Five Ten Freerider Flat Pedal Shoe: Rider Review

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Just like running or hiking selecting the proper shoe is key for riding mountain bikes. Whether using flats or clipless pedals having a comfortable and supportive shoe can make all the difference in a ride. Andrew is a friend of the shop and he shares his thoughts with us on the Five Ten Freerider flat pedal shoes. Check it out!

Five Ten Freerider flat pedal shoes Rider Review


When looking for shoes I had a hard time finding any that fit my size 14 foot. The only shoes that I could find were the Five Ten Freerider shoes. I had heard that the durability of them has been crap in recent years. I have had these shoes for over two months now and can say that they have been holding up great. I have run them into trees and fallen into the sand and the shoes still perform great.

Five Ten Freerider flat pedal shoes
I started out mountain biking using clips. I wanted to try flats to try harder things and have the ability to step off the pedal. Coming from clips I needed shoes that would perform like clips. These shoes have been perfect in feeling like clips but also having the ability to step off when I get way over my head.

Five Ten Freerider flat pedal shoes Rider Review

Final Thoughts

So having Five Tens as the only option is not a bad thing. These shoes are great and I will buy them again when I wear the current pair out 

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October 29, 2019

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