PNW Shifty Lever: Employee Review

Words by Adam Englander

We all are big fans of PNW Components here at the shop and have been supporters of the brand since they came out a few years back. They know what riders want and always seem to come out with products that enhance the riding experience. Their Loam Lever has been a huge hit since its launch, with just about everyone at the shop using one on their bike. Now they are back with another new lever, only this time it’s for your shifter. Introducing the PNW Shifty Lever, a padded shifter lever that will replace your SRAM X01 and XX1 shifters. Read on to hear our first impressions!

PNW Shifty Lever Review


When PNW launched the Shifty Lever, we immediately knew it would be a hit. With so many riders already using their Loam Lever, it only made sense to have the same setup on the shifter lever. Now for just $39, both of your thumbs can stay happy and comfortable throughout your entire ride. 

PNW Shifty Lever Employee Review

The Shifty lever is designed to replace your SRAM X01 and XX1 shifters, so if you are currently using another brand or model, you are out of luck. Hopefully, PNW will be coming out with more variants in the future so that will no longer be an issue. The lever comes in at 16g (X01 lever is 13g) and is fully adjustable. Riders have 2 choices for the lever body (Black and Grey) as well as 5 color options for the pad (Orange, Black, Teal, Red, and Grey). Installation takes all of about 5 minutes. Simply remove the T25 screw that clamps the X01 lever, slide it off, slide the Shifty lever on, thread the bolt then adjust your positioning and you are good to go. 

PNW Shifty Lever Review


I was already using the PNW Loam Lever so I had a pretty good idea for how the Shifty lever would perform. It really does have that “yoga mat for your thumb” type of feel and is something that I enjoy more and more every time I ride. When paired with the Loam lever, it makes for a really balanced and comfortable cockpit. I did notice a tiny bit of play before the lever actually engaged but I became used to it quickly and didn’t even notice it after a few rides. For riders that love to have everything match on their bike, this is a no brainer. It looks great, works well, and is completely customizable, all very nice traits to have in a shifter lever.

PNW Shifty Lever Review

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference, that is definitely the case with the PNW Shifty Lever. Especially when paired with the Loam Lever, it makes for an extremely comfortable setup that will keep your thumbs exactly where they should be. If you currently have a SRAM X01 or XX1 shifter then I highly recommend giving the Shifty Lever a try.

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About the Rider - Adam Englander

May 22, 2020

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