Park Tool SCW-SET.3 Cone Wrench Set: Rider Review

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A set of cone wrenches is not all that exciting on its own, but this is not an ordinary set! It's a Park Tool, who are well known for making really good tools! Our friend Richard walks us through his experience with his Park Tool SCW-SET.3 cone wrench set. Check it out!

Park Tool SCW-SET.3 Cone Wrench Set Rider Review


 I've used other lesser brand names in the past, but once you use Park Tools it's hard to go back. I bought the set since it contained a very good range of metric sizes not found elsewhere. I needed a few specific sizes to service my Shimano hubs and could have bought those individually but having the SCW-SET.3 Cone wrench set is more buff and you never know when you need another size; right? Wouldn't it be nice if you could have one or 2 max but no... I needed 3 difference sizes plus the tools to remove the rotors!

Park Tool SCW -SET.3 Cone Wrench Set Rider Review

They worked out perfectly, I've used them twice already. I'm eyeballing an XT M8100 upgrade in the near future and intend to buy the Shimano Microspline hub. This is also a cup & cone setup just like my current hub. Since this set of tools has such a great range of sizes I'm sure I'll be covered now and in the future.

Park Tool SCW -SET.3 Cone Wrench Set Rider Review

Kudos to World Wide Cyclery for having a great range of products to purchase and for being all-round nice guys. I've been doing more shopping there lately and plan to continue. If you have not tried them yet go for it... you may be surprised!

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August 08, 2019

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