RaceFace ARC Offset 30 Rim and Industry Nine Torch Classic Front Hub 15x110: Rider Review

One of the biggest upgrades to your bike is replacing the wheels. Not only can you save precious weight but there can be a huge difference in how your bike can feel. Our customer Dawson Snipes shares his experience with his new Industry Nine Torch Classic front hub laced with the RaceFace ARC Offset rim. Check it out! 

RaceFace ARC Offset 30 rim Industry Nine Torch Classic front hub 15x110 Rider Review


I ordered this awesome RaceFace Arc 30 Offset rim to lace up to this extremely durable Industry Nine Torch Classic front hub because I wanted something to last me a lifetime. After putting over 100 miles on my new wheelset I am not disappointed. Worldwide Cyclery prices parts very fairly and gets them to my doorstep fast! Item descriptions are always informative and precise. I can’t explain the thoroughness of the customer service any other way then phenomenal. Anytime I have a question I can call or email and get a response lightning fast with no fuss whatsoever.

RaceFace ARC Rim Rider Review

The RaceFace ARC Offset 30 rim got my attention because, well, it says RaceFace on it! The offset design is innovative and makes the wheel build stronger. The inner width of the rim is accurate to the description. Also, ERD specified by the spec list is 600mm and that is accurate as well. That made ordering my spokes much easier than anticipated! The rim is made with lightweight and scratch resistant aluminum. The seam is quite noticeable when on the truing stand but that is to be expected. I think the vinyl stickers are a bit odd but the option for replacement stickers in MANY colors makes them appealing in the end. The valve hole is drilled a bit off-center also but only effects aesthetics of the valve nut. The nut does not sit flush against the rim and has a small gap on the one side. I did not have to use rim washers so saved a few pennies there (always a plus) If built correctly these rims hold up excellently. Overall a great product at a great price.

Industry Nine Torch Hub Rider Review

Who doesn’t love anodized aluminum?? The range of colors for the Industry Nine Torch Classic products are vast so get creative! I wish the laser etched brand emblem was more durable. It seems to be rubbing off already. As for components in the hub, indestructible. The bearings are silent and spin forever. The specs for hub diameter that I found on the Internet were not quite accurate enough to trust after measuring them myself. The width of the hub for boost is perfect. Snug fit in my fork. Easy to clean, plenty of hub options, interchangeable end caps, classic j-hook design. I am very satisfied with this product. Spokes are a tad difficult to insert from one side of the hubs but the anodizing held up to me lacing the wheel 3 times! Even the few spots I drug a spoke thread across the surface are unfazed. Highly recommended hub for any type of bike build.

Thanks for the opportunity to review great products! Worldwide Cyclery is THE place to buy bike parts. Everyone that works with WC is always helpful and willing to give advice. Can’t thank you fellas enough!


RaceFace ARC Offset 30 rim Industry Nine Torch Classic front hub 15x110 Rider Review

RaceFace ARC Offset 30 rim Industry Nine Torch Classic front hub 15x110 Rider Review

January 20, 2019

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