm. I went with 25mm as I do not like to much of a rise either, and the selection was perfect. The stock handlebars that came with my Orbea Rallon were around 15mm rise and 780mm wide. Speaking of width, there is only one choice for these bars, and that is 800mm. They can be cut to 760mm if desired, which is the next thing I plan on doing once I am done dialing other things on the bike. You know… measure twice, cut once. Clamp mount for these is 35mm, but fortunately ENVE also makes handlebars very similar to the M7 for 31.6mm clamp mounts.

For installing them, I made sure that I read all the info necessary and have all the tools and materials needed to make sure they were installed properly and without compromising its integrity. Fortunately, it was really easy and I can say that they look awesome and do its job well.

As an added bonus, it comes with a complete sticker kit with different colors so you can match the ENVE decals on your handlebars with your bike or go for a crazy color combination if desired.

I hold on to them really hard and they have done fantastic. I can even tell a big difference in the riding as the bars absorb most of the vibrations, leaving me with a more pleasant ride, specially on the long rides. Did I mentioned that they can withstand some big punishment?

Final Thoughts

To me these bars were worth the upgrade. They allow me to be more comfortable, be able to ride longer, and as a result, have more fun, which at the end of the day that is what we all aspire to do when riding our bikes.

 Enve M7 Mtn Handlebar

May 03, 2022

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