OneUp Components EDC Plug and Plier Kit (A Mountain Biker's Must Have)

Over the years you might have noticed a brand by the name of OneUp Components breaking necks and really shaking the mountain bike industry apart with their innovative designs. What could arguably be deemed as one of the greatest innovations in modern mountain biking was the invention of their EDC Tool and Pump lineup. Essentially this allowed riders to store tools either inside of a frame pump or inside of the steerer tube of the fork. The toolkit contained a simple multitool with all the most essential wrenches, a tire lever and even a chain breaker with some extra room to fit in an extra CO2 cartridge if needed (100cc version only). This was especially more adequate for those riders that didn’t want to be weighed down by those big clunky hydro packs or the few that were just tired of constantly pulling their shorts up from their pockets being too heavy. OneUp managed to make this tool even better with the recent release of the EDC Plug and Pliers Kit.

OneUp Plug and Plier Kit

The EDC Plug and Pliers kit is the perfect addition to the EDC collection. Because who wants to add more things to their bag? No one. That’s who! The Tire Plug Jabber Tool thread directly onto the bottom of the EDC Tool and fits perfectly into the plastic stash capsule while still allowing enough room for the Quick Link Breaker Pliers and Bacon Strips. The only downside is that you will no longer be able to hold a CO2 cartridge in this location. The Jabber and tubeless plugs will fit inside of the 70cc pump without the pliers!

OneUp EDC Plug and Plier Kit
The Quick Link Breaker Pliers are designed to work perfectly with 10, 11, 12-speed chains. Its size is small enough to fit but big enough to make you work less. Machined out of Aluminum and anodized OneUp’s signature green coloring, the pliers are light enough to barely make a difference in weight. The entire Plug and Pliers kit weighs in at a whopping 17g (that is equivalent to 0.04lbs) so the chances are it is not too heavy for your bike!

In case you don’t have time to watch this video, we have the instructions listed below! Now you really have no excuse as to why a flat ruined your ride. The EDC tools will save your life!

OneUp EDC Plug and Plier Kit
How to Fix a Tubeless Flat in Under a Minute

1. Install the OneUp Jabber into your EDC Tool
2. Load the Jabber with 2 tubeless plugs. (Using 2 plugs gives you the best chance of fixing a puncture fast)
3. Reassemble the stash capsule and put your tool back in your fork. (The Tubeless Plug Kit also fits inside both the 100cc and 70cc EDC Pumps. The Pliers do not fit inside the 70cc Pump)

OneUp EDC Plug and Pliers Kit

The next time you get a flat:

1. Grab your EDC tool, jump off your bike and find the hole as fast as possible. The quicker you plug the hole the less pressure you'll lose and the less you'll need to pump your tire back up
2. Stab the tubeless plug into the hole and leave about 5mm of plug outside of your tire

OneUp Components EDC Plug and Plier kit