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I recently built up my custom dream bike. I picked every part that would reserve its place on my new steed. I have had many droppers in the past. Some with pretty good success and others not so much. I have run the Specialized Command Post, several versions of RockShox Reverb, Thompson and now my new Fox Transfer. Many droppers on the market today are not reliable in the long term per my past experiences.

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Reasons to Buy

I only have one bike so my components must be reliable and stand up to the abuses of mountain biking. When something like a dropper post goes bad you will find yourself out of riding and waiting on a warranty or replacement post which can take some time as we all know.

Selecting the Fox Transfer over other posts on the market was a tough decision as there are other droppers on the market that are fairly reliable. My main objective in selecting a post was reliability and ease of maintenance. Also, that it's cable-actuated not fluid actuated. The Fox Transfer fit the bill under my requirements. I also wanted a dropper with a nice remote trigger. Although the Fox Transfer does not come with a lever (needs to be purchased separately) it did allow me to select the exact lever I wanted. I went with the Wolf Tooth lever also purchased through Worldwide Cyclery.

Fox Transfer Dropper Post Rider Review Post


On the trail, performance is dialed! The post actuation is silky smooth and there are no preset adjustments so you can put the post any height you want which was also important to me. So far it has been very reliable and looks great on my bike too. I have had many folks look at this post and comment on how buttery smooth it feels.

Never installed a Transfer post before? Check out our guide for step by step and video instructions!

Final Impression

If I had to pick my highest priority on a dropper it’s going to have to be its reliability and although I have not had a chance to run this post over a long period of time there was plenty of reviews out there that say Fox Transfer is one of the most reliable post on the market.

Fox Transfer Dropper Post Rider Review CTA

July 24, 2019

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