SRAM Centerline 6-Bolt Rotor: Rider Review

In this rider review, our friend Allyosha Obregon Jauregui reviews his recent upgrade to the SRAM Centerline 6 bolt 203mm and 200mm rotors. Check it out below!


Sram brakes. You either hate them or love them. I've been riding them for two years and I feel that I have fallen in love with the progressiveness that they offer, especially with Sram rotors. I was using a set of ventilated Hope 203mm and 180mm rotors matched to my Sram brakes. However, there were some compatibility issues because they aren't the same brand. It required a little bit of modification to the caliper so that they didn't rub against the rivets on the rotor. From that experience, I can say that it's better to run rotors that are the same brand as the brakes.

SRAM Centerline Rotor Rider Review


This is a really easy product to install and use, but I will try to explain the installation step by step, the subsequent bed-in and finally the adjustment of the caliper. Each package includes the rotor, six nuts with locktite, user manual, and warranty. In case you use a Boostinator, it is necessary that you use the nuts that come in the Boostinator kit and not those in the rotor package.

The rotor is placed on the wheel making sure to follow the direction of rotation of the wheel. Then, place the bolts following the star pattern. Finally, adjust to the torque described on the rotor, in this case, 6 Nm.

SRAM Centerline Rotor Rider Review Rear


The bed-in process allows the material of the pads to be distributed evenly over the rotor and, therefore, braking is more effective. First, it is necessary to go at a moderate speed and then brake without coming to a complete stop, just enough to maintain balance and keep pedaling. Repeat this about 15 times. The key is to create enough heat during the process to fully bed in the pads. If you need more information, you can find several tutorials on YouTube. 


The rotors are excellent! Fast and easy installation that with an adequate bed-in work wonderfully with the SRAM brakes.

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May 20, 2019

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