Race Face Turbine Crankset Review

Looking to upgrade your current crankset?  If the Race Face Turbine CINCH crankset isn't on your radar, it should be now. For XC, trail, and enduro applications, the Turbine crankset offers strength, weight savings, and affordability over many competitors alloy crank options. Using the Raceface CINCH chainring interface with a 30mm spindle gives it the high end attributes at a competitive price point.

Race Face Turbine Crankset Review

The Raceface CINCH spider/chainring interface is extremely user friendly, with a 20-tooth ISIS cup BB tool, you are able to easily remove the spider or chainring to swap for another combo or size. This makes for a clean look when using a Raceface Direct Mount 1x chainring. The 30mm spline interface CNC'd from aluminum super alloy is another key feature keeping the strength high and the weight low, a combination that we all desire. Lets not forget about the CNC machined aluminum crank arms with deep pockets on the backside to shave weight again wherever possible which saves 50+ grams over other alloy crank options available on the market.     

With Raceface making bottom brackets to fit just about every bike, it should be no problem to get the Turbine crankset on your ride. Whether you run 1x, 2x, or 3x drivetrains, the turbine has you covered with spiders and chainrings to fit all your needs.

Race Face Turbine Cranks Review

On the trail, the Turbine cranks perform well above its other alloy brothers, with a riding stiffness much like carbon. The best part about the Turbine crank is you forget it's there, leaving your mind to focus on the trail and having the most fun possible! Without having any dropped chains with the Raceface 1x chainrings and no creaking, the Turbine crankset is as smooth as it gets. Riding hard and even bashing crank arms on rocks is no match for the Turbine, these cranks eat it all up and ask for more! No need to worry about breaking your carbon arms with the Turbine, the CNC aluminium arms takes all the abuse you can throw at it. While carbon cranks are nice, there is some piece of mind when smashing through a rock garden that these cranks will just take the abuse. We had these cranks on our entire fleet of 2016 demo bikes and not once did we have any issues, proving these things are durable in the long run.

Race Face Turbine Crankset Review

What is not to like about this crank? Strength, lightweight, 30mm spindle, a user friendly chainring interface all wrapped up in a clean look, makes this one of our favorite cranks. Seen on lots of our demo bikes, personal bikes and customer builds, the Raceface Turbine CINCH crankset is a great option for any level bike. With a competitive price to other comparable cranksets, the Turbine looks to have it all. Whether you're upgrading your current rig or building your dream bike, the Turbine crankset should now be on your radar!  

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November 15, 2016

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