Bike Yoke Revive Dropper Post: Customer Review

Are you searching for a reliable dropper post with plenty of functional features? In this review, our customer Bob thinks the Bike Yoke Revive dropper post might just be the perfect dropper. With its own bleed system, an easily installed cable actuated lever, and large travel dropper options, this post is a real contender. Check it out!

Bike Yoke Revive Customer Review


I recently installed the Bike Yoke 185mm dropper on my Santa Cruz Bronson CC. I'm a pretty tall guy at 6'3 and like to ride a size smaller bike. I'm supposed to ride an XL but I prefer a large for better handling. The problem I have had in the past is I can't get my seat low enough and out of the way for some of the downhills and jumps I like to hit.

Doing some research I came across the Bike Yoke and was stoked that they offered a 185 and 200mm dropper options. The 185 was a perfect match for my saddle height and bike size. So taking a chance I ordered it. So far I love it! The 185mm travel is perfect for my riding style.

Bike Yoke Revive Customer Review

Initial Thoughts and Performance

A cool thing about the dropper that I really like, oddly enough, is the packaging. I know that's an odd thing to pick first. But it's nice to see someone reinvent the box. It comes in a nifty tube that lets you know something expensive is inside. Something else I really like about it is the easy install process. As much as I like the hydraulics, I prefer the cable actuated dropper lever. Speaking of the lever, it has a pretty cool design and great functionality. It's swing action is smooth and easy.

There's also a couple innovations to this dropper that I'm in love with. The first being that if the dropper gets a little bit spongy, there is a 4mm allen bolt on the side just below the seat clamp. If you turn that bolt just a little and press down on the dropper it allows the air to escape back in to the proper chamber. This prevents the need for rebuilding it as found in some other brands. I'm also a huge fan of the fact that if you switch bikes you can buy a new lower tube. This allows me to take my dropper to any bike on the market. This is a feature long overdue in the mountain bike industry.

Bike Yoke Revive Customer Review

Final Thoughts

Don't waste anymore time looking around for the perfect dropper. Go ahead and add it to your cart and buy it now! You wont regret it, I promise!

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May 01, 2018

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