RockShox Super Deluxe Coil RCT Rear Shock: Customer Review

The RockShox Super Deluxe Coil RCT is a beast of a rear shock that can take a serious beating. Perfect for long descents and chunky rock gardens, this thing means business. Our customer Jesus added one to his YT Jeffsy and is stoked on it, check it out!

Rockshox Super Deluxe RCT Rear Shock Review


This is my review of the Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil RCT. After about 5 months on my 2018 YT industries Jeffsy Al 27 I felt I needed more out of the stock Rockshox Deluxe. Even though the Jeffsy is a trail bike, it has proven to be very capable and felt it was being held back by the rear shock. I ended up purchasing Volume Reducers from World Wide Cyclery (RS6830). After adding and removing volume reducers from the Deluxe, I went back to factory installed reducers since it was either riding hard or blowing through the travel. This prompted me to begin my search for a new rear shock and due to the Jeffsy having a progressive curve I set my focus on a coil sprung unit.

Rockshox Super Deluxe RCT Rear Shock Review

First Impressions

Once I received the Super Deluxe Coil RCT and spring, I immediately noticed the increased weight but this did not bother me much. The spring itself felt heavier than the Deluxe when both picked up. The unit also came with the proper bushings and mounting hardware for my Jeffsy which made the install a breeze. The install does require a specialty tool, Rockshox Bushing Tool (TL6578) to add the mounting hardware to the shock itself but Worldwide also carries this for a small price and a good addition to the home mechanic arsenal.

After I installed the shock on my bike, I decided to give it a parking lot test and was pleasantly greeted by its plushness and sensitivity from the top of the stroke. After about a month of usage on a mixture of SoCal summer abused trails I found the Super Deluxe Coil had the rear wheel glued to the trail whether loose powdery dirt or cobble laden descents. The rear would not break loose unless I locked up the brakes to create a controlled skid which would immediately grab traction once I let off the brakes, even on a worn out High Roller 2 with about 20-30% life left. The brake bumps were leveled out and the trail chatter smoothed giving for a comfortable ride.


During long descents and rock gardens, I found the bike gaining speed, and floating instead of the packing up harshly which I was used to. It ate the square hits and made them forgiving unlike on my Deluxe where I would have been questioning the structural integrity of my rim after a nasty hit. The climb switch or threshold mode locked out better than the Deluxe which helped during climbing. Even when forgetting to flip the switch the climbing wasn’t as bad as I assumed it would have been but did it did bounce a bit more than I would have liked. Another thing that I found not to my liking was the loss of “Poppyness” which air shocks have. It takes a bit more effort to get into the air as the bike stays well planted on the trail.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Super Deluxe Coil RCT remained predictable and kept the bike grounded which has given me a new found control of my bike. The control has given me confidence which has allowed me to go faster and step out of my comfort zone when it comes to speed.

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September 02, 2018

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