Maxxis Chronicle 29+ Tire: Rider Review

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When looking at tires for your mountain bike, there is no shortage of options. Maxxis alone has enough options to gaze over for days, but when William was looking for some 29+ mountain bike tires, he found the Maxxis Chronicle 29+ tire. A solid all-around tire for mixed-surface riding, let's see what William thinks about his new tire choice. 

William's Review:

I sought out these Maxxis Chronicle tires specifically because I hoped that I could take them on tour across all types of terrain. I plan to use them on both paved roads and highly technical single track, albeit sparingly. Mostly I will be riding double track and dirt/gravel fire roads. But ultimately I wanted a tire that I felt comfortable driving over a full range of surfaces on a fully loaded bike.

Maxxis Chronicle 29+ Tire


I was also impressed at how truly tubeless ready these tires are. I set them up on Velocity Dually rims. I had some trouble getting them to seat with a hand pump, as was expected. Eventually I wrapped a cam strap around the circumference to force the sidewalls out, and was able to get them to seat. Once they were set up, they held air like crazy. In deflating them entirely they stayed seated nicely. Then, after adding sealant, they pumped right back up, no problem. They have not seemed to lose an ounce of air or sealant since.

I cannot speak to the durability of these tires, as I’ve just started riding them. But I expect to put a significant number of miles on them particularly because, given their versatility, I won’t hesitate to jump on the bike no matter what terrain I’m riding. Many thanks to Wordwide Cyclery for having these in stock, shipping them for free, and providing dreamy customer service all along the way.

Maxxis Chronicle 29+ Tire

On the Trail:

So far, the Maxxis Chronicle tire seems like exactly what these tires were made for. At their stated max, 30 PSI, the tires cruise fast and straight on smooth pavement. I can tell that the rolling resistance is low because they are impressively quiet and keep their momentum for days. Then, down at the low end, around 12 PSI, these tires spread out and grip like mad. It's the dry season here, so I don't know how they will fair in the mud. But so far the tires have cruised straight up and over loose dirt and gravel. The biggest issue for me was figuring out where to carry my pump on long, multi-terrain rides.

Maxxis Chronicle 29+ Tire

June 12, 2020

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