Race Face Next SL Cranks: Customer Review

In this review, our customer Carlson decides to go with some of the lightest carbon cranks available on the market. Carlson says that the Race Face Next SL cranks spin freely, can be adjusted and installed with ease and that the Cinch chainring design is nice and simple. Read more below!

Race Face Next SL Crank Review


I chose to go with Race Face Next SL G4 cranks for a few reasons over the SRAM XX1 GXP cranks. The first reason was they were lighter in weight even though SRAM was just about to release it’s new DUB cranks I just couldn’t wait with my build any longer. The second reason was the SRAM cranks I have now seem to have a lot more friction when you spin the cranks around compared to the Race Face cranks. This also could be caused by the torque required on Sram cranks with no other adjustment in slack that Race Face has on there crank. Which is reason number three after putting torque on Next SL cranks, you adjust the slack nut to tighten it up without putting any more torque to increase friction on crank arms.

Race Face Next SL Crank Review

Final Thoughts

The last reason I purchased these cranks is because how easy it is to change out the chainring without taking everything apart. This is a nice addition however you probably should go thru and regrease everything while you are at it. I hope this helps anybody else out looking to upgrade crank arms.

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September 16, 2018

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