OneUp Components Aluminum Pedals: Rider Review

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Ask any real rider and they'll tell you that flat pedals are best. Totally kidding. We all know there's no right or wrong answer here. Whatever you choose to ride, just make sure they fit your riding style well. As one of the only contact points on your bike, you can't afford to skimp out. Fellow rider, Mark D, recently purchased a pair of OneUp Aluminum pedals and gives us his review. Check it out!


There are many brands of flat pedals available. I have owned several different brands but my favorites are now the aluminum pedals from OneUp Components. This review will provide more details as to why.

There are three touchpoints on a bike; the seat, the grips, and the pedals. Having a good set of pedals is important. If your feet are sliding around on the pedals bad things can happen. If you break a pedal on a ride then you are walking back to your car.

I prefer flat pedals on my bikes. The internet is full of all the arguments for and against each type of pedal so I won’t get into that debate here and now.
What I will say is that numerous times I have saved a loose sketchy turn by putting a foot down quickly. End of discussion for me.

Oneup Pedals Rider Review

Quality and Performance 

There are 10 pins on each side of the OneUp pedals and those pins are long and provide great grip especially with Five10 shoes. However, those long pins may take a gouge out of your legs if you’re not careful. Since the large periphery of the pedals is so thin, the pedals are slightly convex, or thicker in the middle at the axle, but I have never felt that or consider it a negative feature. The pedals have a large cartridge bearing near the crank arm which looks a little odd, but for me it helps to keep me from positioning my foot too close to the crank arm and getting heel rub. OneUp pedals are available in many colors to accent any bike. They are also available in composite, but I am not a big fan of composite pedals. OneUp Components aluminum pedals are priced in line with other brands.

My previous pedals were Xpedo Sprys and I liked those pedals because they are very light and thin but not super grippy and they eventually developed play in the bearings and there was no way to tighten them back up. Other pedals I’ve owned were too thick and did not have a large enough platform.

Another huge advantage is that these pedals are rebuildable. When I bought the OneUp pedals, I also bought a rebuild kit with them but I haven’t had to service them yet and I’ve been riding those pedals for over a year. Now I just purchased a second set for my new hardtail. The newer version of the pedal has a brass bushing taking the place of three small cartridge bearings in the original design. The pedals are easily disassembled for servicing with a standard cassette lockring socket. I will be able to judge for myself the merits of each design since I now have a set of each version. Both sets are still working beautifully.

Final Thoughts

The OneUp pedals have all the features I was looking for. They have a big platform that is thin, light, and grippy as heck.

Oneup Pedals Rider Review CTA

March 03, 2020

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