Deity Components Copperhead Stem 35mm: Rider Review

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An average handlebar stem can simply "do the job" but if you are craving something with a bit more style then you're in luck. There are quite a few choices these days to dress up your ride as far as good looking stems. Our friend Curran shares some insight on the Deity Components Copperhead Stem. Check it out!

Deity Copperhead Stem 35 Rider Review


So it’s been about a month since I purchased the Deity Components Copperhead Stem - 35mm, from Worldwide Cyclery. Wow! First of all Incredible shipping and delivery from Worldwide Cyclery. Man there the best, nice easy website, friendly customer service, and free shipping there’s nothing better. Ok time to nerd out. I have been looking for a new stem for a while, trying to find just what I wanted. I found the Deity stem and thought this was the best. It looks great and was a great price for a gorgeous piece of machined aluminum. The thing that drove me towards this was the clamp. When I had my old stem it was a two-bar clamp so two individual clamps and with carbon handlebars, I was always considered if I took a big hit that little clamp would crack my bars.

Deity Copperhead Stem 35 Rider Review

The Deity stem doesn’t have that type of clamp, it stretches the whole clamping area of the bars and brings a bit more peace of mind on those bigger hits. The second thing about it was the 5mm bolts all the way around. On other stems I‘m always worried I’m going to strip them because of how small and shallow they are. Not with the Deity, the hex sits nicely in the bolts and you have a nice feeling while torquing. So you don’t have to keep switching back and forth between your hex to change the straightness of your bars and stem or the roll of the bars just makes it easier. The third thing is the stiffness of it the stem is very stiff being one solid piece you get great turn-in response, I went with the 35mm length and it’s perfect it doesn’t push you out so far that you feel like your reaching for the last box of fruity pebbles on the tops shelf. It keeps you in close and allows you to have a nice attack position. The final thing, it’s just a beautiful part from the perfect milling to the orange anodized layer to the laser-etched logo. It just finishes off any clean cockpit. My favorite part is on some stems if you put two or three spacers on top it sticks out like a sore thumb, not this one they designed it so you can put two or three spacers on top and they stay nice a clean tucked into the stem.

Deity Copperhead Stem 35 Rider Review

Final Thoughts

This stem has been great from ease of installation to the incredible design and functionality. Deity Components definitely thought of everything with this new stem. I’m definitely going to buy more from them if they made a stem that good I can’t even imagine what the rest of their components are like, and where will I be buying them, of course, the one and only World Wide Cyclery.

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May 21, 2020

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