SRAM GX Eagle Groupset [Rider Review]

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At one time having a SRAM Eagle groupset was only reserved for people with a lot of extra cash laying around. Now with that technology reaching the entry level component groups everyone can enjoy the benefits of the extra gearing. Our friend Steve shares his thoughts on the SRAM GX Eagle Groupset. Check it out!

SRAM GX Eagle Groupset Rider Review


I finally received the new SRAM GX Eagle Groupset which includes the 175mm Crankset, 32 tooth, DUB, Trigger Shifter, Rear Derailleur, 12 Speed 10-52 tooth Cassette' from World Wide Cyclery. They were the first to get it from the sites I was monitoring. I like World Wide Cyclery as they seem to be real-world riders and their reviews of products seem pretty realistic. Though my experience with w/WC has been occasionally slow shipping (particularly if items are sent via USPS), that was not the case this time as it came via UPS. It arrived on time, as promised. I was excited!


The new SRAM GX Eagle replaced my old school 2x10 spd setup that was just plain getting tired. It went on a 2015 Santa Cruz 5010C with 27.5 wheels. Install took a bit of time (about 3 hours but that included some beer time) as I wanted it to be done so there were no problems later. Our local pro did the install. He did a great job. It went well and that paid off as I'll note below. Added bonus, it looked great. I did need to also get three things: a DUB BB, the X-Drive freehub body, and cable housing. All were noted by WC and all were no problem.

SRAM GX Eagle Groupset Rider Review

Shifting is unbelievably smooth and fast, both up and down (and unfortunately, a few times under pressure - still no problem).

Riding Impression

As advertised, this drivetrain just works. I should have converted to 1x12 a long time ago. One solid click from the shifter and bang, I'm quickly in gear, clean and solid, especially when compared to my old 2x10. Going downhill, I haven't heard much chain slap so the derailleur seems to be nice and strong holding the chain tight. My whole ride is much quieter now. The cassette range from the 10 to the 52 is fine. I was a bit concerned about the gear range. However, I don't miss the top end like I thought I might, though I am considering going to an oval 30 tooth as the stock 32 tooth chainring is a bit tall for this old guy. I'm also used to shifting in increments of 2 gears from my old 2x10 setup. I still do that occasionally with the 1x12, but not as much. One gear increments seem to hit it best for my cadence and style of riding. Still, it's hard to break old habits. I did break one habit. I don't miss the left shifter for the front derailleur (or the weight of the old system).

Final Thoughts

I have about 15 rides on the SRAM GX Eagle system now and it is awesome. I'm truly bummed as I should have converted sooner. But now I'm out enjoying the real benefits of a clean shifting, one shifter, lighter and durable system. 5 of 5 stars.

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March 27, 2021

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