SRAM G2 RS & R Brakes - New Improvements for 2020


SRAM updated their G2 brakes last year and offered both a G2 Ultimate and G2 RSC. It’s now time for the second iteration of the G2 brake technology to trickle down into the RS & R level. New for 2020, SRAM is offering the G2 RS brakes and G2 R brakes with some solid upgrades, increasing power and performance and decreasing your stress about braking so you can just continue to ride your bike. We have been big fans of the SRAM brake lineup and with many bikes coming stock with the SRAM RS or R models of brakes, these common brakes are ready for an upgrade. 

SRAM G2 RS & R Disc Brakes

SRAM RS & R History:

When SRAM launched the Guide lineup, the RS and R became the workhorses of the line. With a great performance to price value ratio, we see them on many bikes across a wide range of styles. If they come stock on your bike or you choose to buy them to either upgrade or replace other brakes, there is no denying the performance they provide to so many riders. The RS and R level of brakes can be found on XC to DH bikes but typically you will see these on your average trail or enduro bike. This is the type of brake that, when setup correctly and maintained properly, they will provide stopping power to control your ride for years to come. Now with the G2 R and RS brakes, these workhorses just got upgraded to level two. 

SRAM G2 RS Brakes

Upgrades on SRAM G2 RS/R:

The second generation of the  SRAM G2 RS and G2 R brakes see some improvements to the internals as well as brake pads. Inside, the RS and R get the updated SwingLink that gave the G2 Ultimate and RSC the nickname “mini-Code”. With SwingLink, you get the pads to the rotor more quickly, allowing for faster, smoother braking with a better lever feel. Along with some internal upgrades, the G2 RS and R brakes also see the fitment of the newly introduced Power organic brake pads from SRAM. We first saw these on the two premium models last year. The Power organic pads help get more stopping power with more modulation while still behaving like the quiet and smooth organic brake pad we are used to. There are returning technologies like the tool-free reach adjust, the Bleeding Edge tool that provides a fast clean bleed, along with the SRAM Match Maker clamp to hold everything together. 

SRAM G2 R Brakes

G2 RS & G2 R Specs:

  • Power Organic Pads
  • SwingLink Technology
  • Bleeding Edge Bleed Port
  • Tool Free Reach Adjust
  • 4 Piston Calipers
  • Match Maker Clamp Compatible
  • G2 RS: $155
  • G2 R: $135

SRAM G2 Brakes

Final Thoughts:

We are stoked to see the SRAM G2 RS and SRAM G2 R get the upgrade treatment and move into their second generation. So many bikes are spec’d with these two models of brake currently, so it's great to see SRAM move them into the “mini-Code” territory like their older brothers. With the G2 RS and R brakes, you get consistency, reliability, and confidence to take your riding to the limit. With the introduction of SwingLink and the spec of the Power organic pads, the perceived limitations of what the G2 RS and R brakes just went to the second level. 

 SRAM G2 RS & R Disc Brakes


March 05, 2020

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