BKXC Interview - Behind the Lens (The Life of a MTB YouTube Star) [Video]


For those that don't know, Brian "BKXC" Kennedy has traveled the world for the past few years riding some of the best trails imaginable and sharing it all with a worldwide audience on YouTube. We were lucky enough to have met Brian years ago when he was just starting out. His progress since then has been nothing short of impressive. He recently visited the shop for the second time and as you would expect, came ready to ride. Not only did we get some killer riding in, but we also sat down to discuss how the BKXC YouTube channel came to be. Viewers were able to send questions in and have them answered by the man himself, as well as what to expect in the future. Check it out!

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BKXC, alongside a few other YouTube celebrities like Seth's Bike Hacks and The Singletrack Sampler, has really revolutionized not only how people see mountain biking but they have also changed the YouTube game completely. They have created a way to introduce bikes into everyone's life as something fun, something to be passionate about, and most importantly, something everyone can do. Let's be honest! Watching GoPro footage of Red Bull Rampage is cool and all but from the view of a person who has either never ridden a mountain bike or even thought about using a bike in this way would be very intimidated.

BKXC Interview

When we first started working with Brian, his channel was very small and people were not really open to the whole vlogging idea. Fast forward almost 2 years and he has grown his empire to over 169k subscribers (and counting), ridden some of the best trails on this planet, and taken us all along with him on every journey. Brian is one of the nicest guys you will ever have the pleasure of meeting and it is not just an act for YouTube viewers. Brian is totally stoked on life!

BKXC Interview

In this interview, we asked our Instagram followers what they wanted to know about Brian and although we did not get the chance to answer all of them, we still managed to get quite a bit answered. Sit back, crack a cold one, this is a good watch!

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July 10, 2018

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