Fox Transfer Performance Dropper Seat Post [Rider Review]

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Once dropper seat posts have hit the mountain bike scene it's pretty safe to say that no one has looked back to the days of having a rigid post. This single component invention has made one of the biggest impacts on how people ride now. Our friend Orvell shares some thoughts on the Fox Transfer Performance Dropper Post. Check it out!

Fox Transfer Performance Dropper Seat Post Rider Review


I love my 2021 Fox Transfer dropper post on my Trek Xcaliber 8! After comparing several dropper posts (different price ranges), and watching countless YouTube videos for weeks I decided on the “2021” Fox Transfer dropper (performance series) with a 150mm drop. The main reason I went with the 2021 Fox Transfer Performance Dropper Post was the build quality. Yes, it costs a little more than some of the other dropper posts out there, but when you take into consideration the build quality, serviceability of the components, and factory support it's definitely worth spending a little more.

Fox Transfer Performance Dropper Seat Post Rider Review

Knowing that Fox has great factory support gives me peace of mind that if I ever need to service it they are there to help. I had a question on the dimensions of the dropper and emailed fox about it, they responded back to me in a few hours and also sent me a pdf with all the dimensions for the droppers they offer. The stanchions on the “performance series” have a nice black finish and also comes with Fox’s Kashima Coating just like the gold “factory series”. Another reason I decided on the Fox dropper was because of its short insertion depth, because of the short insertion depth allowed me to achieve the correct saddle height when the dropper is fully extended. I tried another brand of dropper post with the same 150mm drop and had an issue with my maximum saddle height being 2-3 inches too tall for me, and not able to lower the dropper any further into my seat tube.

Fox Transfer Performance Dropper Seat Post Rider Review

I paired my Fox Performance dropper with a Wolf Tooth dropper lever and combined with the dropper they work flawlessly together.

With the Fox dropper, I have the flexibility to lower my maximum saddle height by about 2-3 inches or increase it up to 5 inches by inserting more or less of the dropper into the frame, allowing me to precisely set my saddle height. I probably could have gone with a 175mm drop but I wouldn’t have as much flexibility with adjusting my saddle height once the dropper post is fully extended. I like the fact that when I engage the lever slowly and partially the dropper extends slowly and can remain in a partially extended position, and if I fully press the dropper lever quickly the dropper extends instantly and makes a solid clunk letting you know that it is fully extended. Install was a breeze and took roughly 15 minutes for me to install with zero issues.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend the 2021 Fox Transfer dropper and will never go back to a standard seat post on my mountain bike. I’m super excited and can’t wait to get one for my 8-year-old son once he gets used to his new adult mountain bike. Great product highly recommended.

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March 26, 2021

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