Maxxis Aggressor Tire: Rider Review

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Maxxis runs the game in terms of mountain bike tires. Need an aggressive downhill tire? They have that. Need a lightweight and fast-rolling XC tire? They make that too. If you need top-notch quality with impeccable grip and durability, look no further than Maxxis tires. Our friend Mike Milliron recently upgraded his rear tire to the Aggressor and gives us his review. Check it out below!


My bike came with a 2.25” Maxxis Ardent tire on a 25mm inner rear wheel. The stock hubs were steaming turds. I decided to upgrade to a 30.5mm Industry Nine wheelset. Industry Nine recommends at least a 2.3” on that width wheel, however, the Ardent doesn’t come in 2.3”. Since Yeti is using the Aggressor on some of their stock builds for 2019 I decided to go with it.

Maxxis Aggressor Tire Rider Review Bike


I could immediately tell an improvement in grip going from the Ardent to the Aggressor. The wider wheel even made the stock front tire (Ardent 2.4”) wake up and grip better in the corners. The Aggressor rolls just a tick slower than the Ardent. Fortunately, the upgrade to a lower resistance hub more than made up for the additional rolling resistance of the new tire.

Maxxis Aggressor Tire Rider Review Tire

Want a full download on the Aggressor? Check out more information here!

Final Impression

I’m very happy with the Aggressor. I ride mainly in Florida where we have hardpack, sand, coquina shell, and rocks. The tire has performed well in these conditions and good enough in a little mud at times. The Ardent is a pretty good tire, but the Aggressor will grip better and give you more confidence.

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August 06, 2019

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