Customer Review: X-Fusion Rough Cut Damper Unit (Just the Upgrade You Need)

This review as written by Lee Nguyen. He recently purchased an X-Fusion Rough Cut HLR Damper Unit from us. Let’s see how he felt about the upgrade.

I purchased the Rough Cut HLR Damper for my X-Fusion Sweep Fork that had the original RL2 damper. Worldwide Cyclery had a great deal on the Rough Cut damper and shipped it rather quickly. I received it in under a week. Install of the new damper was fairly easy. Used a ground down 28mm socket will help ease the removal and install. One note that others might not know is the original RL2 damper is not a closed cartridge and will be messy to remove.

X-Fusion Rough Cut Damper Unit Review

Now for the ride report on the Rough Cut HLR Damper in the Sweep. It has transformed this fork into a rock garden slayer. Now my fork is more composed on the long rocky descents as compared to what it was before. The RL2 was OK on normal trail riding but could not keep up to repeated hits. The trails I ride are full of rocks and ledges so this upgrade fits the bill. I also have a Pike to compare the Rough Cut with. I like the fact that the Rough Cut damper has high and low-speed compression so I can dial it to my liking. Just came back from Moab and rode Captain Ahab for the first time. My bike felt great on this technical trail. Climbed up all the nasty rocky stuff and bombed down Ahab with total confidence. The Sweep Rough Cut did not dive and was very supportive in the mid-stroke. Awesome upgrade!

X-Fusion Rough Cut Damper

May 19, 2018

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