Yeti SB150 TURQ Series: Rider Review

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It comes as no surprise that we love Yeti Cycles and can't say enough good about them. Our word may not be as trustworthy considering it is a brand we sell and love dearly so take it from a customer of ours who spent their own money on the Yeti SB150 and sent over an honest review of the bike. Ty has taken his bike to just about every notable MTB destination in the central and western US so let's see what he thought:

Ty's Review

When I started riding mountain bikes 3 years ago, my first bike was a Yeti SB66, from there I went to an SB4.5c, then to an SB5.5, and earlier this year I switched again to the SB150. So I think the fact that I’ve stuck with Yeti as a brand speaks for itself. But since I’ve started riding the SB150, my riding ability truly has grown to a whole new level.

Yeti Cycles SB150 Customer Review

On The Trail

I started enduro racing this year and I couldn’t have picked a better bike to hit the ground running. Once I got used to the bike and got the suspension dialed in, I started to attempt things I normally wouldn’t have attempted (partially because of the bike's reputation and hearing what it is capable of, and partially because I felt so comfortable on it).

From the infamous chili dog drop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the steep loamy woods in Aspen, Colorado and long rocky descents of the whole enchilada in Moab, Utah this bike gave me the (possibly false at first) confidence I needed to attack features head-on. And as I started to challenge myself and the bike, things that seemed over my head and quite frank pretty scary, started becoming really fun!

Because of the bike's ability to conquer things with so much finesse and control, it brought my confidence up to try new things and push the bike more and more only to realize that the capabilities are far greater than I realized. Even after over 6 months on the bike, the cycle of confidence and discovery continues to astonish me and my regular group of riding buddies. Now I’m no longer the guy that has to get off and walk certain features and ends up holding up the group.

Not to say I wouldn’t have gotten to that point eventually, but because the bike is so stable and capable, I had that extra confidence I needed to finally start riding sections I couldn’t, and the bike has allowed me to do so with very few poor outcomes way sooner than I would have without it. Not only on descents but because of how well Yeti’s switch infinity pivot point helps the pedaling efficiency, technical climbs that just a year ago seemed impossible, I’m now able to do as well! This bike has been a PR machine!!

Yeti Cycles SB150 Customer Review


"Now, all things considered, there are obviously some very capable bikes nowadays from all manufacturers, and honestly, there were several that I tested out before finally pulling the trigger on the SB150. I may very well have been totally satisfied with any one of them. But if there’s one thing that I know for sure, it’s that every time I get done with a local ride in the rocky desert of Phoenix, Arizona, the thought of wishing I had purchased another bike isn’t even close to being within the realm of what crosses my mind. And the smile I have on my face speaks for itself if anyone were to ask." - Ty

Yeti Cycles SB150 Review

December 28, 2019

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