Product Overview: E*Thirteen 10 and 11 Speed Cassettes, Up To 511% Range [Video]


With a 511% range, unbeatable value, and crisp reliable shifting with both Sram and Shimano drivetrain systems, the E*Thirteen TRS+ and TRSr 11 speed cassettes are impressive to say the least. For comparison, the Sram Eagle 12 speed drivetrain offers a 500% range with a 10-50 tooth spread. Both E*Thirteen cassettes are 11 speed systems that use a 9-46 cog spread. Because of E*Thirteen's unique two piece cassette design, they are able to fit a smaller 9 tooth cog that otherwise would not fit around the lock ring found on the Eagle cassette. So with comparable range to the Sram Eagle cassette, the E*Thirteen TRS+ and TRSr cassettes are compatible with both Shimano and Sram 11 speed drivetrain systems. This is a great way for those riders who already have 11 speed drivetrains to get a little more range out of their cassettes at a fraction of the price.

E*Thirteen TRS Cassette - Worldwide Cyclery


  • Material: EXA+ Alloy and Heat-Treated Cromoly Steel
  • Drivetrain: 1 x 11sp
  • Cog Sizes: 9-46tooth, 9-10-12-14-17-20-24-28-33-39-46
  • Features: Ingenious assembly utilizes XD™ Driver mounting to enable a 9-46T 11speed cassette. Keeps your drivetrain simple and still gives the gear range of a 2X system. Compatible with SRAM and Shimano shift systems.
  • Range: 511% gear range
  • Color: Black 

E*Thirteen TRS+ 11 Speed Cassette - Worldwide Cyclery

How Do You Mount The E*Thirteen Cassette?

The TRS+ and TRS Race cassettes are split into two pieces. Using the lock ring provided, the top three cogs are precision machined from aluminum and held into place on a XD driver body. In the photo below, you can see the cassette split in to two pieces, the lock ring just mentioned and the tool needed to tighten that lock ring. Once the top the three cogs are locked in to place, slide the smaller 8 gears on to the freehub body. Using a chainwhip, the bottom 8 gears attach to the top three gears and snap in to place

e*Thirteen Product Overview

E*Thirteen is most predominately known for there chain guides but now off their own high end wheels, tires, cranksets, bottom brackets, chainrings, cassettes and dropper seat posts. Check out our full collection of E*Thirteen products!

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July 14, 2018

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