Race Face Next R Crank: Rider Review

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There are a few things on a bike that will have a big impact both visually and a performance gain as well. Changing a big component like the cranks is a great place to start. Our friend Jon shares his point of view on his Race Face Next R cranks. Check it out below!

Race Face Next R Cranks Rider Review


The perfect balance of weight, stiffness, and compatibility. I wanted to find a crank that was sub 500g, stiff enough to get my steez on and would throw off vibes with looks that just make you want to crush it. The Race Face NEXT R cranks checked all of the boxes. On top of meeting my stringent yet realistic needs, these bad boys are hand made and laid in good ol’ Canadia. Though they do not come with any maple syrup, they do come with instructions that are so clear my 11-month-old could install them. Oh to boot, they also come with stealth matching crank boots.

After about 100 miles with these Next level crank daddies, I can assure you that they are stiff, light, and are single-handedly making shredding great again. I highly recommend these to anyone looking to lose weight and take your gnar to the next level. Cheers and get steezy!Race Face Next R Cranks Rider ReviewMy style is wild and with over 20 years of mountain biking and cycling experience I can tell you that this is the unicorn of cranksets! I ride mostly technical trail/enduro and flow/jump trails. I just came off a pair of Descendant Carbon cranks. The Next R’s are noticeably stiffer, most definitely lighter, and I can throw them back and forth between bikes if I want to without much work. I love the adjustability of the cinch system and how it does not require any “specialty” tools like certain cranksets do..... Shimano.....

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July 26, 2019

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