PNW Loam Grip: Rider Review

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PNW Components has been absolutely killing it these past couple years by really challenging the big dogs in the bike industry. From their incredibly reliable and cost-friendly dropper posts and remotes and now their Loam Grips, PNW has quickly become a fan favorite. We can hardly keep the Loam grips in stock! With a grip gaining popularity so quickly, you kinda just have to try it out to see what the fuss is about. That is exactly what our guy Rex did. Let's see what he had to say about PNW's Loam Grips!

PNW Loam Grip Review at Worldwide Cyclery

Rex's Review

The PNW Components Loam Grips are absolutely amazing! They are easily the best grips on the market. I was in the market for new grips for a while, since my old grips had worn out, and I was considering buying a certain pair of grips. However, they were almost $30 which I was not sure if I wanted to spend that much on those grips since I was not entirely sure that those were the grips that I wanted. Then, the loam grips came out and as soon as I laid my eyes on them I knew that I had to have them.

There are awesome color options for the Loam Grips and the grips are only $20, which is a great deal for such amazing grips. After a brief consideration and watching the review that Worldwide Cyclery made about them, I ordered them. A few days later I came home to a surprise, right away, I put the grips on my mountain bike to test them out and I instantly fell in love with them, I was impressed by the Loam Grips right away.

PNW Loam Grip Review at Worldwide Cyclery

The installation of the Loam Grips is simple, easy, and quick, all you have to do is take your old and worn out grips off, then, get the loam grips out and slide them right onto the bar on each side, then tighten the lockring with the right-sized hex wrench. Even though they only have one lockring, they hold firmly in place and have not twisted at all. The grips feel good and are very comfortable with wearing gloves or without wearing gloves.

After my first ride with the Loam Grips, I knew that these were my favorite grips ever! These grips met all of the expectations that I had for them and were even better than I had expected. They also do not get slippery and lose their grip if they are wet. They look great and have a great design.


"The Loam Grips are outstanding, especially if I compare them to previous grips that I have used that come from other distinct manufactures. I have had had grips that have slid around, grips that have had barely any grip when it is wet, and grips that have been almost impossible to put on and take off. Most of the other grips that I have on my bike have also looked ugly and were uncomfortable. All in all, the PNW loam grips have the best value for your money out of all the grips on the market and make your rides just a little bit better and more enjoyable. Next time it is time for you to get new grips, I would strongly recommend getting the PNW loam grips, because I know I will." - Rex

PNW Loam Grip Review at Worldwide Cyclery

June 14, 2020

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