OneUp Components EDC Tool, Top Cap, and Tap Kit [Rider Review]

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OneUp Components introduced the EDC line a few years ago to allow riders to carry tools on their rides without stuffing their pockets. The EDC Top Cap threads directly into the fork steerer tube and fits a proprietary tool that can save you if you ever get caught in a pickle in the middle of no where. Our buddy Matthew recently equipped this on his bike. Lets see what he thought:

Matthew's Review

To begin this review, I would like to say how impressed I have been with Worldwide Cyclery. My first order took a bit longer than expected due to the backed-up delivery system, (USPS) but every order since then has been faster than expected. And customer service has treated me really well when things didn't go right. (lack of stock)

OneUp Components EDC Top Cap Review

I have also been really impressed with One Up Components. I have had their dropper post in 180mm on several different bikes, and they are fantastic. Now I have the 210mm dropper fitted on my 2020 Transition Scout, and it can nearly be slammed on a medium-size frame. Works great and easy to set up. It's also adjustable down in 5mm increments if you want to slam it and still get the perfect height. This is a huge plus if you come from a BMX background, and enjoy being in the air like I do.

But this is a review of the EDC tap kit, top cap, and EDC tool. First, I was pretty concerned about tapping a steerer tube, on forks that cost close to one thousand dollars, as I'm sure many of you are. And yes I am aware there is a new version that doesn't require tapping the steerer tube. But have you seen this thing? Without the tool in there, it is as clean a setup as you could ask for! The tap kit makes this so easy a caveman could do it. Seriously, it would be near impossible to mess this up. The guide holds everything perfectly straight, all you have to do is turn the tap with a screwdriver or Allen wrench. If you have held back due to fear of messing it up, just go for it! And it comes with the tool you need to remove the star nut from your forks.

I will be adding this top cap to all my bikes, even those that don't require a tool to be installed, such as my dirt jumper.

Once the threads are cut, you just brush the shavings away, grease the threads, and thread your beautiful new top cap in. It tightens with a cassette tool. Then you have this nice place to store your well-designed tool, or just to look through so you can see all the way to your tire. I enjoy that part more than I should, I believe that is also from my BMX days. This would also allow you to run your front brake hose through your fork if you are the bar spinning or tail whipping type.

OneUp Components EDC Top Cap Review

The tool will carry nearly everything you could need on the trail and is an ingenious design. Amazingly, they fit so many useful features into it. My son has it on his bike, and I will say that taking the tool out of the carrier isn't the easiest for small hands. Once you figure out the method it's not too bad, although I still have a small amount of trouble putting it back together sometimes. But that's a minor inconvenience to have this many tools always at your fingertips.


"So obviously I am a fan of this whole setup. Definitely recommend. Even if it's just for the looks, and a few grams of weight savings, I would still say jump on it. Go ride your bike!" - Matthew

OneUp Components EDC Top Cap Review

June 05, 2021

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