Revel Rascal V2 - The Bike That Put Revel On The Map Made Even Better! [Video]

Words by: Liam Woods

Is This The Everyday Trail Bike?

Revel Bikes launched as a bike brand in 2019 and with the launch came the Revel Rascal and the Revel Rail. The Rascal is a 29” trail bike with 130mm of rear travel and 140mm of front travel. Now in 2024, the long awaited Revel Rascal V2 is here! The Rascal has been fully refreshed with all the modern needs like SRAM UDH, slacker head tube and steeper seat tube angles than before, as well as updated pivot hardware and more.

Revel Rascal V2

We are stoked to see the Rascal V2 as the super versatile 130mm trail bike that probably 80% of riders need, whether they want to admit it or not. It's been a constant top seller for Worldwide Cyclery and Revel Bikes and we feel the V2 version will only increase that. Coming in two hot colors, you have the Pinot Gnar which is a very wine-like purple, and PonyBoy, a gold color which is an ode to the classic book and movie The Outsiders, a personal favorite. Both of these colors look absolutely stunning in the flesh. We did our best to capture them in photos but trust us, they look even better in person! 

Revel Rascal V2

What's New?

Caution, buzz words incoming. The Rascal V2 has been redesigned from the ground up! In all seriousness, the Revel crew really did go over every detail of the Rascal with a fine tooth comb to make sure it could be the best trail bike possible. They started with an all-new carbon layup that both increases stiffness (claimed up to 20%) as well as saves 150g over the og Rascal. Kinematics were then refined to better suit 130mm of rear CBF travel, creating a nice pedaling platform that can still handle anything you want to push this bike through. A 5th size has been added, an XXL, and all bikes get size-specific seat tube angles, so XL and XXL have slightly steeper seat tube angles for an appropriate seated position. 

  • Fully redesigned to be the ultimate trail bike and best Revel yet
  • 5 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Frame weight: 2,810g / 6lb 4oz (size Medium, No shock)
  • 150 grams lighter than Rascal V1 frame weight
  • New carbon layup provides significantly better lateral stiffness
  • Size appropriate seat tube angles. Slightly steeper on XL and XXL
  • SRAM UDH derailleur hanger
  • All new pivot hardware package with bigger bearings and axles for a stiffer, stronger frame with more durability and easier maintenance
  • Titanium shock mount hardware
  • Rear triangle Debris Guard included
  • Full carbon co-molded (the fancy kind!) guided internal cable routing for easy maintenance and a quiet ride
  • 2 sets of mounts for bottles/accessories. 3 sets on XXL!
Revel Rascal V2
Revel Rascal V1 (Left), Revel Rascal V2 (Right


  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • Rear Travel: 130mm
  • Front Travel: 140mm
  • Wheel Size: 29" F+R
  • Sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL
  • Colors: Ponyboy (Gold), Pinot Gnar (Dark Wine)
  • Fork Axle to Crown: 551mm
  • Fork Offset: 44mm
  • Fork Compatibility: 140mm or 150mm
  • Rear Shock Size: 210x50
  • Rear Shock Hardware: 25mmx8mm Front, no Hardware Rear
  • Headset Top: IS42
  • Headset Bottom: IS52
  • BB Shell: 73mm Threaded
  • Chainline: 55mm
  • Rear Brake Mount: 180mm Post Mount. Max Rotor Size 203mm
  • Derailleur Hanger: SRAM UDH
  • Rear Axle: Revel UDH 12x148 rear axle
  • ISCG Tabs: ISCG 05
  • Seatpost Diameter: 31.6mm
  • Seat Clamp: 34.9mm
  • Max Seatpost Insertion: Small 250mm | Medium 270mm | Large 300mm | XL 330mm| XXL 340mm
  • Max Chainring Size: 36t Round or 34t Oval
  • Max Tire Size: 29 x 2.6

Revel Rascal V2


Geometry for the Rascal V2 gets an update in all the right spots, yet it retains that same quintessential trail bike geometry. I do think the sweet spot of modern geometry has been found, and this bike is the perfect representation of that. The big improvement on the Rascal V2 is the seat tube angle, specifically making the actual and effective angles closer to each other. The Rascal V2 is 76 degrees for the small-large, and the XL gets .5 steeper and the XXL gets 1 degree steeper. The actual seat tube angle is 71 degrees on the small-large sizes and 72 degrees on the XL & XXL. The reach gets a bit longer, 7mm per size compared to the previous Rascal. The last change is the head tube angle gets .5 degree slacker. Small changes but the first gen Rascal rode amazing and the consensus was that the seat tube angle could just be a little steeper. 

Revel Rascal V2 Geometry

On-Trail Performance:

What does all this matter if the bike isn't good on the trail? I was stoked to get the Rascal V2 out on the trail and give it a good shakedown. Our test bike was a great build which was equipped with SRAM XX Transmission drivetrain, SRAM Code Ultimate brakes, Rockshox Ultimate suspension, Revel’s own RW30 wheels, and a Trail One Components cockpit. Setting up the bike was pretty easy as these components are all very common and I ride them often. 

Revel Rascal V2

When I first hopped on the Rascal V2, I immediately noticed the steeper seat tube angle. It puts you much more over the front of the bike compared to the original Rascal but not too far. I do think some of these super steep 78-degree seat tube angles start to feel weird and almost like you pedal backwards. So the seated position of the Rascal V2 felt great right from the start. 

Revel Rascal V2

Once I got on the trail and started climbing, the kinematics are said to be virtually unchanged but it felt more planted to me as well as a bit less pedal bob. While I don't have a back to back test on that, it was a smooth pedaling platform that made you want to put down some power. Much like all the other Revel bikes with CBF, it truly is one of the most balanced suspension platforms on the market.

The ability of this bike to maintain traction while either seated or standing and climbing singletrack are some of the best traits of the CBF platform and what really makes it stand out from the crowd of other great full suspension bikes. If you want to dive deep into CBF, we have an old video with the man himself, Chris Canfield, going into all the details about CBF and why it's so different. 

A few quick downhill rips and the stoke was high. As noted before, this Rascal V2 feels really balanced and planted. Almost more so than any other bike I've ridden, for 130mm of rear travel, it blends what you need from a trail bike into a perfect package. I was able to push it pretty hard on some chunkier trails and go deep on some jumps while also remaining nimble enough to flick around corners and put the tires where I want them.

The 130mm of rear travel is used perfectly, while on some bikes the rear progression is too high and you end up not using full travel. Especially on a shorter travel bike, utilizing the travel to the fullest extent really increases the capability of the bike. A few more impressions on the handful of rides I got on the Rascal V2, it's extremely quiet.

SRAM Transmission helps a lot with this, but it's very nice to get on a bike and not have any chain slap noise, cables all over the place, or hard sounds when pushing it. Another is the rear end felt very stiff and smooth, the updated bearing system and pivot hardware are a huge improvement over the previous Rascal, and not just for servicing but creates a smoother ride with less flex and binding. 

Revel Rascal V2

What's Worldwide's Takeaway?

The Revel Rascal has been a top pick among staff and riders looking for a do it all trail bike, and the updated Rascal V2 doesn't let us down. With just the right updates without ruining the bike we loved, it's all that was asked for. A steeper seat tube angle, slightly longer reach and a little slacker headtube are the perfect geometry updates. Along with updates in both pivot hardware and bearing systems and SRAM UDH, there isn't anything we would change with the Revel Rascal V2. Available in two colors and a handful of well spec’d build kits, this do it all trail bike is ready to rip! 

Revel Rascal V2

Liam Woods - Employee Spotlight

This article was written / authored by Liam Woods. Liam has been in the bicycle industry for over 10 years as a racer, professional mechanic, service manager and as of late, media and content creator. Liam has ridden thousands of different bikes, ridden countless components, tested endless MTB apparel of all kinds and written reviews on it all. He's a key piece to the Worldwide Cyclery "All Things MTB" content creation puzzle. He also makes consistent appearances on the Worldwide Cyclery YouTube channel and Instagram.

If you are one strange human that would like to read a transcript of the video above, continue reading below!

it was only 5 years ago that Revel bikes
launched and came out with the Rascal a
130 mm travel 29in wheel one quiver
do-it-all mountain bike the bike put
them on the map in a very big way in the
bike industry and now 5 years later we
have the version 2 in this video we're
going to talk about all of the
differences between V1 and V2 what
stayed the same between the two of them
and how it actually rides on the trail
and what I noticed was the most
noticeable and meaningful change CH for
the version two Let's
Go the version one of the Rascal was one
of my absolute favorite mountain bikes
and that's because when you take that
travel and that wheel size and good
geometry and a really really good
suspension platform kind of makes a
mountain bike that you just have
confidence can do everything you kind of
want it to do you can take it for a big
cross country ride you can take it and
do some Enduro stuff you could mix it up
in the bike park if you needed to and it
just kind of does everything so the
Rascal was a bike I took with me to New
Zealand Colorado Utah and just countless
other mountain bike trips because I had
the confidence no matter what I was
going to get into the Rascal was going
to be a good bike no matter how long or
gnarly or grueling or short and fast and
wild those rides might
be so I think when I was like ah the V2
what are they going to do I had some
ideas but you know Revel went to the
table and this is what they did steeper
effective an actual seat tube angle
which is an awesome change there's also
size specific seat tube angles meaning
that the XL and the double XL gets an
even steeper angle for those taller
Riders brilliant move right there head
tube half a degree slacker reach 7 mm
longer across all sizes udh rear
triangle which is amazing Universal
derailer hanger meaning you can run Ram
transmission fully revised pivot
hardware and bearing design which makes
it a lot easier to work on the bike and
just an allaround stiffer simpler
cleaner design with the bearing layout
150 g lighter per frame and they claim
20% more laterally stiff 2,810 G for the
frame in a size medium with no shock
which is quite light and competitive
when it comes to a strong lifetime
warranty bike that's got this much
travel carbon co-molded internal cable
routing for easy maintenance and making
it as quiet as it gets very convenient
more Tire clearance on the rear end so
you can get up to a 2.6 in rear tire and
not have to worry about mud and two new
colors and new build kits with build
specs and also now offered in a double
XL so if you're a tall rider out there
you will be stoked to hear that we
actually just had Adam Miller the
founder of Revel bikes out here to be on
the MTB podcast to talk all about this
bike the changes they made the
thoughtfulness behind every single
change and a lot of other topics so link
below in the video description if you
want to listen to that podcast or watch
it as well as a link to our detailed
article all about this new bike if you
want to dig in deeper and look at some
Geo charts and build kit specs and all
that sort of stuff but when it comes to
any new bike especially a new bike when
the past bike was really good it's
important to know what stayed the same
so let's go over that quickly the same
CBF suspension platform Canfield balance
formula of which you should check out
our video where we got to talk to the
mad scientist himself Chris Canfield and
went into to Super granular detail about
its designs and its pros and cons and
basically everything about how this
platform works this bike also has a lot
of the same good small things like the
73 mm threaded bottom bracket the
headset spec the rear axle spec and of
course the same 29in Wheels 130 mm of
rear travel and compatibility with 140
mil or 150 mil travel forks I spent a
lot of hours on the Rascal V1 I like you
a lot so I was really excited to ride
the version 2 and most notably to me was
the change that I really wanted to see
the most which was the seat tube angle
making that thing a bit steeper just
gives you more power on the climbs puts
you in a much better position bodywise
while you're climbing seated that is and
it's just a it was a needed change and
it really made a huge difference on this
bike when you go to sit on the saddle
saddles in the spot that feels natural
your position on the saddle while seated
climbing feels right and that was just a
perfect change so thank you Revel the
other noticeable thing was the udh
meaning this bike is now compatible with
Ram transmission and it is so quiet and
I'd never ridden a rascal with a
transmission so it was extra quiet I
think part of that might have come also
from the new pivot hardware and bearing
design as well as the co- molded carbon
internal cable routing um but the bike
just felt solid planted and quiet and
yeah really nice so subtle changes um
but those were the two most noticeable
things that I felt on this bike other
than those all around it's still the
great amazing super capable sort of do
everything trail bike that it always was
if you have any questions about this
bike feel free to reach out to us we
have them available for demo in all
three of our stores we ride them all the
time it's basically a staff and Shop
favorite and one of the bikes that we
really talk about a lot because over the
years we've seen a lot of people come
ride one of these or ride the rail 29 or
the Ranger and realize what CBF is all
about how good that suspension platform
is and how thoughtful Rebel is with all
the little details that they think about
when they're bu building these bikes and
how you sit on them how you ride them
how they perform and how every little
thing comes together to make a holistic
mountain bike that works really really
well for its intended use so that's it
that's all thank you so much for
watching see you guys in the next

February 29, 2024

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