SRAM CenterLine X 2-Piece Center-Lock 180mm Rotor

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The saying "You are only as fast as your brakes", or something to that effect is very true. A simple thing like swapping out the brake rotors on your bike can make quite a difference with not only braking power but also vibration and squealing. Our friend Brian shares his thoughts on the SRAM CenterLine 2-piece rotors. Check it out! 

SRAM CenterLine X 2-Piece Rotors Rider Review


I purchased a pair of SRAM Centerline X 2-piece rotors from the boys at WorldwideCyclery last summer. I was in need of new rotors to mate up to my newly acquired Reynolds Carbon Wheels. My new hoops were center-lock instead of the traditional 6-bolt pattern, and this was my first venture into the center-lock configuration. Aside from needing a special tool to tighten the center-lock, the switch from the 6-bolt pattern was pain-free. I recommend Park Tool’s BBT-69.2 for snugging up the center-lock ring. If you haven’t made the switch to center-lock, once you do, you won’t go back; no bolt tightening pattern to follow, no thread locker needed.

SRAM CenterLine X 2-Piece Rotors Rider Review
After unboxing my new pair of SRAM rotors, I was surprised to see a little tag affixed to them that warned they were not for All Mountain or Downhill use. I immediately jumped on the internet to see if I could find this warning from SRAM in any of their literature or specs, which I could not. I typically ride 15+ days of park on my enduro rig a season, and most rides along the front range here in Colorado fall into the all-mountain category. A quick email to WWC put my fears to rest. Since the guys at WWC ride what they sell, I was quickly informed that several guys in the shop ride the 2-piece Centerline X rotors on their park bikes and one pro-level guy ran them on his downhill bike, all with no issues. I was offered an exchange if I liked, but based on the shop BETA I decided to give them a whirl.


Final Thoughts:

Mated up to SRAM Guide RSC levers, I’ve had no issues with these rotors on my Yeti SB6. While we all aspire to stay off the brakes, I can attest that these rotors have held up under heavy braking on long steep trails in the Colorado and Wyoming backcountry. I heated the rotors up to a flesh searing temperature on my first trip down the Lithium trail outside of Jackson Hole. There was some brake fade, which I’ll attribute to the pads, but no warping of the rotors. I’ve been completely satisfied with the rotors after 6 months of use.

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December 27, 2019

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