Customer Review: Fox Float DPS Rear Shock

This review was written by on of our customers, Eric Yee. Eric rides a Giant Anthem X 29er and was looking to upgrade his rear shock so that he wouldn't blow through the travel like his current shock did. Read below to hear his thoughts on this Fox rear shock.


This is a review of the 2017 Fox Float DPS shock in 6.5 x 1.5".

I would first like to thank Worldwide Cyclery for their great customer service. They provided update emails and shipped the shock fast. They then followed up and were willing to help when I had a warranty issue.

Fox Float DPS Rear Shock

I have a 2014 Giant Anthem X 29er and have been upgrading the parts over time. This shock replaced the original Fox Evolution (Evo) shock that came with the bike, and it was night and day. This was a big change similar to when I upgraded the original wheelset to Stan's Crest rims with DT Swiss 350 hubs.

The Evo provided no support and would blow through the travel in Descent mode; this made it virtually useless unless you are just going down a steep hill but it never felt planted. You end up having to keep it in Trail mode, but this mode would not soak up the bumps well. This is where the the new DPS shines --  I keep it in Open about 75% of the time. It provides great support and is actually softer when I hit a bump, root or rut. There are three setting within the Open mode. I have been using setting 1 in Open unless I'm just doing mostly fire roads or riding to the trailhead. In those cases, I'll use Open 3 or Medium mode. The great part is I can also pedal out of the saddle with very little pedal bob in Open mode. I do use the Medium setting when I ascend long steep hills.

Another great thing about the DPS is it tracks the terrain much better than the Evo.The DPS feels glued to the ground and doesn't have the extra bounce or hop that the Evo used to do. This effect has given me extra confidence to descend faster and brake later.

Fox Float DPS Rear Shock Review

On a side note, the DPS shock I received seeped Float Fluid at the top section where the body screws into the top. This small leak or seep continued so I contacted Fox directly, and they were great with quick replies. After getting the return authorization info, I mailed the shock to Fox, and I got it back within a week. The invoice noted an internal part was changed plus all new seals. It has been working perfectly since this repair. So other than paying for the shipping to Fox, the repair and cost to ship it back were covered by the one year warranty.

Overall great shock. Thank you Fox and Worldwide Cyclery!

To learn more about this shock and the entire 2017 lineup of Fox rear shocks, click here.

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October 04, 2016

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