Wolf Tooth Light Action Remote: Customer Review

While many seatposts come with their own dropper lever, most can't compare to what Wolf Tooth has to offer. The Wolf Tooth Light Action remote has become a shop favorite primarily due to its great design, feel, and ability to work with almost any dropper post on the market. In this review, our customer Tom shares his thoughts on his own. Check it out!

wolf tooth light action remote customer review


I don’t usually do product reviews but I’ve got to give Wolf Tooth props for going above and beyond with this product and I really appreciate all the info your company is providing on your site. So here it is:

I originally purchased the Wolf Tooth Light Action Dropper lever to replace the lever included with my Thomson Elite dropper post. I guess the Thomson lever is okay if you have a front shifter and you have to cram one more thing onto your handlebar, but my bikes are set up with 1X drivetrains so I vastly prefer a dropper lever which occupies the position otherwise used by a front shifter. It looks better and it just feels right.

The Wolf Tooth Light Action lever is longer than their standard lever, so you have more leverage. That means you don't have to press on it as hard as you would a shorter lever in order to actuate the post. Not a big deal, but it still makes a huge difference after a long day of riding.

Wolf tooth light action remote customer review

Set Up

I would only consider a shorter lever if I was using an I-Spec 2, MatchMaker or Magura style mount where the dropper lever is mounted directly to the brake lever. Depending on the size of the rider's hands and the positioning of the brake levers, a short lever might be more suitable to get the lever paddle in the correct position. One ingenious feature of the Wolf Tooth dropper levers, whether the regular or light action (short or long lever), is that there is some side-to-side adjustment built into the interface between the body of the dropper lever and the bar mount. On my own setup, the bar clamp for the light action lever sits significantly inboard of the brake lever clamp. If I were using the I-Spec 2 mount etc, there is not enough lateral adjustment built into the dropper lever to get the long light action paddle positioned where I want it and I would need to use the model with the shorter lever.

First Impressions

What really sets the Wolf Tooth lever apart is the details. The lever pivots on a large sealed cartridge bearing. In contrast, my Thomson dropper lever pivots on a small pin and my RaceFace Turbine dropper lever pivots on a bolt/bushing arrangement. They all work fine, but the Wolf Tooth feels the smoothest.

The Wolf Tooth lever also has a barrel adjuster built into it, whereas my Thompson lever relies on a separate in-line adjuster and the RaceFace lever has the awkward noodle with the adjuster built into that. Again, they all work but the Wolf Tooth setup is cleaner.

The thumb pad of the Wolf Tooth lever has a nice grippy machined texture that really works well with gloves, even when everything is soaking wet. The thumb pad on the Thomson lever is smooth, slippery and tiny in comparison. The RaceFace lever has a machined texture on the thumb pad, but it's just not nearly as grippy as the Wolf Tooth.

Wolf Tooth also says their dropper lever is designed to break away from the bar clamp if you crash hard enough and that's supposed to keep you from breaking other components. I'm hoping I never get to test that feature out, but it's nice to know they thought about it when they were designing things.

wolf tooth light action remote customer review


I liked the Wolf Tooth lever so much that I ended up purchasing another to use with a RaceFace Turbine dropper post, and then another to use with a Fox Transfer dropper post, and then another to use with a OneUp dropper post. It works great with all of them.

My one complaint when I initially purchased this lever was that the cable fixing bolt had a very small button head which required a very small allen key and seemed like it would be easy to round-out if I were to apply even slightly too much torque. I replaced that bolt with one with a head designed to accept a larger allen key.

Final Thoughts

I recently purchased another Wolf Tooth Light Action dropper lever and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it came with a cable fixing bolt which has the larger head. I think this really shows how Wolf Tooth listens to customer feedback and is constantly working to improve their product. Every other dropper remote I've tried feels like a compromise after using the Wolf Tooth Light Action dropper lever.

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July 15, 2018

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