PNW Loam Lever [Rider Review]

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Arguably one of the single innovations in mountain biking that has had a major impact would be the dropper post. It's changed the way people ride their bikes. How do you make it even better? Compliment it with the best lever ever! Check out Jonas's review of his PNW Loam Lever below. 


When I started mountain biking 3 years ago at 39 years old. I never realized the value of a dropper post or even its lever. One of the best things I like about the Loam lever is it's easy connection, adjustability and feel. Very little push drag as it is easy on my thumb. The different mounts you can get depending on your brake lever is sweet. I have big thumbs, so where the lever sits on my Shimano XT's is very comfortable. I just also found out that I can replace the pad. That is genius thinking!!!

PNW Loam Lever [Rider Review]

Quality and Performance

I have also had several other dropper post levers in the past. Some of them set too low, like the factory Bontrager one. Did not like how low its sat, and every time I would crash it would either break or I would snag a cable.

One of the good things about the PNW Loam lever is its perpendicular mount so the inside of your handlebar grip is nice and tight. I don't foresee it breaking off on a very bad spill whether you're heading down a rocky downhill or you're hitting some jumps and you go over the bars.

I also like the color and design and the angle of which the lever sits when you are not operating it. The push is super easy, the feel to the lever is great and it doesn't feel like I have to be a thumb wrestling champion to be able to push the lever unlike the Bontrager one.

I also can't wait to purchase a PNW Loam lever for my fat bike for winter riding. Here in Minnesota we have sub-zero temperatures, and I was always curious on how a dropper post let alone the dropper post lever would be able to function in those extreme conditions. So I hope this dropper lever is able to function in below zero temperatures as well as it does in summer riding. That would be golden! Because there's a lot of us that also do cross-country fat biking here in Minnesota.


I'd like to say, if you are thinking about getting a dropper post lever, PNW is a great lever. I have used it and I have loved it and especially if you are a guy that has big thumbs, or big hands the placement of this lever that will link up to your Shimano XT brakes, or your guide brakes, or your Avid brakes. I think you'll be happy with it. So definitely go out get yourself one of these dropper levers buy one of the adapters and enjoy, you will be amazed on how easy it is to push and how well it functions also make sure you get a good cable for the dropper lever also easily mounts up within 20 minutes and you're good to go.

Stay Active, Stay healthy, Stay off the Couch!

PNW Loam Lever [Rider Review]

December 26, 2020

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