Our Five Favorite Mountain Bike Knee Pads (The Protection You Should Consider) [Video]


Knee pads come in a variety of styles and price points so we decided to talk about Our Five Favorite knee pads that can be ridden in all day long! With all of the knee pads that we carry, choosing just five was tough! Having a comfortable set of knee pads that are protective can make the difference over a long ride. One of the biggest things we look at in a set of knee pads is how pedal friendly they are. The five knee pads we've highlighted below vary in how slim or bulky the fit is. That's why some riders prefer to ride with knee pads all the time and some choose not to. With the use of D30 protection and new fabrics and materials, today's mountain bike knee pads are becoming more versatile, comfortable, and protective. 

1. G-Form Elite Knee Pad

The first on our list is one of the most popular selling pad and is also a shop favorite. The G-Form Elite Knee Pad features a slip-on and slim fit. This gives a nice comfortable feel that is one of the more pedal friendly pads on our list. The Elite Knee Pads do not use any straps but instead utilize a tight slip-on fit with breathable mesh on the back of the leg. These are definitely one of our favorites and is why it sits on top of this list. For more info on sizing, availability, and pricing, check out the G-Form Elite Knee Pad on our website.

G-Form Pro Knee Guards

2. POC Joint VPD Air Knee Guard

POC describes the Joint VPD Air Knee as a light duty knee pad that is focused on flexibility, ventilation, and freedom of movement. The pad features an elastic strap on the top, locking the pad in place while allowing the lower part of the pad to move more freely while pedaling. POC's VPD impact absorbing compound does the job in protecting your knees even on the toughest crashes. These knee pads are just sweet! They stay in place and are easy to take on and off if you are worried about getting hot on those super long climbs. 

POC Joint Knee Guard

3. Fox Racing Launch Pro

Fox is one of the most successful mountain bike gear companies around and their most popular knee pads they've ever produced are the Launch Pro Knee Pad. The Launch Pro pads are one of the most aggressive pairs of knee pads and on this list. They are also some of the most versatile. If you are looking for one knee pad to do it all, the Launch Pro may be the one. Featuring a hard plastic shell, two elastic straps, and kevlar materials, the Launch Pro can handle some serious thrashing and abuse. The open back design also makes the pads more breathable and pedal friendly for the ample protection they provide. 

Fox Launch Pro Knee Guards

4. iXS Flow Knee Pad

iXS has a great lineup of Flow armor that is some of the most minimalistic on the market while still meeting appropriate safety standards. The iXS Flow Knee Pads are designed for that rider that might not have ever considered riding with knee pads. The Flow knee pads use one strap above the calf so that the quads don't feel restricted. Like a lot of the other pads on this list, the Flow knee pads use a preformed shape and are ventilated on the back side to keep you cool while riding. 

Our Five Favorite Mountain Bike Knee Pads: iXS Flow Knee - Worldwide Cyclery

5. Race Face Flank Leg Guard

The RaceFace Flank leg guards are not like anything else on our list here. The pads are not the most pedal friendly but provide the highest level of protection. With RaceFace implementing D3O impact protection, the Flank pads still remain flexible and feel light even though they offer a complete protection. These pads a still slim and low profile even though they cover both the knee and the shin. The Flank pads are great for those riders looking for ultimate protection and that is why they make it on Our Five Favorites List. See you on the trails!

Our Five Favorite Mountain Bike Knee Pads: Race Face Flank Knee Guards

May 19, 2018

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