OneUp Components Dropper Post: Customer Review

Although dropper posts have been out for a relatively short time they are vital for most people out on the trail. There are quite a few choices out there but there is a small number of them that stand out. One of our valued customers Tom Bruhis gives his opinion on the OneUp Components dropper post.

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 First off, I want to thank Worldwide Cyclery for carrying this OneUp dropper very shortly after the Product Release, and also including a free shift cable and housing to get me going quickly. These guys are so passionate about getting you out on the trail!


 After owning two externally routed dropper posts from KindShock and X-Fusion, I was on a quest to clean things up and fit my bike with an internally routed dropper post. I was very familiar with the OneUp lineup of Chain Guides and Multi-Tools and knew from experience that they do not sacrifice quality or craftsmanship. When OneUp announced that they are releasing an adjustable dropper post for the first time, I was very curious. Not only that, it came in at a very attractive price point compared to a Fox Transfer or Rockshox Reverb.

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Paired with the Wolf tooth remote for excellent modulation, this is by far the best dropper I have ever owned. I have put this thing through all sorts of terrain from dry conditions in Vermont to more damp trails in the Boston area. So far, so good with no issues. The return speed is very fast at 285 PSI, which I can bring up to 300 PSI if need be. Since this is the perfect travel at 150mm, I haven’t had the need to shorten the travel, but it’s a nice luxury knowing that a shorter rider can easily bring the travel down to 100mm if need be.

OneUp Components dropper post customer review
Final Thoughts

All in all, I would recommend this seat-post dropper to anyone looking for an upgraded internally routed dropper. It’s dependable, drops easily, returns at a quick speed, and has the option to shorten for smaller riders. Enjoy!

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September 16, 2018

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