MRP Ramp Control Cartridge Version F for Fox 36 Float: Rider Review

If you've spent a good chunk of change on a fork you'd probably think there's not much you could do to improve on the already great performance. On the contrary, if you'd like to adjust your forks air volume on the trail then this is the thing for you. Our friend Christopher shares his thoughts on his MRP Ramp Control Cartridge. Check it out!

MRP Ramp Control Cartridge Rider Review blog


Recently purchased a 2019 Santa Cruz Nomad spec'd with a Fox 36. When I got the bike and rode it and thought to myself this is the best thing since sliced bread not needing a thing... Well, that's not all true. The bike is a BEAST capable of handling ANYTHING you throw at it and more... After a few months of riding it I wanted to add my own DNA to it making it more personalized to my specific needs or should I say wants 🤔 🚴‍♂️ 🤘🏻🤘🏻!!!

As I continued to receive emails from WWC (Worldwide Cyclery) with things I may like 👍🏻 I saw something called the MRP Ramp Control?? What is this ramp control business and why do I NEED this 🤷🏼‍♂️.. Well to me the answer was simple, I need this because I need adjustability at the bike park to tune my suspension and of course it looks cool 😎... The MRP Ramp Control Cartridge has given me the ability to add tokens (not really) by simply clicking the turn dial to add more progressiveness to my front fork without having to adjust the air pressure in the shock.

MRP Ramp Control Cartridge Rider Review blog
At my favorite bike park (Duthie Hill Issaquah Washington) there are tons of jumps ranging from blue and green runs up to double black nail biter runs (nothing like getting the adrenaline flowing). With this type of bike park and different size jumps tuning was a bear while away from the truck. The cool things with MRP ramp control is you set your fork up with the same air pressure that you usually run without the MRP Ramp Control and turn the dial counter-clockwise until it stops. Once on the trail slowly turn the dial clockwise to add the level of progressiveness you are looking for. Keep in mind you will only notice this on the last 1/3 of the forks compression stroke. The stiffest or most progressiveness is set at 16 clicks clockwise and closest to stock is backed out counter-clockwise until the MRP turn dial stops. Somewhere in the middle is where I usually ride. There are about 16 clicks of adjustment to suit everyone's riding style which makes tuning on the fly effortless and a MUST HAVE for me.MRP Ramp Control Cartridge Rider Review blogInstallation was a super simple and only required some very basic tools which can be sourced online our your toolbox in the garage. Long story short, remove your factory air valve assembly from the left side of your fork with a crescent wrench. Then slip some grease around the MRP Ramp Control O ring, pop it into your fork and torque it down to the recommended specs. Maybe takes 10 minutes and that's with reading the instructions twice!!!! THATS IT

I would recommend this to anyone that wants to quickly tune their fork without having to pack a pump or tools to add tokens.
MRP Ramp Control Cartridge Rider Review blog

May 21, 2019

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