SRAM Code RSC Hydraulic Brake Lever Assembly: Rider Review

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Some components on a bike can take a few rides to really tell the difference in an upgrade. Brakes are something that you can usually feel immediately. Upgrading a complete brake system can sometimes be costly so companies like SRAM offer the lever assemblies alone as an upgrade. Our friend Joseph tells us about his SRAM Code RSC lever upgrade. Check it out!

SRAM Code RSC Brake Lever Assembly Rider Review


Let me just start out with this, I had the SRAM Code R brakes and wanted more refinement and adjustability. The Code R is not a bad brake to be fair. It has all the power you need to get the job done. However, comparing how the two execute that job is like comparing how a meal gets made at a fast food joint to a dish you'd receive at a Michelin star restaurant.

SRAM Code RSC Brake Lever Assembly Rider Review
What's great about upgrading to the SRAM Code RSC brake lever assembly levers is that you get all the tactile upgrades of a full SRAM Code RSC brake setup for a much less cost than springing for the whole Code RSC set with calipers. The levers on the RSC are buttery smooth with no play (the Code R brake levers would move slightly up and down due to the lack of sealed bearings at the lever pivot) and the engagement of the Swinglink seems to provide a greater level of modulation than the Code R.

SRAM Code RSC Brake Lever Assembly Rider Review

Lastly, the contact point adjustment works great with a wide range. I'm super picky about lever position and throw and with all the adjustments this setup provides it is super easy to get everything just as I like it. Sure, you don't get the phenolic pistons in the caliper, but in my experience, I have not had any brake fade whatsoever and that includes long descents on a trip to the Whistler Bike Park.

SRAM Code RSC Brake Lever Assembly Rider Review
Final Thoughts

If you have the Code R brakes and are wanting a bit more refinement, I feel like this upgrade is a no-brainer. The cost savings over a full Code RSC set is sizable and you get all the adjustments and improved feel. My only regret is not making this upgrade earlier.

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November 18, 2019

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