OneUp Dropper Post: Product Overview

OneUp Components recently, and somewhat surprisingly, released their first foray into the competitive field of dropper posts. Dubbed simply as Dropper Post, OneUp claims it’s the “world’s shortest, long travel dropper post” because of its super short stack height. They also claim that it’s friendly to the home mechanic and the travel is tunable so that you can achieve your ideal drop length.

OneUp Dropper Product Overview


Currently, OneUp offers four different posts to fit your bike. Two seat tube diameters, 30.9 and 31.6, and two travel lengths, 150mm and 170mm, ought to cover a huge range of bikes. They also offer up to three different carbon lever remotes that are compatible with Shimano I-Spec II, SRAM Matchmaker X, or a 22.2 handlebar clamp if you prefer to keep it simple. The remote mounts to your handlebar the way a front derailleur shifter (remember those?) would, which provides an ergonomic way to actuate the seat post. The Dropper Post is cable actuated, so it never needs to be bled and functions at all temperature ranges. The cable clamps at the remote, which makes cutting the cable to the right length incredibly easy.

Oneup Dropper Seatpost

Top Features 

One of the more unique features about the post is the ability to tune its travel. Want to get the maximum amount of drop possible but 150mm is too short and 170mm is too long? OneUp’s solution is a travel adjust shim that can be installed easily to give you exactly the amount of travel you are looking for. Simply insert your post and measure the drop you want, cut the shim to length, insert it into the keyways, and go party. The best part about it? No need to remove the post from the bike, use any special bike tools, or even remove the saddle.

OneUp Dropper Post Overview

Final Thoughts

OneUp Components knew they had to come out swinging if they were going to enter the ridiculously saturated dropper post market and it looks like they put some serious thought into what they were doing. Simple mechanics, incredibly adjustable, user-serviceable, cable actuated, and a ridiculously short stack height all add up to what is sure to be a killer dropper post. Add to all of this a sweet MSRP and it looks like OneUp isn’t going to have a problem riding to the top in the dropper post world. Stay tuned for a ride review on this bad boy!

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April 30, 2018

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