Wolf Tooth Oval Chainring: Customer Review

Have you ever considered riding with an oval chainring on your bike? Wolf Tooth offers a huge selection of narrow wide chainrings in a variety of different mounting standards, all made right here in the U.S. In this review, one of our customers Nathaniel Gutchess just got himself a Wolf Tooth 30T oval direct mount chainring for his Raceface Next SL Cinch crankset.

Wolf Tooth Oval Chainring Customer Review


I purchased this Wolf Tooth Direct Mount Drop-Stop Oval 30T Chainring for my new Evil The Following MB, just out of curiosity! Heck, I’ve easily dropped $60 at a pub for a post-ride beer, so why not?


I have the Race Face Cinch Next SL Crankset and the two chainring removal tools needed to install. Installation was as easy as removing your drivers' side crank, unscrewing the cinch bolt and putting the sprocket on. Note* There is a white “dot” on the chainring. This dot is placed vertically on your crank arm (up and down centered behind your crank) to give the proper alignment of the oval ring. I put a little waterproof grease on the threads, put the sprocket tool in my vice, set the crank down on the tool and torqued it good and tight to eliminate any squeaks. Mounted!

Wolf Tooth Direct Mount Oval Chainring

Side Notes

Also, I want to mention the fit and finish is pretty cool on this Wolf Tooth chainring. I replaced a Race Face 30t standard sprocket.

How Does it Perform?

The ride? Awesome! A lot of reviews say it takes a few rides to get used to your new “spin” with the oval ring, but it literally felt normal 100ft in my driveway.

Final Thoughts

Difference? Yes, it’s not huge but I could tell a difference on slow granny gear climbs and it just felt more efficient. Highly recommend trying one! Stay thirsty my friends...

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September 01, 2018

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