Mucky Nutz Mug Guard Fender: Rider Review

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Depending on where and how you ride there are a few essential mountain bike add ons that'll make your life a bit easier on the trail. One of them, especially in wet weather, is a good 'ol front fender. Our friend Charles gives us the low down on the Mucky Nutz Mug Guard Fender. Check it out!

Mucky Nutz Mug Guard Fender Short Rider Review


Riding the trails in the Pacific Northwest is ever-changing. From bone dry in the summer to marble granite to pine cone dodging in the fall. One thing is for sure once winter hits its wet, wet, wet, and muddy. So let's ride !!!!! Spit. Crunch. Spit. Blink. Swerve, Sht, Cuss. STOP. Yicks grit in my teeth, Check bike bag, no floss. Glasses are a mess, so out comes the water bottle rinse out mouth then glasses. Start again, pedal, pedal, wipe, spit. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. Ugh, that’s not so fun. I think the definition of insanity is repeating something over and over with the same result. Back at home cleaning bike and contemplate Hummmm. ????????.

Mucky Nutz Mug Guard Fender Short Rider Review

I need to do something. A little thought bubble appears out of the spray from the pressure washer it’s hard to make out what it says, there is still a few grains of muck in my eye. As I focus I can definitely make out a few letters. F----E----N. Wipe my eyes and say to myself focus, focus. I can make out a D then out of the mist an E and then the mist settles and in the glow, (Indulge me here for a moment) and imagine the sound of harps as the clouds parted the letters all come together FENDERS. Something tough and sturdy. Having purchased the WTB Judge and Verdict tires earlier in the year, in preparation for granite and marble season I had purchased the Mucky Nutz Face fender in orange, color only really matters if it matches the bike right. So it does. The big nubs on those tires just destroyed the little fender as they throw rocks into it. I needed something a little more tough and sturdy.

Mucky Nutz Mug Guard Fender Short Rider Review
That’s where Worldwide Cyclery came to the rescue. There it is right under the search for fenders. Mucky Nutz Mug Guard Fender, short and black. That’s got to be the answer, the description seems to answer all my questions. Humm only in black, oh well it should work. What’s more important matching or function? Sometimes that is a perplexing question. It should work, load it into the cart. What else do I need? WWC is like going to Costco if you look around enough you can justify everything in your cart. Oh, and there is that free shipping. So Click it’s ordered. They should just throw in a few different colored stripe-like stickers to finish the look. This Mucky Nutz fender is tough and sturdy just what I needed. It fit nicely around those big burly tires no problem. There is plenty of Velcro to keep it fastened in place to the fork. Also, that Velcro makes it super easy to remove, much better than zip ties. I still keep a few of these in my bike bag just in case.

Final Thoughts

So out on the trail, it shields me perfectly. Bang splat, ding, and yes scrape (rocks sometimes are grabbed up by those tires) no problems. Back at the car, bike up on the rack. I realized in all my excitement to get out on the trails I had forgotten to put on my new rear fender, the one that got me over the magic free shipping number remember. So with my ass wet and muddy, I pull out the old already dry mud-caked towel and wipe off my muddy rear end and head back to the bike cave in preparation for another day, with that rear fender installed of course.

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June 13, 2020

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