OneUp Components Dropper Post: Rider Review

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Mountain biking has seen many innovations in the past couple years, the Dropper Seat Post is probably the biggest as just about every bike comes with one or has the opportunity to upgrade. Riders who are new to the sport do not know the struggles many older generations experienced using rigid posts but have come to accept the dropper posts as an average piece of equipment on modern bikes. Dan recently got into mountain biking and decided to give the OneUp Components Dropper Post a try. Let's see what he thought:

Dan's Review

I just started mountain biking about six months ago and I’m hooked. Saw this OneUp Component Dropper on sale so I figured I’d give it a try. And I’ll add that the reviews also helped with my buying decision. This dropper post is the second modification I’ve done to my trek marlin (the tires and wheels were first). I paired it with a Wolf Tooth Lever because I kept hearing how reliable they are.

OneUp Dropper Seatpost V2 Review


The installation was not too bad. The hardest part was running the internal cabling, but once hooked up everything worked as it should. On the trail was where I really appreciated having one of these. Mainly when going downhill in the rocky sections. Having the ability to put the seat down and out of the way with a press of the lever really helps me to navigate those sections a lot better. And when riding in the saddle with the seat post up I do not feel any sort feel play. It feels as solid as the rigid post that I replaced.

OneUp Dropper Seatpost V2 Review


"I’ve done about 12 or 14 rides on it so far and it’s holding up pretty good. The build quality is pretty good and it feels very sturdy. So I have some confidence that they will hold up for a good while. The only complaint that I have is that it feels a bit heavy. Then again I do not have any other dropper post to compare them to. I’m only comparing it to the original post from my Marlin which probably is not a fair comparison. Other than that I am really liking this seat post and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a dropper, especially at the price point." - Dan

OneUp Components Dropper Post V2 Review

December 26, 2019

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