Get Your MTB Suspension Serviced Through Fluid Focus

Why We Partnered With Fluid Focus

When it comes to suspension services, here at Worldwide Cyclery will happily do the standard 50-hour service or the basic dust wiper services in-house at our 3 locations. But when it comes to full damper services we like to send our suspension to the experts, whether it's back to the brand for an in-house repair, or to our friends at Fluid Focus. Fluid Focus is a dedicated suspension center in San Diego, CA that specializes in offering factory-level suspension service, tuning & repairs. Fluid Focus works on most brands from Fox and Rockshox to Push, Ohlins, DVO, MRP & more! 

Fluid Focus Suspension Services

We decided to work with Fluid Focus after sending some of our service shocks to them to get a quicker turnaround than the brand's factory service center, not only are they only a few hours away but they are also quick at getting the suspension serviced and sent back out. 

How does Worldwide Cyclery benefit from you sending in your suspension to Fluid Focus? When you want to send your suspension into Fluid Focus for service, they have an easy to follow submission process, in that submission form there is a line at the bottom that you have to fill out in order to submit the form. That is the “How Did You Hear About Us?” - in that section you want to put Worldwide Cyclery and we will get a referral kickback from Fluid Focus. 

What Does Fluid Focus Offer?

Fluid Focus offers a few different types of services for the consumer. Of course the first is your normal factory service, your shock needs some love, from air can seals to your damper and anything else, Fluid Focus will get all of that taken care of for you. 

Fluid Focus will also help custom tune your suspension from changing your damper to rear shock remote lockout conversions, adjusting your shocks stroke, and more. I myself sent in my shock to get the stroke adjusted for a bike that I got, if you want to over-stroke your shock or buy an aftermarket shock for your bike but make it match the stock spec, FF is there to help. 

Fluid Focus Suspension Services

The last really cool way Fluid Focus can help get your suspension dialed up is a data acquisition system. They have a Motion Instruments Data Acquisition System that you can rent from them, this will get you the full nerd details of your suspension. It's probably a lot for the average rider, but if you want to learn more about how to better tune your suspension this is certainly a way to tune it like the pros. 

*** Remember when filling out your submission form in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section make sure you put in Worldwide Cyclery :) ***

Fluid Focus Suspension Services


*** Remember when filling out your submission form in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section make sure you put in Worldwide Cyclery :) ***


May 06, 2022

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