Race Face Aeffect Dropper Seatpost: Customer Review

New to the dropper game? The Race Face Aeffect Dropper seatpost is perfect for riders looking for an entry level dropper post that is cable actuated, and most importantly, reliable. Check out this customers review to see how his worked out!

Race Face Aeffect Dropper Review


The Race Face Aeffect Dropper is a budget-friendly, but high performing seatpost. While the actual seatpost works hydraulically, it is connected to a remote with a wire that controls the up and down movement. I have had no issues so far out on the trail. Before this dropper post, I was using a straight seatpost that required you to have to stop your riding to adjust up and down. Using this Race Face dropper allows you to adjust your height within seconds, not a couple of minutes that you could be riding.

Race Face Aeffect Dropper Review


When it came to setting up this dropper seatpost with the Race Face Aeffect remote that was a hassle. The remote is only able to be mounted in one position to work properly. The box also was missing the barrel adjuster, but Worldwide took care of me by mailing out a new one. You will not complain once these are paired up together correctly. I can now ride my bike at whatever height I feel now whether I want to sag or sit straight up depending on the conditions. 

Race Face Aeffect Dropper Review

Final Thoughts

I would not trade them for any other product out there. I did not want to spend more than $200 on a set up that will perform the way I wanted. The black colored seatpost and black color remote make it so it can pair up to fit a clean look on any bike.

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August 28, 2018

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