Wolf Tooth Fat Paw Grip: Customer Review

Bigger is always better, right? Well, that seems to be the case for this customer who recently purchased a set of Wolf Tooth Fat Paw Grips. As one of the largest silicone grips on the market, these things are ideal for the heavy-handed rider. Check out this customers review for more information!

Wolf Tooth Fat Paw Customer Review


You know what they say about mountain bikers with big hands, right? They’re more susceptible to forearm cramping and hand fatigue from riding undersized grips. (Where’d you think this was going?) For the heavy-handed among us, Wolf Tooth Components teamed with Red Monkey Sports to produce the Fat Paw Grip. While silicone grips have been available in diverse sizes for a while now, none of them are quite as girthy as the Fat Paw. With an installed size of 36-37mm, the Fat Paw is the largest silicone mountain bike grip on the market.

Wolf Tooth Fat Paw Grips Customer Review


As a possessor of giant hands, even the ESI Extra Chunky grip felt too spindly while I was riding, and I was noticing that my forearms and hands were starting to ache after an hour riding the rocky, rooty trails near my house. Even with a fork setup on the soft side, the trail vibrations were transmitted straight up to my arms through my handlebars. Using some isopropyl alcohol, the grips slid easily into place and haven’t spun or shifted on me since, all without having to worry about clamping them down and taking up extra bar real estate. The grips are mildly textured to the touch, and get nicely tacky once you start to sweat. The ultra-plush silicone padding on the Fat Paw keeps my hands and arms feeling fresh mile after mile, even with unpadded gloves.

Wolf Tooth Fat Paw Grip Review

Final Thoughts

Available in plenty of colors to match your kit or bike, the Fat Paw grip weighs in at a svelte 110 grams, so it’ll satisfy the weight weenies while remaining remarkably comfortable. The more you ride the grip, the more comfortable it becomes, and I’m stoked to be blowing past an hour on the bike without aching arms and sore palms. Riding with or without gloves, the Fat Paw gives me a secure, connected feel with my bars but leaves no residue on my hands or stains my gloves like some of the fatter, non-silicone grips I’ve tried. I’ve been riding these grips for two weeks now, and they’ve nicked several trailside trees. The Fat Paws haven’t peeled at the edges as readily as my ESI grips did, so I’m appreciating the enhanced durability. Overall, I’d recommend these grips to anyone looking for a lightweight, comfortable grip for hours on the trail.

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September 03, 2018

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