Sram X01 Eagle 12-Speed 10-50t Cassette: Rider Review

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As a die-hard mountain biker, I am always looking for the next best thing for my bike. Sometimes you upgrade because parts wear out, sometimes because of weight and then at times because the new parts are just cool! The X01 Eagle Cassette is all three. It is lighter, at 354 grams; it is cross-compatible with other eagle systems and is very slick in design, with a silver Eagle gear! The cassette looks stunning and the build quality is supreme.

SRAM X01 Eagle Cassette Review

Time to Upgrade:

When my GX Eagle Cassette started to show signs of wear and tear, I knew it was time to upgrade. The great thing about Sram group sets is that parts are interchangeable so that XX1, X01 and GX eagle parts can be mixed and matched. It is really a no brainer, and if you can swing the cash, it is a formidable upgrade. Although, if you just upgrade for the sake of upgrading, I would focus more on the rear derailleur as that provides a real shifting improvement.

Initial Impression:

SRAM X01 Eagle Cassette Review

In terms of use, I haven’t really noticed any difference from my original GX Eagle Cassette. Shifting is the same, and of course, I can’t feel any weight difference while I am riding the bike. The difference in weight is probably so minuscule on a single component that some people may argue it is not worth the extra money. I personally wouldn’t disagree with those people either; however, the benefit of upgrading components over time to lighter ones, may, in the end, prove to be somewhat beneficial.


"Overall, I would highly recommend it as a way to reduce weight at the rear of the bike. It also adds some bling, which always makes me happier!" - Andrea Cigliola

SRAM X01 Eagle Cassette Review

July 22, 2019

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