Maxxis Aggressor 29x2.30" Tire 120tpi Dual Compound: Customer Review

The Maxxis Aggressor is a true all mountain tire designed to handle everything from XC trails to gnarly rock gardens. In this review, our customer picks up the dual compound version for added protection. Check it out!

Maxxis aggressor customer review


What is the best tire for __________ <fill I the blank>?
The question that has launched a 1,000 forum posts and many an hour of discussion over post-ride beers.

This review is for the Double Down, 120 TPI dual-ply version of the Maxxis Aggressor. The Aggressor rolls fast and has great side knobs for cornering. However, it doesn’t do that well in the mud. In my opinion, this is the best rear tire for the Front Range of Colorado. That’s my summary, want more opinion? Read on…

Maxxis Aggressor customer review

Set Up

While I’ve heard of people running the Aggressor/Aggressor combo front and rear in some situations, my opinion is that it is best used as a rear tire. I have used the aggressor on a 140mm 29er Enduro/Trail bike the Yeti SB5.5 for the last year in Colorado and Utah and it proved to be solid tire for the variety of trail conditions from desert chunk to alpine loam to kitty litter gravel with the occasional hero dirt day also know in Colorado as “wet sand”.

Maxxis aggressor customer review


I am on my 4th Aggressor in the last year and feel the wear is appropriate for the use. Prior to the double down, I originally started with the single ply version which I can also comment on. The single ply version of the aggressor is not suitable in the 29” size for rocky conditions on a long travel bike. My opinion which I’ve already shared with Maxxis is that they were attempting to hit a weight number of 900g for the 29x2.30 single ply and the tire is just too thin for a 140mm 29”er in rocky conditions. I tore two Aggressors on the top of the tire in the space between the center and side knobs from a rock strike. The 29x2.30 double ply is 1,115g and in my opinion much more durable.

Often destroying a tire is more about poor line choice and/or bad luck that tire design. I’ve seen the drop pictured above take out a few tires if you take the wrong line. I’ve just had better luck and fewer issues with the double down; same rider, same trails… tougher tire. Also good to know that with both version of the Aggressor I’ve used the Huck Norris insert and have had zero pinch issues. Does Huck Norris work? I know that when I check sealant or replace a tire the Huck Norris shows signs of use, to the point I replaced one as the edges had been chewed up. To me, this means it’s working and very easy to deal with on the trail and tire installation.

Maxxis aggressor customer review
Finally, I saw this awesome red mushroom on the ride that the snow cornice picture was taken above. If you are still reading this you are either really interested in this tire or just hoping for some new insight.. well it was a whopper of a red mushroom. Found this high-country gem on an alpine adventure that started at the 12,454ft Jones Pass. Another reason to choose the double down or a tire with more production is that you don’t want tire trouble in certain situations and the Jones pass ride is one of them. On the adventure rides, you need a tire that both rolls well and can handle the rugged descent, to me this is the Maxxis Aggressor. I almost gave up on them after tearing two of them, glad I didn’t and with the double down can wear the tread out before they get destroyed.

Final Thoughts

On that note, when going to do shuttle runs in Moab like the Whole Enchilada, I have a 2nd wheelset with 1250g DH Casing Minions. They are noticeably heavier, but you just don’t want to have trouble there and recently noticed that Richie Rude is running a similar tire setup with DH casing on the same Yeti 5.5 29er I have. I’m no EWS racer, certainly nowhere close to that level but can take a cue that on 29er wheels you don’t want to get caught up in some weight number like 900 or 1000. Just choose the tire for the conditions and except for rare occasions, the Aggressor does not disappoint; rolls fast, good side knobs and in the double down version is tough enough.

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July 14, 2018

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