Troydon Murison Rider Spotlight

Troydon has been a friend of the shop for many years. In fact, he was one of our first customers back when this all began! Being such a down to earth and cool guy, it made sense that our relationship with Troydon would grow into a sponsorship seeing as though he is one of the faster and talented riders currently racing in Southern California. If you have ever had the chance to ride with and or race with Troydon then you know exactly what we are talking about. This Lengthy South African is a force to be reckoned with so keep an eye out for our man Troydon! That is if you are fast enough to see him.

Where are you from?
Straight out of Kempton which is a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Worldwide Cyclery, Enve Composites, Foxhead, Fiveten Shoes.

Troydon Murison Rider Spotlight

What bikes do you ride?
Yeti SB5.5 XL while I wait for my XL carbon Transition Sentinel!

Favorite components and why?
Saint Brakes because I love the grabby on/off feel and they actually modulate really once you get used to the sensitivity for doing manuals and stoppies (you can confirm this with Bernard Kerr). 9Point8 200mm fall line dropper post because I’m 6'4" and it's wonderful to have a post with that much travel.

Rider Spotlight: Troydon Murison

Biggest accomplishments on and off the bike?
On the bike, a 3rd place in stage 5 Masters Cat at Aspen EWS race in 2017 just a hair off the pace behind Brian Lopes. Off the bike, convincing my wife that it's a good idea for me to be on my bike as much as I am ;-)

Any favorite riders?
Bryceland, Brannigan, Moir, Kerr, Jackson, Blenky, Minaar, Bruni, Keene, Ropelato, love watching all of them ride bikes at a level I wish I could attain! This list could go on a bit so I'll cut it off there.

Typical riding spots?
Mnt. Wilson, Rocky Peak, Idyllwild, Mnt. Abel, Santa Monica Mountains.

Troydon Murison Rider SpotlightIf you aren't riding your bike, what are some typical activities you are doing?
Sitting in the studio creating foley sound design sounds, mixing songs or writing and producing electronic music.

How did you get into Mountain biking?
Some old South African friends from school who were living in London began to encourage me to give it a go when I told them I had moved to LA from NYC 8 years ago. It took a while, but after a few years of living here and one of those mates named Gareth Searle dragged me into a bike shop when he was visiting. I then took the plunge and bought a bike. I’ve been hooked ever since and still get excited to get out and ride my bike!

Favorite quotes?
“When I first started out in [mountain biking], it was all about having fun, playing with my mates, with a bit of racing thrown in." 
"Nothing has changed!” – Steve Peat
“Loves Back Wheel” – Josh Bryceland
“All the laps” - Simi/Rocky Peak Crew

Rider Spotlight: Troydon Murison

March 19, 2018

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