Industry Nine Enduro Wheels + Matchstix Axle

Industry Nine is introducing three new mountain bike products for 2017!

Enduro 310 Pillar Carbon Wheelset

The Enduro 310 features a 30.5 mm internal rim width and can be built as either a 24 spoke or 32 spoke configuration with Industry Nine’s famous aluminum straight pull spoke design.  The carbon rims are produced by Reynolds and will be available in December 2016. These new carbon rims look very promising and we see them being a serious contender to other successful carbon rims like Enve and Derby.

The Enduro 310 Pillar carbon wheelset comes in both 27.5” and 29” packages, weighing 1565 and 1655 grams respectively.

Industry Nine Pillar Carbon 310 Wheelset

Enduro S Wheelset

Last year, Industry Nine introduced the S series with the Trail S wheels. These feature straight pull steel spokes, and were aimed towards customers looking for a lower price point. The addition of the Enduro S wheelset uses the same Enduro 305 rim that was released Spring 2016, and features a 30.5mm internal rim width.  

The Torch S hubs are machined from all the same materials used on the traditional Torch wheels, but now use a 3-pawl drive system. A 6-pawl drive system is available for upgrade on all S series wheels for a $50 upcharge.  

The Enduro S wheelset comes in both 27.5” and 29” packages, weighing 1750 and 1800 grams respectively. 

Industry Nine Enduro S Wheelset

Matchstix 15mm Axle

Lastly we have the new Industry Nine Matchstix. This 15mm axle functions as a multi-tool and has everything you need -- but nothing you don’t.

The handle of the axle also seconds as a chain breaker tool, a 5mm allen key, a spoke tool, and a bit receiver all in one!

  • Four of the six stainless bits fit into a sleeve and slide into the axle.
  • The end cap of the axle unthreads and is a bit holder, doubling as a valve core remover and place to store a Sram chain quick link.  
  • The Matchstix is offered in 15x100 and 15x110 for Fox and Rockshox standard and boost forks.

Industry Nine Matchstix Axle

For more details on Industry Nine wheels check out our full product overview here!

Written by Max Morgan

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October 03, 2016

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