OneUp Components EDC 100cc Pump & EDC Tool Bundle [Rider Review]

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The standard method for carrying tools has changed quite a bit over the years. The need for having a big hydration pack to carry everything is gone. In this review, our friend Steve shares his experience with the OneUp Components EDC 100cc Pump & EDC Tool Bundle. Check it out!

OneUp Components EDC 100cc Pump & EDC Tool Bundle Rider Review


I have debated for a long time buying the EDC tool and putting it in the stem. I have hesitated because of the price and the need to thread the stem to install. I would either have to buy the tap tool or find a bike shop that would install it for me. Most bike shops weren’t familiar with it and the one that was cautioned against it voiding my warranty (probably not a big deal anymore I guess since it is probably out of warranty anyhow). So when I saw the option to store it in pump and attach to bottle cage mount I went for it. It seemed like an easy first step to see if I liked the tool itself.

The EDC option seemed the best and most complete from what I have read.

The other motivating factor, Worldwide Cyclery sent me a coupon for 25% off any purchase. This is probably what motivated my the most to go ahead and buy now. I did see some other on-bike carry options out there. Some attach into crank, others into the end of handlebars, others in stem, and some bottle cage - all with different tools and options. Before buying this, I carried a backpack with water, pump, tools, spare tube, small first aid kit, etc.

OneUp Components EDC 100cc Pump & EDC Tool Bundle Rider Review

At the same time I bought the EDC pump and tool, I also bought the backcountry mutherload strap. I use the strap to attach a spare tube to the frame. You can see them pictured together on the bike as I attached them in the same location. The part that attaches to the bottle cage and allows the pump to snap & strap in is solid. No concern of it popping out on a hard landing or something. I still carry a backpack for water but the weight on my back is so much nicer. I was actually surprised at how much weight was removed and how lighter it feels.

I would recommend both the OneUp Components pump with EDC tool as well as the Backcountry Strap. My one complaint is the EDC tool did not come with any instructions on how you remove the multitool and as a result the housing chipped/cracked a bit the first time I removed to tool from the housing. Once you know how to flex the housing properly to remove tool, it is slick and a nice design; but you do have to know how it is intended to be removed (I tried to slide tool out vs flexing housing backwards).

Final Thoughts 

The head of the pump is supposed to be removable to use as CO2 head. Again, slick integrated design. I did have to take pliers to it the first time to remove and it seems to be stuck on tight again after I haven’t removed in a few months. I haven’t had to actually use after a few months of carrying on my bike, but based on experience so far I would buy again!

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December 27, 2020

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